Survivor All-Stars: Samoa
Winner Todd Herzog (6-2-1)
Season run December 27, 2010
– June 12, 2011
No. of episodes 14
No. of days 39
No. of survivors 20
Tribes      Savaii
Redemption Island Crystal Cox
Dan Kay
South Pacific John Fincher
Season chronology
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Survivor All-Stars: Samoa is a fanfic to replace the twentieth season of the CBS reality television series Survivor, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. It premiered in late 2010, and featured twenty of the most memorable players and characters from China to Samoa. It marks the fourth time that Survivor was shot in high definition, with Sony XDCAMs.

Unlike previous Survivor seasons where a break in production occurred between seasons, the twentieth season was shot twenty days after Samoa was completed, taking advantage of the existing infrastructure from that season.


Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Randy Bailey
50, Plano, TX
Gabon: Runner-up
Savaii 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Sandy Burgin
54, Louisville, KY
Tocantins: 3rd Place
Upolu 2nd Voted Out
Day 3
Tyson Apostol
30, Lindon, UT
Tocantins: Winner
Savaii 3rd Voted Out
Day 6
John Fincher
25, Los Angeles, CA
Samoa: Runner-up
Upolu 4th Voted Out
Day 9
Mikey Bortone
36, Los Angeles, CA
Micronesia: 3rd Place
Savaii 5th Voted Out
Day 11
Russell Hantz
37, Lafayette, LA
Samoa: 10th Place
Savaii 6th Voted Out
Day 13
Natalie White
27, Van Buren, AR
Samoa: 4th Place
Upolu 7th Voted Out
Day 15
Leslie Nease
40, Tega Cay, SC
China: 3rd Place
Savaii 8th Voted Out
Day 18
Tracy Hughes-Wolf
45, Fredericksburg, VA
Micronesia: Winner
Upolu Apia 9th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 21
Danny 'G.C.' Brown
27, Portland, OR
Gabon: Winner
Upolu 10th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 22
Ace Gordon
29, Naples, FL
Gabon: 9th Place
Upolu 11th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 24
Carolina Eastwood
27, West Hollywood, CA
Tocantins: 7th Place
Savaii 12th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 27
Monica Padilla
26, San Diego, CA
Samoa: 3rd Place
Upolu 13th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 30
Kelly Sharbaugh
26, Los Angeles, CA
Samoa: Winner
Savaii 14th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 33
Dan Kay
33, Walpole, MA
Gabon: 3rd Place
Upolu 15th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 36
Crystal Cox
31, Durham, NC
Gabon: 7th Place
Savaii 16th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 37
James Clement
33, Lafayette, LA
China: 7th Place
Savaii 17th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day 38
Mary Sartain
31, San Francisco, CA
Micronesia: 4th Place
Savaii 2nd Runner-Up 72
Erinn Lobdell
28, Waukesha, WI
Tocantins: 4th Place
Upolu Runner-Up 43
Todd Herzog
24, Provo, UT
China: 9th Place
Upolu Sole Survivor 4
The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaway has received during Tribal Councils where the castaway is eligible to be voted out of the game. It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council.

Note 1: Crystal played the hidden Immunity Idol, therefore seven votes against her do not count.

Note 2: Mary played the hidden Immunity Idol, therefore four votes against her do not count.

Note 3: Erinn played the hidden Immunity Idol, therefore six votes against her do not count.

The gameEdit

Episode Titles Air Date Challenges Kidnapped Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
The Best of the Best December
27, 2010
Upolu4 Tyson None Randy 6-4 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Natalie Sandy 9-1 2nd Voted Out
Day 3
The Odd Couple January 10,
Upolu5 Kelly Tyson 7-2 3rd Voted Out
Day 6
"I Still Got a Vote" January 23,
Savaii5 Todd John 7-2 4th Voted Out
Day 9
The Man Behind
the Curtain
March 18,
Upolu5 Leslie Mikey 5-2-1 5th Voted Out
Day 11
"I'll Even Align
Myself with the Troll"
March 18,
Savaii Upolu Todd Russell 4-3 6th Voted Out
Day 13
"I Don't Care If I
Never See Them Again"
March 19,
Upolu Savaii Crystal Natalie 6-2 7th Voted Out
Day 15
Idol Promises May 23,
Savaii Upolu GC Leslie 4-2 8th Voted Out
Day 18
Betrayals, Breakdowns,
and Blindsides
May 23,
None Kelly None6 Tracy 5-07 9th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 21
"It's a Game" May 23,
None Dan GC 6-5 10th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 22
Dan Ace 4-08 11th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 24
Web of Lies May 23,
Dan Crystal Carolina 4-3-2 12th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 27
Cat Fights May 29,
Crystal James Monica 5-3 13th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 30
Trouble in Paradise May 29,
??? Dan Kelly 2-19 14th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 33
"We're Such Idiots!" May 29,
Crystal Dan 3-2-1 15th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 36
Hell Hath No Fury June 12,
None James Crystal 3-2 16th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 37
Todd James 3-1 17th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day 38
Reunion June 12,
Jury Vote Mary 6-2-1 2nd Runner-Up
Erinn Runner-Up
Todd Sole Survivor
In the case of multiple tribes or castaways who win reward or immunity, they are listed in order of finish, or alphabetically where it was a team effort; where one castaway won and invited others, the invitees are in brackets.

Note 4: Each tribe competed separately for Individual Immunity, with the first castaway to find an Immunity Idol winning Reward for their tribe. Natalie found an Immunity Idol first, winning flint for Upolu.

Note 5: Combined Reward and Immunity Challenge.

Note 6: Because of the merge, the kidnapping rule no longer applied.

