Survivor: Nicaragua
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Season 2
Filming Location San Juan Del Sur,
Winner Yau-Man Chan (4-3)
Tribes      Espada
     La Flor
Previous Season Survivor 1: Fiji Fanfic
Next Season Survivor 3: Palau Fanfic

The premiere of this season of Survivor aired on February 2, 2006. The two-hour season finale aired on May 14, 2006, followed by the reunion show.

Like with the first season, there were no twists which altered the game to keep up with success of the first back-to-basics season. Like with Fiji, the twists included in the CBS version of Survivor: Nicaragua had no impact of the ones in this fanfic.

However a twist which doesn't effect the game was introduced, which saw the return of 4 CBS Survivor All-Stars returning to compete in the game again. They were James "J.T." Thomas Jr. (Survivor: Tocantins and Survivor: Heroes vs Villains), Kathy Vavrick O'Brien (Survivor: Marquesas and Survivor: All-Stars), Natalie White (Survivor: Samoa) and Yau-Man Chan (Survivor: Fiji and Survivor: Micronesia).

The tribes were Espada (wearing blue) and La Flor (wearing yellow). These names were chosen after the Spanish words for 'Sword' and 'the Flower' respectively. The final ten merged into the tribe 'Libertad', wearing red, meaning 'Freedom' in Spanish.

The winner of this season was returning Survivor Contestant, who placed 4th on Survivor: Fiji and 18th on Survivor: Micronesia, Yau-Man Chan. He won over 38 year-old unemployed mother, Elise Fletcher in a 4-3 vote. Additionally, Yau-Man Chan also won $100,000 as the "Sprint Player of the Season", beating returnee Natalie White and Poppy Savage.


Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Angelina Lovell
21, Golden Valley, MN
Espada 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Natalie Ordell
31, Los Angeles, CA
La Flor Removed Due to Injury
Day 6
Hamza Ritchie
22, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Espada 2nd Voted Out
Day 9
Lucille Brock
18, Ontario, CA
Espada 3rd Voted Out
Day 12
Mason Clemens
30, Dibrell, TN
Espada 4th Voted Out
Day 15
Jorge Snyder
55, Mayfield Heights, OH
Espada 5th Voted Out
Day 18
Brianna Meagher
49, Northridge, CA
La Flor Libertad 6th Voted Out
Day 21
James "J.T." Thomas Jr.
28, Samson, AL
Survivor: Tocantins &
Survivor: Heroes vs Villains
La Flor 7th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 24
Natalie White
30, Van Buren, AR
Survivor: Samoa
Espada 8th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 27
Reagan Russell
45, Santa Ana, CA
La Flor 9th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 30
Kathy Vavrick O'Brien
58, Burlington, VT
Survivor: Marquesas &
Survivor: All-Stars
La Flor 10th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 33
Warren Vass
25, Oakland, CA
La Flor 11th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 36
Poppy Savage
28, Seattle, WA
La Flor 12th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 37
James Turner
22, Kennard, NE
La Flor 13th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 38
Elise Fletcher
38, Huntsville, AL
Espada Runner-up 9
Yau-Man Chan
61, Fresno, CA
Survivor: Fiji & Survivor: Micronesia
Espada Sole Survivor 2

Note 1: When the vote was revealed, both James and Poppy tied with 2 votes each. In the re-vote the vote tied once again, so both James and Poppy competed in a fire-making tiebreaker.

The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaways has received during Tribal Councils where the castaway is eligible to be voted out of the game. It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council.

The GameEdit

Episode title Reward Immunity Eliminated Vote Finish
"He's A Wannabe Survivor Legend" La Flor Angelina 5-2-1 1st Voted Out
Day 3
"Mouths Wide Open" La Flor None Natalie O. No Vote Removed Due To Illness
Day 6
"The Game Is Past My Time" La Flor La Flor Hanza 5-2 2nd Voted Out
Day 9
"The Fly That Won't Die" La Flor La Flor Lucille 4-1-1 3rd Voted Out
Day 12
"I'm The King Of The Castle, And You're The Dirty Raschal!" La Flor La Flor Mason 4-1 4th Voted Out
Day 15
"Pathetic" La Flor La Flor Jorge 3-1 5th Voted Out
Day 18
"Work With The Minorities" None James Brianna 5-4-1 6th Voted Out
Day 21
"You Disgust Me!" Poppy
James J.T. 6-3 7th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 24
"Dumbest Survivor Ever" Kathy,
Yau-Man Natalie W. 4-3-1 8th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 27
"Let's Work Together... Again... Please?" Survivor
James Reagan 5-2 9th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 30
"Bipolarism" Poppy Poppy Kathy 5-1 10th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 33
"This Should Have Been So Easy" James Poppy Warren 3-2 11th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 36
"Dreamz Or Nightmares" Yau-Man
Yau-Man Poppy 2-2
12th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 37
"The End Of Libertad" None Elise James 1-0 13th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 38
None Elise 4-3 Runner-up
Yau-Man Sole Survivor

