Contestants Tribe Merged Tribe Votes
Todd Herzog Vallken 6
Courtney Yates Vallken 4
Susie Smith Gaegle 8
Clay Jorden Vallken 5
Jeff Varner Gaegle 5
Laura Genovese Gaegle 4
Joel Betts Vallken 5
Steve "Chicken" Morris Vallken 4
Yul Kwon Gaegle Aerthope 7
Sonja Christopher Gaegle Aerthope 5
Rob Mariano Vallken Aerthope 5
Jud "Fabio" Birza Vallken Aerthope 4
Tina Wesson Gaegle Aerthope 1
Crystal Cox Gaegle Aerthope 2
Earl Cole Vallken Aerthope 3

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