Episode 1: The Best of the BestEdit

Deep in the heart of the South Pacific, twenty former castaways returned to compete in the greatest Survivor competition yet. They arrived in four military helicopters, and were divided into two tribes: Savaii and Upolu. Among the castaways competing for a second time were four winners (Tracy, GC, Tyson, and Kelly), multiple third-placers, and John and Russell, with a rivalry fresh from their time in Samoa. Jeff Probst then shocked them by saying that both tribes would be going to Tribal Council on the third night and would be voting someone out. They were all given a chance to earn Individual Immunity by looking for an Immunity Idol in the lagoon. Natalie found the first Idol and won Individual Immunity for herself and flint for Upolu, while Tyson found the second Idol; the tribes then made their ways to their respective camps. After Savaii settled in, the girls on the tribe started to bond, though Carolina was wary of Leslie's likability. At Upolu, John immediately assumed a leadership role, while Monica tried to distance herself from him to avoid their association from Samoa. Ace was not happy about John's leadership, and the two began to jockey for the top position in the tribe, much to the others' chagrin. The next day, Sandy's personality seemed to grate some nerves, while strategy began to pick up at Savaii. Randy gathered the men together in an attempt to take out Kelly, who he feels did not deserve the win and does not deserve to be in the game; but Tyson was not so sure about getting rid of another winner so quickly. Meanwhile, GC met with his other Gabon tribemates Ace and Dan to reconnect and possibly form an agreement, which Ace was not so gung-ho to start. Tyson told Crystal about Randy's plan, and Crystal began to talk to various tribemembers to save Kelly and actually get rid of Randy. Kelly then went to Tyson and proposed a winners alliance with him to vote off Randy. Later on, Russell and Mikey tried to convince Leslie to join up with the men, but her wishy-washiness led Mikey to approach Mary, who flat-out lied to him about voting with them. At Savaii's Tribal Council, Randy continued to spout his philosophy that Kelly did not deserve a spot in this game, while Kelly's rebuttal cited him as the weakest and oldest tribe member. When the votes came in, the rest of the men were shocked when Tyson voted with the women to vote out Randy. Earlier in the day at Upolu, Ace and John's strength took them off the chopping block, despite their fighting, leaving the tribe to vote off a weaker member: Monica or Sandy. Sandy tried to save herself by telling Tracy and Dan that she believes John and Monica are still in an alliance; when Monica heard her name was brought up, she desperately campaigned against Sandy as a weak and paranoid player. At Upolu's Tribal Council, despite her campaigning, the tribe unanimously voted out Sandy.

  • Reward/Individual Immunity Challenge: Hidden in the lagoon are two individual Immunity Idols, one for each tribe. The first person from each tribe to find the tribe's idol is safe at their first visit to Tribal Council. In addition, the first person to find either idol wins reward for their tribe.
    • Reward: Flint

Episode 2: The Odd CoupleEdit

After the blindside of his ally Randy, Mikey went off on Mary for lying to him, while Russell set his sights on Tyson for voting with the women. Despite their anger and planning (and sucking up to Kelly), it seemed like Mikey, Russell, or James would be the next to go. After Upolu's Tribal Council, Monica and Todd promised their allegiance to each other; the next day, Todd met with his other alliance of Tracy and Erinn, who all did not have someone from their season on their tribe. The alliance of three decided to bring someone in, and Tracy suggested Dan, who she always felt was loyal. Tracy, and later Todd, approached Dan, who was all too happy to join their alliance. But things got complicated when John approached Dan for an alliance, and it seemed like the man from Gabon has an alliance with almost everyone on the tribe. Mary and James began to bond and flirt, though Mary was using him just for her control, while Crystal cemented her Final Three alliance of Tyson, Kelly, and herself. Crystal and Tyson agreed that Carolina was a dangerous player to keep in the game, but they had to go with the flow for now and vote for Mikey. Their fears proved to be accurate when Carolina began to mobilize the women together by offering a Final Three alliance to Mary and Kelly. While Natalie showed she may be a little too over her head by not playing into the strategic game, Carolina brought Crystal and Leslie into the women's alliance, though Crystal was wary of Carolina and Carolina still thought of Leslie as a threat. At the challenge, Upolu won fishing gear and, in a returning twist from Samoa, was able to kidnap one member of Savaii until the next day; they chose Kelly. While John and Ace competed once again to see who used the fishing gear better, Kelly received a clue to a hidden Immunity Idol, and reconnected with her Samoa tribemate Monica, though she was still wary of trusting her after her and John turned on her last season. Tyson and the girls decided to vote off Mikey for being a bigger threat than Russell, while Russell and Mikey decided to forgo their gender allegiances to stay in the game. They both approached Carolina and pitched voting out Tyson, saying he is a former winner and a huge threat. Eager to get back at Tyson for blindsiding her in Tocantins, Carolina began to gather the women to vote out Tyson; Crystal and Kelly became angry, both at the decision to vote out Tyson and Carolina's power trip. Deciding it was hopeless, Crystal told Tyson that he was the target, and he decided to make an impression by going naked to Tribal Council. That night, though Tyson and a very angry Crystal voted against Mikey, the rest of the tribe voted to send the nude winner home.

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Five tribe members will race to assemble a boat. They must then use seven planks to keep the boat together. They will paddle out, grab a torch, paddle back where they will remove the seven planks and bring them back to the start. The four remaining tribe members must then solve a puzzle. Once the puzzle is completed, they will use those planks to build a ladder to allow them to place the puzzle in its appropriate spot. The first tribe to get all of their tribe members to the top and light their fire barrel wins Immunity.
    • Reward: Fishing gear