Episode 1: "He's A Wannabe Survivor Legend"Edit

12 brand new castaways, joined by 4 returning players from the CBS Survivor are abandoned in the heart of Nicaragua for the experience of a lifetime. Upon arrival, Jeff announced the new tribes as Espada and LaFlor with Natalie W. and Yau-Man joining Espada, and J.T. and Kathy joining La Flor. At Espada, the tribe put in a lot of effort into building the shelter, except for Jorge and Hamza, who refused to help at all and just wanted to relax in the ocean. Elise made an alliance with Mason, Yau-Man, Angelina and Lucille, as they would have majority, to vote the slackers off at the first two tribal councils they attended. At La Flor, the tribe bonded as a unit managing to create fire fairly quickly, however they were unable to build a stable shelter. Kathy worried in her confessional that her age could be seen as a problem on her tribe as her and Brianna were the eldest members, while J.T. explained how he was going to combine both his strategies from Tocantins and Heroes vs Villains to play the ultimate game. At the immunity challenge, Espada had a huge lead, however Angelina cost the tribe the win after she fell over 4 times while carrying the raft, allowing La Flor to come-from-behind and win the challenge. At camp, Yau-Man told Natalie W. about the alliance of 5, and that he wanted her to join as the returning players should stick together. However, when Yau-Man told the alliance about it, Mason flipped out, as he was a huge Russell Hantz fan, and proceeded to personally attack Natalie and her game, for robbing Russell of a 'win'. Natalie W. and Angelina formed a close bond and agreed to take out Mason for his behavior, while Yau-Man and Elise felt it was best to keep the tribe strong. They approached Hamza and Jorge, who had done well at the challenge, and contemplated voting out Angelina due to her performance. At tribal, the feud between Natalie W. and Mason continued leading to an explosive argument, but when the votes were revealed, the slackers were spared as Angelina was blindsided by a vote of 5-2-1.

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: The tribes have to maneuver across a broken bridge by using two planks. Going down to a raft with a torch carrier, they will get on the raft, put their torch on the holder, and then push the raft to get to the island that is across the way. At the island are two sets of ladder rungs that they need to grab and then go to another raft. The tribe has to pull on the rope to get back to the other island. Once they get to the other island they need to put the rungs on the ladder, climb up to a fire pit, and light it.
    • Reward: Waterproof matches, and immunity

Episode 2: "Mouths Wide Open"Edit

After returning to camp, Mason argued with his tribe about keeping in the snake, Natalie W., and vowed that he would get revenge on the rest of the tribe for going against him. At the reward challenge, despite Hamza getting over his fear of both the water and heights, the Espada tribe lost their second challenge in a row to La Flor who won blankets for their camp. On day 5, while Natalie W. was swimming in the sea, Mason gathered the tribe and made an 'alliance' to unify the tribe in order to take her out. The tribe agreed to his face, but behind his back revealed they had no intention of doing so. At La Flor, Poppy and Reagan bonded, as they were both from California, and Poppy revealed in a confessional that she would love to take 'her gay' to the end, but she doesn't want to come off so strong out of the gate. Brianna suffered with the elements, and contemplated whether she'd be able to survive for another 34 days, but decided she should stay as a story to tell her future grandchildren. On day 6, the castaways had a food-eating challenge which was tied up at 6-6 going into the final round, which was a battle between Jorge from Espada, and Natalie O. from La Flor, eating a native Nicaraguan caterpillar. Immediately after swallowing, Natalie O. suffered an allergic reaction, and due to her allergy being unknown to the Survivor medical staff, had no way of treating her on scene and needed to take her to a hospital straight away. By default, Espada were given the win, and Jeff told La Flor that they would receive news of Natalie O.'s position in the game at tribal. As a tribe, they decided to vote Natalie O. off if she returned in order to give her time to recover, but upon arrival Jeff confirmed that Natalie O. had been pulled from the game as she was still in hospital, and that there would be no elimination that night.

  • Reward Challenge: “Butch Cassidy”: Each tribe member has to jump off a tall cliff, and swim out to a floating crate. Once the tribe member is touching the crate, the next person can jump. Once all members are at the crate, they must dive down, unhook the crate, and swim it down through the rapids and back to shore.
    • Reward: Two blankets.
  • Immunity Challenge: One member from each tribe will eat whatever the wheel Probst spins lands on. Most spaces contain aboriginal food, or “bush tucker” while some have smoother food (apple, candy bar). Refusing to eat or not being able to finish the food loses a point for your team. Each person must eat at least once.

Episode 3: "The Game Is Past My Time"Edit

After losing Natalie O. due to her medical evacuation, the La Flor tribe were left distraught after the accident and felt robbed about losing a member without technically losing a challenge. J.T., however, used the event to his advantage by making a 6 person alliance in order to take out Kathy, who he felt wasn't mentally stable to continue on the game. This was further solidified when Warren went to talk to Kathy and she broke down in tears exclaiming that she was too old for Survivor and she misses her life back home. The reward challenge wasn't even close when J.T., Brianna and James all outlasted Elise, Hamza and Mason, which further lowered Espada's morale. At Espada, Natalie W. and Jorge were on the outs when Mason organized yet, another alliance with the rest of the tribe, however this time revealing that they should vote between whoever performs worse at the next immunity challenge. In the immunity challenge, Hamza struggled badly single-handedly lost the challenge for Espada, sending them to their second tribal council. At camp, Yau-Man voiced his concerns about Hamza and his challenge performance, noting that he gave up 5 minutes into the challenge, and didn't want someone with no passion to go far in the game. He approached Jorge and Natalie W. and told them about Mason's plot, but told them that they needed to keep the tribe strong, especially after not winning a challenge, and they should keep Mason despite his annoyances. Mason approached Lucille and and Elise about voting for Natalie W. as she already at 1 million dollars, something which Lucille contemplated heavily after she admitted that when she was 16 she was homeless after she left her parents house. At tribal council, Hamza's desire to be in the game was discussed, and when he revealed that he didn't have the energy to do anything anymore, the tribe decided to honor his wishes, and voted him out.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe would select one member to hold a shoulder pole, and one "loader" who placed the buckets on the pole. The remaining tribe members would traverse a long balance beam with a pole on their shoulder with one bucket on either side, and hang it on the opposing tribe’s pole.
    • Reward: Fishing gear with line, hooks, lures, and a net.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe, tethered together, would race through a log sheet, down a sand slide to and across the river, climb over obstacles, and sprint across the sand to the finish line.

Episode 4: "The Fly That Won't Die"Edit

When Espada returned to camp, Mason was infuriated about being left out of yet another vote and demanded to see Lucille and Elise right away. After he took them aside and began to curse them, Elise firmly ended the alliance telling him "I'm done with you" and the pair vouched to never work with him again. The next morning La Flor once again won the challenge, leading to Lucille bursting into tears at the reward challenge as they had lost yet another challenge. When they returned to camp, Yau-Man and Natalie encouraged the tribe by sharing their stories about their former seasons where they were both constantly on the losing tribe, and managed to turn it around and make it far in the game. Over at La Flor, spirits were high after winning the challenge, but it soon led to an argument between James and Brianna after Brianna, who went to stroke the chicken, accidentally let two of the chickens escape. Luckily, J.T.'s farmer experience and Warren's speed allowed them to recapture one of the chickens. At the immunity challenge, La Flow won their sixth challenge in a row, a 6-0 blowout sending Espada to their third tribal council. The tribe were unsure whether to take out Mason for his attitude around camp, or Elise for her poor performance in the challenge. However, when Lucille approached Yau-Man, telling him that they should vote out the older people, he realized that if they voted off Elise, he would be the next target and organized a plot to turn the vote back around and onto Lucille. Elise was unsure with the plan, as she didn't want to vote out her best friend in the game, but in order to save herself she sided with the veteran, and blindsided 18 year-old Lucille.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe must unscramble a slide puzzle, giving them a map to their reward.
    • Reward: Three egg-laying chickens and a rooster.
  • Immunity Challenge: A questionnaire, with questions from their survival handbook given to them before leaving for Nicaragua. There are six spots per tribe. Each correct answer moves the tribe up a spot.