Episode 3: "I Still Got a Vote"Edit

After Savaii's Tribal Council, while Carolina gloated about getting her revenge, Crystal tried to hide the fact that she voted for Mikey. With Kelly having voted Tyson, Crystal believed she was a lone woman on her tribe and contemplated mutiny. On Day 7, John approached Monica about her avoiding him; when she told him she didn't want to give off impressions of a Samoa-like alliance, he realized how humbled he has become since the game began. Meanwhile, Todd was becoming wary of John as a strategic threat, though he was a strength in challenges. The situation with fire and water became more dire at Savaii, as the tribe ate a giant clam that James had caught raw, causing several tribe members to become sick. At Upolu, Ace did his usual task of bossing the rest of the tribe around, and Natalie and GC bonded over their hate for his leadership, leading to a trust between the two. They discussed voting out Ace next, while Tracy, Todd, and Erinn affirmed that either Ace or John had to go next. The next day, Dan, Erinn, Todd, and Tracy met to discuss who to bring in as a fifth alliance member; everyone except Dan suggested Monica, while Dan wanted John. He talked about how he had given John his word and John was perfect to have since he had no other ties. But when the others were resistant to let a physical threat into their alliance, he resigned and let them take Monica. At the challenge, Savaii finally won, winning flint, comfort items, the right to kidnap a Upolu member (Todd) and Immunity. Back at Upolu, knowing he was vulnerable, John approached GC and Natalie to get their votes, but he quickly became angry with their lack of strategic tact. After Ace gathered firewood, he decided to take a nap, which led his tribe to bash him incessantly while he slept. At Savaii's camp, Todd traded hidden Immunity Idol clues with Kelly (though she was hesitant to join up with such a notorious player), and proposed a cross-tribal alliance to Carolina, someone he felt he could still beat in the Final Three if he had to betray his tribe. When Todd returned to camp, Ace campaigned against John to him, and Todd agreed with many of Ace's arguments. But when Erinn and Tracy told him the rest of the tribe agreed to vote Ace out, Todd realized he may have to turn some votes around. At Tribal Council, it was clear that the two people on the block were Ace and John. John gave his spin on each tribe member and openly insulted Natalie and GC, who replied by saying that they may now vote him instead of Ace. In the end, though Dan stuck to his word and voted with John, everyone else decided to get rid of now-humbled Samoa mastermind.

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: In pairs, the castaways race across the beach to retrieve six large crates painted in their tribe's colors. Once all six crates are retrieved, the tribes have to stack the crates into a staircase with the name of their tribe properly aligned along the sides. The first tribe to complete the staircase and get all of their members up the staircase to the top of a platform wins Reward and Immunity.
    • Reward: Comfort items (pillows, blankets, tarp); flint for Savaii

Episode 4: The Man Behind the CurtainEdit

Dan fessed up to being the other vote against Ace at the last Tribal Council. Todd was angry about Dan's supposed allegiance to his alliance, but he was distracted by Ace's delusions that he was the one to get John booted. At Savaii, to hopefully spread dissent among the women, Russell purposely made the rice moldy. The next morning, the tribe discovered the now spoiled rice and Crystal partly blamed Leslie; though the tribe had rice to spare, Russell put their conflict in Carolina's head. Todd showed the hidden Immunity Idol clue that he received from his kidnapping to Monica, deciding to keep the clues between the two of them out of fear that Tracy, Dan, and Erinn become a tight group. The two searched the beach, but couldn't find the Idol. At the challenge, the tribes started off fairly evenly, but Leslie lost both her matches against Erinn, giving Upolu Immunity, luxury items, coffee, and the right to kidnap a member of Savaii (they chose Leslie). The blue tribe was very welcoming to Leslie, and Todd met with her in private to rekindle their strong relationship from China. The two shared information about their respective tribes, and Leslie contemplated mutinying after Todd said she would be safe and would have a chance of finding the Idol. Back at Savaii, James was extremely upset that Leslie cost them the challenge, causing Mary to talk him down in private and reaffirm his loyalty to the women. Despite apologizing for his outburst, James led the charge to get rid of Leslie; while Mikey was grateful that he may actually be safe, Crystal wanted to get revenge for Tyson's boot. The next day, the tribe discussed the possibility of Leslie mutinying, and Carolina and Mikey decided to get rid of Crystal for her bossiness. But they were shocked when Leslie returned back to Savaii, stirring up paranoia that she may have the Idol from Upolu. Mary and Kelly questioned the plan to eliminate Leslie, since she now is valuable for possibly having the Idol, and they turned the target back to Mikey. But Carolina wanted to still get rid of Crystal, and James was set on getting Leslie out, and it seemed like anyone could go. At Tribal Council, Carolina said that Russell told her about the alleged conflict between Crystal and Leslie, but Russell declared she was lying. In the end, Carolina cast a "warning vote" for Russell, and Russell and Mikey voted for Leslie, but everyone else decided to vote for Mikey B.

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: The tribes will square off one-on-one sumo-style. Using a large, heavy bag, each person will attempt to knock their opponent off of the platform and into a pit of mud. Each person must keep their hands on the bag at all times and cannot use their legs as a weapon. The first tribe to score eight points will win Immunity.
    • Reward: Luxury items, coffee, sugar, a week’s worth of rice

Episode 5: "I'll Even Align Myself With the Troll"Edit

Crystal confronted Carolina and Russell about the actions that went on at the previous Tribal Council. Russell swore to Crystal that Carolina wanted to vote off her or Leslie. When Carolina was confronted, she tried to talk her way out, but Crystal thought she was against her from the beginning and took Russell's side. The next day, she began her plan to take Carolina out by talking to Russell and finding surprising similarities. Crystal then told Leslie she was initially going to be voted off the day before and that the two of them were on the outskirts of the women's alliance. With this new information, Leslie joined up with Russell and Crystal to take out Carolina. The mood was much more upbeat on Upolu with their amount of challenge wins, but GC still felt on the outside of the majority alliance. The tribes received treemail instructing them to choose two items from the Sears Catalogue to play for at their Reward Challenge. Despite a dramatic camp life, Savaii pulled it together and won their choices, a fishing kit and barbecue grill set. They chose to kidnap Todd again, and he continued his conversation with Carolina about a cross-tribal alliance, talking about bringing Kelly into the fold. Back on Upolu, Tracy questioned if Todd had a cross-tribal alliance from his two kidnappings, and used this opportunity to solidify the alliance between herself, Erinn, and Dan. Meanwhile, Monica was getting weird vibes from the group of three, and thought about her and Todd joining up with GC, Natalie, and Ace. On Day 13, James and Mary decided they wanted to go the Final 3 with Carolina, and promised their allegiance to each other. Meanwhile, Crystal told Todd that Upolu should kidnap whichever one is left over of Crystal and Russell, and they will definitely mutiny and be a loyal vote for the tribe. Todd returned to Upolu with lots of information in his head, and his tribe rebounded from its earlier loss to win the Immunity Challenge. Facing another vote, Carolina, James, Mary, and Kelly were divided between Russell and Crystal, and decided to get rid of Russell. The new alliance of Russell, Crystal, and Leslie tried to sway James over to their side; Russell appealed to their friendship and commonalities, while Crystal said that the three women would cut him loose at the Final Four (not realizing he has a Final Three deal with Mary). At Tribal Council, James was clearly caught in the middle, but he chose to honor his alliance with Mary and the alliance of four held strong to get rid of Russell.