Episode 5: "I'm The King Of The Castle, And You're The Dirty Rascal"Edit

After returning from Tribal Council, the Espada tribe grouped together and vowed to try their absolute hardest in all of the remaining challenges as they needed to win the next two immunities in order to tie the numbers at the merge. Although upset by the loss of her friend Lucille, Elise took the tribe's good spirits as an opportunity to affirm her final 3 deal with Yau-Man and Natalie. At the next reward challenge, continuing their streak, Espada lost yet another challenge but were not hit as hard by the loss, knowing that the immunity challenge was all that mattered. At La Flor, J.T. and Warren agreed to work together as they got along and that they had to be wary of the ever-growing bond between Poppy and Reagan, as J.T. referenced pairs can be extremely dangerous in the game, like him and Stephen, and that he wanted the the two of them to be the only pair in the game. The next day there was an incident, in which Brianna burnt the front of James' shoe after leaving it too close the fire, leaving James severely angered. At the immunity challenge, it was the closest one yet, with Espada losing by just a couple of seconds, making it their eighth consecutive loss, a Survivor record. Back at camp, Mason made an effort not to be voted out by helping out at camp, realizing he was on the outs. The trio who were in control of the vote were worried about keeping Mason in the game in that anybody could beat him in the finals, while Jorge was a physical disappointment, despite his amazing ability at puzzles. At tribal council, Mason pleaded to his tribe for them to keep him and that if they were to lose the next challenge, he would sacrifice himself. However the tribe took this as that Mason didn't want to be there, and they unanimously voted him out by a vote of 4-1.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe must build a stretcher. At the challenge, two tribe members (the rescuers) must go rescue the remaining three members (the victims) scattered around the course and bring them back to the triage unit. Once the victim is back to the start, they become a rescuer and go with the others to get the next victim.
    • Reward: Two items chosen from the Survivor catalog by each tribe, plus toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, and shampoo.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each maze has 5 totem poles with a medallion attached to each. As a unit, they must maneuver through the maze and collect the medallions in order, then find their way to the finish line.

Episode 6: "Pathetic"Edit

With Mason finally being eliminated from the game, the tribe of four celebrated outlasting half of their tribe and had a party about how they had made the final 4 of "Survivor: Espada". Natalie and Yau-Man shortly afterwards had a discussion about how despite being returning players, they had relatively small targets and that they should try and team up with Kathy and J.T. at the merge. Over at La Flor, the tribe speculated as to who had been voted out and after Warren made a comment about why the newbies hadn't taken our the veterans, J.T. decided that he would target him if they were to lose the challenge. The next day, Espada grouped together and decided to throw the reward challenge in order to seem weaker so that when they made the merge, the wouldn't be targeted immediately as they weren't threats. Their plan followed through when La Flor easily waltzed to win doritos and mountain dew. After returning from camp refreshed, Reagan, aiming to better his position on the tribe, made a second final 2 deal (the first with Poppy) with Kathy, as he felt that both of the girls were 'mentally unstable' and that he could use them both to his advantages. At the immunity challenge, Elise struggled causing Espada to lose every single challenge so far, sending back to their fifth straight tribal council. At camp, Jorge lobbied for Elise to go for not deserving to make the merge due to her bad pre-merge performances, while Elise campaigned to Natalie and Yau-Man to stick to their final 3 deal. In the end, however, the veterans kept their loyalty intact, and left an angered Jorge on the outs, sending him home by a 3-1 vote.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe selects one set of eyes while the rest are blindfolded. The set of eyes will navigate the tribe through a series of tasks. First is getting two logs into a sawhorse, then switching out a fishing trap on land for one in the water, then filling up a bucket with water from a water tower, and pouring it into a wine barrel until it overflows, then finally getting a picnic basket to the final table.
    • Reward: Doritos and Mountain Dew.
  • Immunity Challenge: In pairs, the castaways would race across a field to retrieve six large crates painted in their tribe's colors. Once all six crates were retrieved, the tribes would have to stack the crates into a staircase with "Nicaragua" properly aligned along the sides. The first tribe to complete the staircase and get all of their members up the staircase to the top of a platform would win.