  • Reward Challenge:
    • Reward: Fishing kit and barbecue grill set

Episode 6: "I Don't Care if I Never See Them Again"Edit

The results of last Tribal Council showed that Crystal and Leslie were clearly on the outs of the tribe. To try to alleviate tension, Carolina made a speech about the necessity of tribe unity, though the real purpose behind her speech was to ensure the two would not flip at the merge. The next day, Todd sat down the rest of Upolu and told them all the information Carolina and Crystal told him when he was kidnapped; the tribe also discussed the pros and cons of kidnapping Crystal and having her mutiny. At the Reward Challenge, Upolu won a trip to a watering hole and a chocolate feast. They chose to kidnap Crystal, which angered Carolina and Kelly, since Todd has promised to kidnap one of them. At the reward, Crystal immediately renounced her loyalty to Savaii, and reconnected with her former Gabon ally GC. Afterwards, she searched tirelessly on Upolu's beach for the hidden Immunity Idol, and she actually succeeded in her search. Crystal tried to get a feeling for some of the members of Upolu, and Dan tried to convince her to stay by telling her Ace was next to go no matter what. Observing the various conversations on the tribe, she told GC, Natalie, and Ace that they were at the bottom of the tribe, and the three found themselves facing an uphill battle. At the Immunity Challenge, feeling a renewed sense of strength with the Idol, Crystal decided not to mutiny, making several Upolu members feel betrayed. Savaii narrowly beat Upolu, making the blue tribe face Tribal Council for the first time in four rounds. The tribe seemed in agreement that Ace had to go because of his arrogance and bossiness. Initially, GC and Natalie thought about turning the tribe against Todd for his strategy and the possibility of a cross-tribal alliance, but they decided not to make waves and stuck with the original plan. As the day continued, Erinn and Tracy decided that Natalie stood a good chance of going to the end of the game for not being a threat. Their allies seemed in agreement, and Monica reminded Todd in private that keeping Ace around would mean there would still be a target next round. At Tribal Council, Ace reaffirmed his apparently great leadership, while GC attempted to call out the alliance of five, though he was met with resounding denials. Natalie claimed she felt safe, but her feelings proved wrong when the alliance of five and Ace chose to vote her out, blindsiding her and GC.

  • Reward Challenge:
    • Reward: A trip to a watering hole and a chocolate feast.
  • Immunity Challenge:

Episode 7: Idol ThreatsEdit

After the rest of the tribe blindsided her ally Natalie, GC was definitely on the outs of his tribe, and the next day it was obvious that him and Ace were on the outside of the alliance of five. Crystal told Leslie that she found the hidden Immunity Idol on Upolu's beach and she'll give it to her if she ever felt Leslie is in danger. Ecstatic on a new opportunity, the two decided to vote for Carolina. At the Reward Challenge, Savaii won a trip to a waterfall and a feast of various meats; they chose to kidnap GC. He discussed mutinying with the rest of Savaii at the Reward, but he worried that he would be the first boot if Savaii went to Tribal Council. Privately, Crystal told him that if he mutinied, he could join with her and Leslie and take out Carolina with the Idol, while the other girls told him that he wouldn't be voted out over Crystal or Leslie (though Carolina confessed they definitely would if they lost). At the Immunity Challenge, GC surprised Savaii when he chose not to mutiny, angering Crystal in particular. In a tense challenge, Upolu won immunity once more. Back at Savaii's camp, it seemed that Crystal was going to go over Leslie for her abrasive personality. But Crystal showed the Idol to Kelly (the person she trusted the most from the other alliance) and said they could use it against Upolu next round, since they'll be down 7-5. Kelly shared this information with the rest of her alliance, but they were still skeptical to keeping her around. Crystal tightened the screws on her plan when she told the rest of the tribe about the Idol when Leslie was gone. She told them that she would give the Idol to whoever needed it after the merge, but they would tell Upolu that she played it at this Tribal Council. The rest of the tribe figured that Leslie would be too honest to go along with Crystal's plan, and decided to vote for Leslie. Completely in the dark about this plan, Leslie approached Crystal about using the Idol to vote out Carolina, and Crystal had a tough time lying to and turning on her closest ally. At Tribal Council, Leslie looked to Crystal to use the Idol, but she painfully told her that she couldn't. In the end, Crystal's plan succeeded; the alliance of Mary, Kelly, Carolina, and James voted for Leslie, keeping her and her Idol in the game while strengthening her ties to Savaii.