Episode 7: "Work With The Minorities"Edit

On Day 22, both of the tribes received a treemail informing them that the tribes were merging, and that they would create a new camp in a new site on a small island off the shore. Upon arriving at the new location, the tribes feasted on a meal they had been given, and decided upon the merge name of 'Libertad', suggested by Reagan which means 'Freedom' in Spanish. Knowing their names were on the block, the ex-Espada tribe approached Poppy and Reagan, an obvious duo, about aligning with them to the final 5, as they felt they were on the bottom of their tribe. Shortly afterwards, Reagan approached Elise about the idea and told her, he would only go along with the plan if she would make a final 3 deal with himself and Poppy. Despite being a little wishy-washy, she agreed but Reagan was still unsure as to whether she was telling the truth. At the immunity challenge, James, J.T. and Yau-Man were the final 3 after 8 hours of endurance. Yau-Man made a deal with J.T. to let James win the challenge, but only if he wasn't the target for the upcoming tribal council, and that they target Elise. They agreed, and the two veterans stepped down to allow James the win. Sticking to his word, J.T. pushed to Poppy, Reagan, Warren, James and Brianna to vote for Elise, while leaving Kathy out of the plan as he didn't want her spreading the plan to the Espada's. Meanwhile, Natalie suggested that the five vote for Brianna as she was a social threat for the future. At tribal council, Poppy and Reagan wrestled with which side they were going to choose, but when the vote was revealed, Kathy was not the only one shocked by the vote, as the La Flor's were blindsided when Brianna was eliminated from the game.

  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe member will stand on top of a wooden pillar in the water.

Episode 8: "You Disgust Me"Edit

After returning from a shocking blindside, the three alpha males of the old Espada (J.T., James and Warren) were flabbergasted at the result, and were angry at the flippers from their tribe. While Warren ranted about how Brianna needed the money the most out of everybody on the tribe, as she had several foster children, James took Poppy away from camp and verbally abused her causing her to cry. Reagan soon comforted her, and vowed that they would take him out next. Kathy, who was once again left out of another vote, was upset but was reassured by Yau-Man and Elise that she would not be targetted for at least another three rounds. At the reward challenge, a game of throwing a Nicaraguan arrow, Poppy won and decided to take Yau-Man on her reward as he placed second, but instead utilized the time to make a final 2 deal with him. While Yau-Man accepted the deal, her secretly contemplated whether taking Poppy to the end, despite being hated by her old tribe, was worth betraying Natalie for. At the immunity challenge, despite the target on his back, James was able to pull out his second immunity win in a row and was not afraid to flaunt it. With the target immune, the alliance's plan was crushed, causing them to choose between J.T. and Warren. While the latter made no effort to campaign against his friend, J.T. pushed for them to keep a strategist in the game over someone who will never work with them in the future as he would rather keep his pride and integrity. Despite his efforts however, J.T.'s leadership and strong dominance over his tribe, was his ultimate downfall as he was voted out of the game by a vote of 6-3.

  • Reward Challenge: Each person stands inside the white circle of a target and throws their Nicaraguan wooden arrow, aiming for a red flag as the target.
    • Reward: A full meal, consisting of smoked salmon and shrimp, grilled chicken, pasta, Greek salad, rolls, and dessert.
  • Immunity Challenge: A giant versions of Dots and Boxes, where each person takes a turn to connect a rope to a pole, in order to make as many boxes as possible.