  • Reward Challenge:
    • Reward: An afternoon getaway to a waterfall and a meal of beef, chicken, tuna, and fresh fruit
  • Immunity Challenge:

Episode 8: Betrayals, Breakdowns, and BlindsidesEdit

At Upolu, the seven members agreed to stick together after the merge, but Ace knew he was on the outside of the core alliance. At Savaii, the tribe concocted a plan; they would tell the other tribe the vote was a 2-2-2 split between Crystal, Leslie, and Carolina. Crystal then would have used the hidden Immunity Idol and Leslie would have gone in the re-vote. They decided to direct Upolu's votes onto Crystal, who would then use the Idol. Later that morning, the tribes merged, and chose to name themselves Apia after Samoa's capital city. Todd and Carolina reconnected and officially brought Monica and Kelly into the fold; the four agreed they couldn't pull anything off until the Final Seven, but they would help protect each other. The next day, Crystal acted desperate and went to various Upolu members to make deals, claiming she's on the outs with Savaii and will gladly vote with them. She didn't get much support from them, mostly because of her betrayal when she chose not to mutiny. Meanwhile, the other Savaii members put their plan into action when they started to badmouth Crystal to Upolu and claimed they want her gone. As a result, Crystal became like the plague among the new tribe, nobody wanted to see or talk to her. Feeling overwhelmed by the segregation, she had a breakdown in front of Erinn and Dan, and threatened to quit the game (though she had no such feelings whatsoever). The two reported what Crystal had said to the rest of the tribe, and it fueled the other Savaii members even more. In an endurance Immunity Challenge, Crystal held on but came up just short, as Kelly took home the first Individual Immunity necklace. With Tribal Council looming, the Savaiis decided to vote for Dan, while Tracy seemed unsure about voting for Crystal, thinking she may still have an Idol. Unbeknownst to her, Mary was thinking about how Tracy was a huge threat as a former winner and talks to the rest of Savaii about voting her out. Tracy was living up to her threat status by trying to convince Todd to vote for Carolina instead. At Tribal Council, Crystal had another emotional outburst, but it was all for show when she played her Idol. The former Savaii tribe took Mary's advice and voted for Tracy (she also became the first member of the jury), leaving the former Upolu tribe shocked that Crystal tricked them and stupid for not heeding Tracy's warning.

  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways would hold onto a pole for as long as possible. The last person left hanging on wins Immunity.

Episode 9: "It's a Game"Edit

After returning from their first Tribal Council as a merged tribe, the mood was extremely tense and divided. The Savaii members made insincere apologies, while the Upolu members were disgusted with Crystal's act. Despite being humiliated, they knew they still had the numbers and Crystal was the next to go. The next morning, Upolu continued their pity party, and Dan and Erinn seemed to take the past events the hardest. Ace became annoyed with his tribemates, reminding them lying is part of the game; as a result, he felt his game was much more similar to the Savaii members. With the rest of his tribe sulking, Ace used this opportunity to begin to make inroads with the Savaii members, who welcomed him openly knowing there was a 6-5 split. At the Immunity Challenge, Dan guaranteed his safety by winning Immunity. Right after the challenge, Mary and James proposed a Final 6 alliance to Ace. They told him Crystal would be sixth, and he would vote with Mary and James against the tight pair Kelly and Carolina, so essentially Ace would have a spot in the Final Three if he voted with Savaii. Savaii then discussed their options of who to vote out. Crystal suggested Todd for being a strategic threat, but Carolina immediately denied that, and they ultimately agreed on GC, partly due to Ace seeking revenge from Gabon. At Tribal Council, Ace stayed true to his word and joined Savaii in voting out GC, and the remaining Upolus took another hit.

  • Immunity Challenge:

Ace couldn't help but brag about all the power he held from his flipping, while Upolu felt down and defeated once again, with Dan and Erinn becoming extremely emotional once again. Carolina and Kelly told Todd and Monica that their cross-tribal alliance is still in effect and they're still protected, which helped ease Todd and Monica's woes. The next morning, the Savaii members and Ace acted like they controlled the tribe, and they decided Dan would be the next to go. Meanwhile, Dan and Erinn secured their bond on a trip outside of camp. The two realized they both have similar gameplay, and reaffirmed their loyalty to each other. Dan's new-found determination came through when he won his second Immunity Challenge in a row. Back at camp, Ace became angry that Dan seemed to have "nine lives" as he did in Gabon. When the new majority alliance discussed the vote, Crystal brought Todd's name up once again, but Carolina put Erinn up on the block, claiming that she was a quiet manipulator in Tocantins. They agreed to vote for Erinn, though Crystal became wary of Carolina constantly protecting Todd. Meanwhile, the four Upolu members correctly assumed Erinn would be voted out because she lashed out at Ace after Tribal Council. Not feeling they could sway anyone, they decided to throw their votes to Ace as a warning. Dan then gave his alliance a pep talk, urging them to stay unified and loyal; with a renewed energy, the four began to search for the hidden Immunity Idol. At Tribal Council, it became obvious that Ace would vote with Savaii, and he once again joined the five in voting for Erinn. But they got a taste of their own medicine when Erinn pulled out the Idol (Dan had found it and given it to her), and the remaining four votes against Ace were enough to send him to the jury.

  • Immunity Challenge:

Episode 10: Web of LiesEdit

By Day 25, Carolina was one of the most powerful people in the game; despite losing a member of her alliance last Tribal Council, she still had a successful cross-tribal alliance with Todd, Monica, and Kelly (which people were starting to take notice of, unbeknownst to them). But Carolina became paranoid someone could find another hidden Immunity Idol without a clue, and started to throw Crystal under the bus so that any defected votes from someone playing an Idol would go to Crystal. She lied and told Dan that Crystal and James had a secret alliance to get him out, and then proceeded to promise Dan that he wouldn't be voted out if he didn't vote for her. Savaii decided that Erinn and Dan were the only options, and Crystal decided to finally confront Carolina for protecting Todd for the third time. She hesitantly admitted that she had been working with Todd and Monica to "get information which could benefit the tribe," which Crystal did not have whatsoever. Monica, meanwhile, seemed very unconcerned about the fact that Upolu was down 5-4, believing Dan and Erinn were the next to go, and told Erinn to just enjoy their time, which seemed very odd to Erinn. On a late-night fire watch, Crystal and Dan had a heart-to-heart. She told him that there were cross-tribal alliances happening, and when he didn't believe her, he brought up what Carolina told her about her and James. Crystal revealed it was a lie, and told him that Carolina and her allies were creating lies to keep Monica and Todd. She told him that her, Dan, and Erinn were obviously on the outs, and it suddenly all came together for Dan. Crystal then told an awed and emotional Dan that they had to get rid of Carolina, but he said they needed both Erinn and James to make anything happen. They put a plan in place; Crystal would go to Carolina and Dan would go to Erinn for a Final Four alliance, and Todd, Monica, and Mary could never know. At the Reward Challenge, Dan won a clue to a new Idol, though his search yielded nothing. The next morning, Dan filled in the details of his previous conversation to Erinn, and Erinn was disgusted, angry at Todd and Monica for not staying loyal, and completely willing to write down Carolina's name. Meanwhile, Carolina continued to bitch about Crystal to Todd and Monica, claiming she made them expose their connection. But she was sent back to square one when Crystal won Immunity in a surprise victory. Back at camp, James went on a fishing trip immediately, angering Crystal that she couldn't talk to him about turning the vote on Carolina. With Crystal immune, the former Upolu members were unsure of who to vote for; Todd and Monica tried to protect their allies by suggesting Mary or James. Dan and Erinn pleaded with them, though they were down in numbers, to maintain solidarity and vote for Mary for being a strategic threat. The Savaii members had a similar discussion, and decided to vote for Erinn, since Dan could possibly have an Idol from the clue he got. After their conversation, Crystal pulled James aside, while Erinn and Carolina had a conversation as old friends where she told Erinn she would be going home. Erinn was skeptical though, believing this was just another part of her "web of lies" to get Dan to give her an Idol if he had it. Finally having a chance to talk, Crystal filled James in on everything that had been going on, and James was unsure about betraying his tribe at this moment, specifically his close ally Mary. At Tribal Council, the vote seemed very up in the air. Todd and Monica stuck to their promise and voted for Mary, while Carolina, Mary, and Kelly voted for Erinn. But they were all floored when Crystal's plan came together, and she, Dan, Erinn, and James blindsided Carolina.

Episode 11: Cat FightsEdit

After Tribal Council, the majority of the tribe bashed Carolina for her web of lies that she spun. Kelly and Mary were left in an uneasy position without their leader and ally, as were Todd and Monica after their cross-tribal alliance was outed. Todd got the four former Upolu members together, and he tried to explain himself with Monica. Monica took things a little too far when she claimed that Dan and Erinn were reacting too emotionally from Tracy and GC's blindsides to effectively play the game, and Erinn was too much of a follower; Erinn was extremely offended by this comment and lashed back at Monica. Todd tried to explain their actions more eloquently, but Monica and Erinn continued to argue when they accused each other of "being up their ally's ass". Dan tried to resolve the tension by saying that Savaii succeeded in dividing them, and the two women calmed down to halfheartedly apologize to each other. The next morning, Mary met with James and he explained his actions and his new alliance. However, he still expressed interest in taking Mary to the Final Three, and urged her to distance herself from Kelly. Though Mary was happy she would not be the next to go, she knew she would have to somehow break up the new powerful Final Four alliance to make it to the endgame. Back at camp, Todd and Monica lamented their position in the game, and Monica decided to take things in her own hands by talking to Dan and Erinn again. She told them she feels she's the next to go, and Erinn said they weren't sure how they were voting yet, leading Monica to threaten them about aligning with Crystal. To once again alleviate tension and keep Monica off their backs, Dan lied and said they would stick with Todd and Monica. At the Reward Challenge, Crystal won a second clue to a new hidden Immunity Idol; she went on an idol hunting quest back at camp and, to her surprise, found it. To show her trust in her new alliance, she showed it to Dan, Erinn, and James, who told them that Mary can vote with them against Todd or Monica. On Day 30, Crystal flat-out told Monica that either her or Todd was going home next, which led her to agree to vote for Crystal with Todd and Kelly (who was wary that Crystal was becoming the new Carolina). They talked about trying to get Dan and Erinn back on their side. At an extremely physical Immunity Challenge, James pulled off a win. After the challenge, Todd believed he could get the majority of votes against Mary (since he feared Crystal had the Idol), but he wanted to make sure he didn't get votes just in case. So, to incite Monica, he lied and told her that Mary wanted Monica out, and his plan succeeded when she started a campaign against Mary. The four Upolu members and Kelly met, and Todd swore his allegiance once again to Dan and Erinn, and told them that Crystal and James would probably take Mary to the Final Three. Dan and Erinn gave some serious consideration to Todd's argument, but made no final decisions as they talked to Crystal and James. The foursome decided to target Monica for her annoying scrambling, though Upolu would be down three members to Savaii's four. Dan and Erinn weighed their options and realized they could be vulnerable no matter which alliance they go with. At Tribal Council, Erinn bragged about Carolina's blindside, and Monica made one last public appeal to get rid of Mary. But Dan and Erinn decided to side with their new alliance, and Monica was voted out.

Episode 12: Trouble in ParadiseEdit

While the foursome of Crystal, James, Dan, and Erinn applauded making the Final Seven, Todd was angry that his former Upolu tribemates turned on him and Monica. Dan and Erinn immediately went to him and told him that he would not be the next to go, and Erinn went so far as to say they would keep him in the game as long as possible. The next morning, Dan and Erinn contemplated voting either Mary or Kelly; though Crystal and James would want to get rid of Kelly, Mary would be less likely to side with them at the Final Five. Crystal told Dan that she trusted him the most out of anyone in the game, and they made a Final Three deal with Erinn. She also alleviated his worries by telling him she wouldn't side with James and Mary over him and Erinn. After the Reward Challenge, Mary made quite the surprising move when she told Dan and Erinn she wanted to go the Final Three with them. She did it to keep her name off the chopping block and to guarantee more Savaii members would vote for her, and the two agreed to it on the surface, but had no intention of actually honoring it. Crystal and James decided that they would vote for Kelly, since Dan and Erinn would never get rid of Todd over her. When Crystal brought up voting out Mary at the Final Five, James told her that Dan is a huge threat to win in the end. The powerful majority alliance now found themselves in a bit of conflict as to who to keep around at the Final Five: Mary or Todd. In a close Immunity Challenge, Dan narrowly defeated Kelly to win his third Individual Immunity. Back at camp, Kelly overheard Dan's alliance congratulating him on beating her out in the challenge, and she lashed out at them, telling James and Crystal she wouldn't vote for them in the Final Three. After her outburst, the foursome and Mary agreed to vote for Kelly, though Mary had another idea in mind. Since she was so close to Kelly at the beginning of the game, and since she had a majority of votes to go, Mary would cast a stray vote for Todd to hopefully win her jury vote. Erinn and Dan told Todd that Kelly was the target and, not wanting to lose another ally, he proposed the three of them took out Mary with Kelly. He said that even if Crystal did have the Idol, she would be too selfish to give it to Mary, and he claimed it would basically guarantee Erinn and Dan would be in the Final Three. They contemplated it and thought there would be no reason not to do it, and Todd excitedly told Kelly the four of them would vote together. But, as Tribal Council neared, Dan and Erinn realized if they blindsided Mary they would be blindsiding Crystal and James as well. So they made a potentially risky move by telling Crystal and James they would be voting for Mary, talking about the deal she attempted to make with them. At Tribal Council, Crystal had the last laugh when she played the Idol on Mary, nullifying the four votes against her. In the end, Kelly's two votes beat Mary's stray vote for Todd, and the last remaining winner was eliminated.