Episode 9: "Dumbest Survivor Ever"Edit

With Warren and James now on the outs of the merged tribe, they knew they're only chance was to try and splinter the alliance of 5 which was dominating the votes at the moment. Warren's personal relationship with Kathy worked as he felt he was able to control her, while James tried to appeal to Elise and the fact she was playing for 3rd place. The next day, Kathy was on the verge of a mental breakdown, and almost quit the game, but was contemplating quitting the game. At the reward challenge, a pairing of Warren and James physically dominated the obstacle course, but through the competition at the end to allow Kathy (and her partner Poppy) to go on the reward, to hopefully lift her spirits and keep her in the game. The plan worked, as some food in the belly, re-gained Kathy's confidence. At the immunity challenge, it came down to James and Yau-Man in the final, but Yau-Man's tactical play earned him his first win. Before tribal, as this was now his first time to be eligible for elimination, the target was set on James to go, but Elise decided to flip to the minority side in order to gain potential jury votes for saving them for one more week. Elise told them she would only side with them, if they voted out Natalie, a potential jury threat and final 2 partner of Yau (who had immunity). While the others scrambled for votes, 5 minutes before tribal, Elise pulled Natalie aside and told her the plan had swapped to vote out Warren. At tribal both sides lobbied for their alliances, however after Poppy ambiguously stated "stick to what you have been told", the minority won, blindsiding Natalie by a vote of 4-3-1.

  • Reward Challenge: An obstacle course, where you must stay with your partner.
    • Reward: A helicopter ride to the Great Barrier Reef, snorkeling, and lunch.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each person will stand on a tower in the water and, connected by a rope, try to knock the other person off balance into the water. The winners move on to a shaky beam, and the finalists square off on unsteady platforms.

Episode 10: "Let's Work Together... Again... Please?"Edit

Due to Elise managing to pull off the biggest blindside and power-shift of the season, the new alliance of Elise, James, Kathy and Warren now were in control of the game, and were set to go to the final four together. The next day, before the reward challenge, Elise approached Yau-Man about wanting to stick to their final 2 agreement, and that the only reason she flipped was because she felt he would take Natalie to the end over her, however Yau-Man expressed she would have to do something big to show her honesty. At the Survivor Auction, this was demonstrated when Elise gave up the cheeseburger she bought, to Yau-Man, which annoyed Poppy and Reagan as to how quickly it took for Yau-Man to flip on them. At camp, Reagan and Poppy attempted to re-unite the La Flor tribe, stating that if either Espada gets to the end, they will win in a landslide. At the immunity challenge, James won his third immunity challenge, asserting himself as a physical threat. Back at camp, Poppy lobbied hard to try and take Elise out of the game, but when Yau-Man revealed to her that the target was Reagan this week, she broke down in tears and proclaimed to the tribe that the deserving people were being voted out. At tribal, the alliance stuck with the plan, and Reagan was taken out of the game, leaving an upset Poppy in the game.

  • Survivor Auction: At the Survivor Auction, each castaway was given C$500.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each person must create fire in a fire bucket on one side of a scale, then by adding water to another bucket with a hole in it, tilt the scale to raise the fire bucket to light a fuse.

Episode 11: "Bipolarism"Edit

The following day after Tribal Council, the tribe were surprised to see Kathy in such high spirits following month of miserable behaviour from her, due to her homesickness. James was then approached by Kathy to blindside an Espada before they voted out Poppy, as they would be increasingly hard to beat in a final 2 situation. Although James noted this as a good idea, the sudden change in Kathy worried him as if she could target Yau-Man and Elise so suddenly, she could just as easily turn on him. At the reward challenge, the contestants learned that only the person who won the reward challenge, would be able to meet their loved one in person. Although it was a close game, Poppy came out on top earning the strength she needed to continue being the underdog. After returning to camp, the group were surprised to see that a tree had fallen down and crashed through half of their shelter, prompting them to re-build their home in the rain. At the immunity challenge, the exhaustion of the re-construction partnered with Poppy's new found strength, led her to victory, causing the alliance to re-think their plans. That afternoon, Kathy ran around camp, making deals and alliances with everyone, but when Warren accidentally let his deal with her slip, all was exposed and Kathy was later unanimously voted out of the tribe for her deception.

  • Reward Challenge: The Survivors and their loved ones would simultaneously be asked questions regarding their relationship (with the loved ones answering via Skype from the reward location). The castaway who managed to match the most answers with their loved one would win.
    • Reward: An afternoon with loved ones back home, and a $500 shopping spree to buy souvenirs at the local market.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each player is shackled together at the wrists, ankles, and waist. After hearing a story, they must run to 8 stations. A correct answer will give them a key to unlock one of their shackles, which they must bring back to the centre of the course. They must get 5 right to remove all of the locks.