Episode 13: "We're Such Idiots!"Edit

Erinn and Dan regretted telling Crystal that they were voting for Mary. Crystal tried to do damage control by telling them that their Final Four deal was still good, but Dan was eager to look for a re-hidden Immunity Idol. Meanwhile, James discovered that Mary cast a stray vote for Todd to try to win Kelly's jury vote, and he began to reconsider his alliance with her due to her shady behavior the past few days. On Day 34, Todd, Dan, and Erinn reaffirmed their loyalty to each other, and Erinn said Mary would be their next target, though they recognized that she could easily try to sway Todd onto Savaii's side. Mary then approached Dan and Erinn, playing innocent and asking why they voted for her with their Final Three deal. When they explained their lack of trust with the deal, Mary broke it off. At the Reward Challenge, Todd won a visit from his mom, and he chose Dan and Erinn to join them on a trip to Taga Blowholes, further cementing the tribal division. Left by themselves at camp, the three former Savaii members plotted and officially made a Final Three deal. Crystal initially targeted Todd, but Mary pointed out that he may find the Idol, and Dan is both a challenge threat and the most likeable person left in the game. Crystal still wanted to vote for Todd, though, claiming he was too sneaky and a jury threat, and she still wanted to keep her word to Dan for getting Carolina out. When the three Upolu members returned to camp, they faced little welcome. Todd immediately started searching for the Idol, but he couldn't find it, and started to think about other options to avoid a tie. The next morning, Dan thanked Todd for choosing him to share the reward, and he was happy to be on Todd's side once again. In a crucial Immunity Challenge, it came down to Crystal and Dan. It a battle of endurance, Crystal won her second Individual Immunity. Back at camp, it seemed obvious that there was going to be a tie. Despite this, Dan and Erinn still went to Crystal and James to vote out Mary, but Crystal was set on getting rid of Todd. Taking his fate into his own hands to avoid a purple rock scenario, Todd went to Mary about voting with the Savaii members against Dan. Mary replied that Crystal and James weren't that sold on it before, but she can try convincing them, and Todd was set on not telling Dan after seeing what happened to Charlie in Gabon. Mary convinced James that Dan was his biggest threat for the final two Immunity Challenges, but Crystal was still hesitant about Dan leaving. She went to Dan and Erinn minutes before Tribal Council, telling them to vote for Todd or Dan is going home. At Tribal Council, Dan revealed what Crystal told her, but Todd completely denied the story, sparking an argument between him and Crystal. In the end, Dan and Erinn should have heeded Crystal's warning, as they still voted for Mary, allowing Mary, Todd, and James's votes against Dan to be enough. While Erinn was left in tears and Crystal was left fuming, Todd just eliminated his biggest jury threat.

  • Reward Challenge:
    • Reward: A visit from the castaway's loved one, plus a trip to the Taga Blowholes and a clue to the hidden Immunity Idol.

Episode 14: Hell Hath No FuryEdit

After Dan's blindside, all hell broke lose at camp. James was upset at Crystal for telling Dan and Erinn about the vote beforehand, claiming she was trying to get Dan's jury vote. Erinn berated Crystal and James heavily for voting out Dan, saying that they were loyal to their Final Four deal and they had no reason to go against that. She saw Crystal had been in control since Carolina was voted out, and she wasn't going to let that slide any longer. The next morning, Erinn continued to call out Crystal and James, claiming they were always planning to take Mary to the Final Three. When Crystal denied it, it started another argument between the two women, and Erinn publicly declared that she was voting for Crystal or James at the next Tribal Council. Little did she know, the two people behind Dan's blindside, Mary and Todd, were sitting back and watching everything unfold. Todd then started another plan to save himself by going to Mary and talking about how Crystal has played the best game. He devalued his own game and inflated Mary's ego by praising her game, saying he's been on the outs of basically every vote since the merge, and predicting the jury will vote on game rather than likability. At the Immunity Challenge, James pulled off a second win, meaning Erinn would definitely be voting for Crystal. Todd confirmed this with her back at camp, while Mary, James, and Crystal all confirmed they were voting for Todd for being the biggest jury threat. Despite having two votes against her, Crystal was confident that Mary would side with her after she saved her with the hidden Immunity Idol. But later in the day, Todd made another play to convince Mary to vote for Crystal, going so far as to promise a Final Three deal with her and James. At Tribal Council, Crystal blew up when people kept claiming she was a jury threat for her game, and Mary seemed conflicted. As expected, Todd and Erinn voted for Crystal, and James and Crystal voted for Todd. But Mary shocked everyone, including the jury, when she also voted for Crystal. Appalled and devastated, Crystal threatened that Mary will suffer for this, and the woman in control of the game from the merge was finally gone.

  • Immunity Challenge:

James was livid that Mary voted for Crystal, and yelled at her for making such a dumb move, claiming that she threw her game away to Todd and Erinn. Mary used her deception and flirtatious ways on him, trying to convince him that Crystal was too big of a threat to let into the finals. She reaffirmed her loyalty to him and said she'd vote out Todd next, but James was still wary. The next day, Mary was confident that if Todd won Immunity, he would still side with her and James and vote for Erinn. The Final Four embarked on their Rites of Passage, reflecting on each of their fallen comrades. The final Immunity Challenge was another test of endurance, and the worst-case scenario happened when Todd outlasted James, giving him Immunity and a guaranteed spot at the Final Tribal Council. Back at camp, James openly told the tribe he was voting for Erinn, the next-biggest jury threat, and Mary said she was as well, while Todd seemed a little uneasy about it. Backed into a bit of a corner, Erinn thought of targeting James for not really having any enemies on the jury. Todd decided not to vote for Erinn, since she hasn't made any moves by herself, and Erinn approached him about voting for James. However, the two would have to get Mary to vote with them again to avoid a 2-2 tie. As James was collecting firewood, Erinn and Todd approached Mary with their new plan, continuing to pump him up as a jury threat. When James returned, Mary told him what Erinn and Todd said, and she promised she would vote with him. But in her head, she was still considering her options, thinking that Erinn and Todd could split Upolu's votes, while she would get all of Savaii's. At Tribal Council, it was obvious that the vote was between Erinn and James, and Mary claimed that she was out of danger because made the right alliances. When the votes came in, Mary betrayed another ally and voted with Todd and Erinn against James, making him the final jury member. James and the jury were gravely disappointed with Mary's move, but he was voted out, leaving the Final Three.

  • Immunity Challenge:

Todd was stunned that Mary voted for James and threw away another jury vote, while Mary said that she didn't want to cause a tie and drag out things any longer. On the morning of Day 39, the Final Three got a complementary breakfast celebration, and that night they faced their Final Tribal Council. In their opening statements, Todd said he always able to make sure he was in a safe position by scrambling to make sure someone else was the target; Mary argued that she played a proactive strategic game and was able to make the right relationships and flip alliances; Erinn said that by playing under-the-radar and coming off as a follower, she was able to avoid being seen as a threat. In their jury statements, Tracy and GC criticized Mary for getting rid of Crystal when she saved her with the Idol, while Ace somewhat defended her by reminding the jury that it's a game and everyone should lighten up. Carolina told Mary she made all the wrong moves after the merge and got rid of Crystal and James in favor of jury threat Todd, and accused former Tocantins ally Erinn of playing the game too emotionally and letting people take her to the end. Monica also talked to Erinn, wondering if she made her alliance with Crystal and James after criticizing her and Todd for joining up with Carolina and Kelly. Kelly told Mary that her throwaway vote at the Tribal Council where she was voted out held no weight, since she knew how phony it was. When she asked Todd what his best move was, he talked about controlling every boot from the Final Six onwards, and Erinn claimed he was overestimating his game. Dan got Todd to tell him about the workings behind his blindside, and praised Erinn for her loyalty, though he questioned voting out Crystal over Todd. James was saddened by the Final Three, claiming that the three best players did not make it to the end, he then went on to expectantly criticize Mary for not voting with him last Tribal Council. Crystal blasted Mary, calling her heartless and ungrateful, credited herself for keeping Erinn in this game by flipping on Carolina, and said that Todd deserved to win over the other two. In the end, Ace cast the lone vote for Mary for being, according to him, a true "villainess." Tracy and Dan both voted for Erinn, with Dan's vote mostly coming from her loyalty to him. But everyone else voted for Todd's superior strategic game, and Todd won the title of Sole Survivor.

Voting historyEdit

Original Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Eliminated: Randy
6/10 Votes
9/10 Votes
7/9 Votes
7/9 Votes
5/8 Votes
4/7 Votes
6/8 Votes
4/6 Votes
5/5 Votes7
6/11 Votes
4/4 Votes8
4/9 Votes
5/8 Votes
2/3 Votes9
3/6 Votes
3/5 Votes
3/4 Votes
Voter Vote
Todd Sandy John Natalie Crystal Crystal Ace Mary Mary Mary Dan Crystal James
Erinn Sandy John Natalie Crystal Crystal Ace Carolina Monica Mary Mary Crystal James
Mary Randy Tyson Mikey Russell Leslie Tracy GC Erinn Erinn Monica Todd Dan Crystal James
James Kelly Tyson Mikey Russell Leslie Tracy GC Erinn Carolina Monica Kelly Dan Todd Erinn
Crystal Randy Mikey Mikey Carolina Carolina Tracy GC Erinn Carolina Monica Kelly Todd Todd
Dan Sandy Ace Natalie Crystal Crystal Ace Carolina Monica Mary Mary
Kelly Randy Tyson Mikey Russell Leslie Tracy GC Erinn Erinn Mary Mary
Monica Sandy John Natalie Crystal Crystal Ace Mary Mary
Carolina Randy Tyson Russell Russell Leslie Tracy GC Erinn Erinn
Ace Sandy John Natalie Crystal GC Erinn
GC Sandy John Ace Crystal Crystal
Tracy Sandy John Natalie Crystal
Leslie Randy Tyson Mikey Carolina Carolina
Natalie Sandy John Ace
Russell Kelly Tyson Leslie Carolina
Mikey Kelly Tyson Leslie
John Sandy Ace
Tyson Randy Mikey
Sandy Monica
Randy Kelly
Jury Vote
Finalist: Mary
1/9 votes
2/9 votes
6/9 votes
Juror Vote
James Todd
Crystal Todd
Dan Erinn
Kelly Todd
Monica Todd
Carolina Todd
Ace Mary
GC Todd
Tracy Erinn

Note 7: Crystal played the Hidden Immunity Idol, negating all votes cast against her.

Note 8: Erinn played the Hidden Immunity Idol, negating all votes cast against her.

Note 9: Mary played the Hidden Immunity Idol, negating all votes cast against her. |}