Episode 12: "This Should Have Been So Easy"Edit

Now at the final 5, due to Kathy's elimination, Warren and James decided to solidify a final 3 with both Elise and Poppy to ensure their safety in both possible situations depending on whether Poppy wins immunity or not. On the opposite side, Elise and Yau-Man approached Warren about voting out James once they had made the final four. The next day after James won the reward challenge and therefore a horseback ride and overnight stay to a local village, Elise and Yau-Man attempted to solidify their agreement with Warren to take them to the final three, however when Warren refused to give a direct answer, and became very wishy-washy with his answers, the two doubted whether his loyalties really was with the La Flor's. At the immunity challenge, much to everyone's dismay, Poppy won her second immunity challenge in a row (due to her being a keen shot, and others having trouble with the slingshot), securing her a spot in the final 4. With Warren staying with his alliance with James, the two pairs both lobbied to Poppy as to why she should vote with them and go to the final 3. At tribal council, both couples made final 3 deals with her, making her the ultimate swing vote, however when the votes were revealed, Poppy decided to side with Elise and Yau-Man feeling that she'd have a better chance at winning immunity against the two of them, voting out Warren in the process by a vote of 3-2.

  • Reward Challenge: A ropes course with four checkpoints; at each checkpoint, there are several options on what direction to go. Each castaway is connected with two carabiners, and one must be attached at all times.
    • Reward: A horseback ride through the rainforest to a local village with cattle stockmen, an overnight stay at their camp, with dinner, breakfast, and a bed to sleep on.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each player will shoot gold coins with a slingshot toward clay plates, trying to hit everyone else's. The last person who has a plate left standing wins.

Episode 13: "Dreamz Or Nightmares?"Edit

With Warren out of the game, James decided that his best chance in the game of making the final two was to try and win the immunity challenges, however his biggest threat was Poppy, and as long as she didn't win immunity, he was safe for another round. At the reward challenge, Yau-Man took over at the puzzle-stage and for his second time in Survivor history, won the car reward. After the challenge, he announced that he was worried that he may be seen as a threat and wanted to secure his spot in the final 2, by giving up the reward. He chose James, in exchange for a final 2 deal, to which he agreed. Back at camp, Elise was worried that by voting out Poppy at the next tribal, that she could potentially be putting herself in a worse spot, and that Yau-Man may choose to take James to the finals over her. To compensate, she made a deal with Poppy in that the only way she would stay in the game was if they voted out James if he didn't win immunity, however if he did then unfortunately she would go. At the immunity challenge, Yau-Man pulled out his second victory of the day, and Jeff revealed that instead of going back to their home, they would be going straight to tribal. With no time to practise for a tiebreaker challenge if needed. At tribal, Elise's doubts were outed, along with her deal with Poppy, however she still confirmed her final 2 with Yau-Man, which he also confirmed. After the votes were cast, it was revealed there was a tie between James and Poppy, and after a re-vote, it was still at deadlock. In the firemaking challenge, Poppy's winning streak ended as she lost and her torch was snuffed.

  • Reward Challenge: An obstacle course composed of stages from past challenges.
    • Reward: A Hyundai Elantra Coupe, a hot shower and a hot lunch.
  • Immunity Challenge: Find as many matching pairs of items as possible under hidden domes.

Episode 14: "The End Of Libertad"Edit

With Elise's alliance with Poppy over, and Yau-Man voting with James at the previous tribal council, she became extremely concerned about her place in the game going into the final immunity challenge. Before bed, however, Yau-Man approached Elise affirming his deal with her and that there was no way he would take James to the final 2 over her. On the flip side, James was struggling with his decision of who take to the final 2 as although he was much closer to Yau-Man, and treated him like a father, he felt that he would have a much better chance at winning the million dollars against Elise. To the final three's surprise, the final immunity challenge took place at Tribal Council, a quiz based on the jury member's lives. Despite coming off as harsh sometimes, and getting in to the occasional fight, Elise won the challenge getting 8 questions right, to Yau-Man's 7 and James's 6. With no time to strategize, Elise chose to keep to her word, and voted out James at the final vote-off of the series.

  • Immunity Challenge: The remaining 3 would answer 12 questions about the players who made up the Libertad tribe.

On Day 39, the two were awoken to tree mail congratulating them on surviving the full time possible in the game, and were rewarded with a luxury breakfast of champagne and orange juice, as well as bacon, eggs and sausages and additionally fresh fruit. The two complemented each other's games and how although they did not always vote the same way, they consistently had each other's backs and made a huge come-from-behind victory to overcome La Flor. At the final tribal council, the jury got to ask the final 2 questions about their game. J.T. complemented Yau-Man on his physical ability despite his age, while criticized Elise for her lack of social skills with certain jury members. Natalie and Reagan complemented both members of the final 2, and held no negative feelings towards either finalist. Kathy argued with Yau-Man about a supposed agreement they had, which never actually existed, while Warren argued with Elise over her not having loyalty to anyone. Poppy used her time to address the jury instead to not be angry at the final 2 as they deserved their spots more than anyone, to which James surprisingly second, although he did disagree with Yau-Man about his strong social game, when Elise won the immunity challenge on jury knowledge. In their final speeches, Elise expressed her strategic necessities in the game, as without them she wouldn't have made merge, whilst Yau-Man stressed using all aspects (mental, physical and social) as well as being a strong force around camp. Back in Los Angeles, it was revealed in a close vote that Yau-Man was crowned the Sole Survivor in a 4-3 vote, gaining him the votes James "J.T." Thomas Jr., Natalie White, Warren Vass and James Turner as well as the $1,000,000 grand prize.

Voting TableEdit

Original Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Eliminated: Angelina
5/8 Votes
Natalie O.
No Vote
5/7 Votes
4/6 Votes
4/5 Votes
3/4 Votes
5/10 Votes
6/9 Votes
Natalie W.
4/8 Votes
5/7 Votes
5/6 Votes
3/5 Votes
Tie Poppy
No Vote
1 Vote
Voter Vote
Yau-Man Angelina Hamza Lucille Mason Jorge Brianna J.T. James Reagan Kathy Warren Poppy
Elise Angelina Hamza Lucille Mason Jorge Brianna J.T. Natalie W. Reagan Kathy Warren James James
James Elise Natalie W. Natalie W. Reagan Kathy Elise Poppy Won
Poppy Brianna J.T. James Elise Kathy Warren James Lose
Warren Elise Natalie W. Natalie W. Reagan Kathy Elise
Kathy Warren J.T. Natalie W. Reagan Yau-Man
Reagan Brianna J.T. James Elise
Natalie W. Mason Hamza Lucille Mason Jorge Brianna J.T. Warren
J.T. Elise Natalie W.
Brianna Elise
Jorge Angelina Hamza Lucille Mason Yau-Man
Mason Natalie W. Natalie W. Elise Natalie W.
Lucille Angelina Hamza Mason
Hamza Angelina Natalie W.
Natalie O.
Angelina Mason
Jury Vote
Finalist: Elise
3/7 Votes
4/7 Votes
Juror Vote
James Yau-Man
Poppy Elise
Warren Yau-Man
Kathy Elise
Reagan Elise
Natalie W. Yau-Man
J.T. Yau-Man

After ShowEdit

Episode Guest Season Winner Prediction
Episode #1 Jud "Fabio" Birza Survivor: Nicaragua      Warren Vass
Episode #2 Holly Hoffman Survivor: Nicaragua      Elise Fletcher
Episode #3 Claudia Leehy Survivor: Fiji (FANFIC)      Elise Fletcher
Episode #4 Jerri Manthey Survivor: The Australian Outback      Elise Fletcher
Episode #5 Gordon Mackenzie Survivor: Fiji (FANFIC)      Yau-Man Chan
Episode #6 Ryan Opray Survivor: Pearl Islands      Warren Vass
Episode #7 Mason Clemens Survivor: Nicaragua (FANFIC)      James "J.T." Thomas Jr.
Episode #8 Clare Hill Survivor: Fiji (FANFIC)      Elise Fletcher
Episode #9 Danielle DiLorenzo Survivor: Panama      Yau-Man Chan
Episode #10 Bill Posley Survivor: One World      Yau-Man Chan
Episode #11 Rob Mariano Survivor: Marquesas      Yau-Man Chan
Episode #12 James "J.T." Thomas Jr. Survivor: Tocantins N/A
Episode #13 Stephen Fishbach Survivor: Tocantins      Yau-Man Chan
Episode #14 Dawn Meehan Survivor: South Pacific N/A
James Turner Survivor: Nicaragua (FANFIC) N/A
Yau-Man Chan Survivor: Fiji N/A