16 players compete.


Contestant Tribe Merged Tribe Voted Out Votes
Helen Parr, 57 Drake

1st Voted Out 

Day 3


James King, 34

Jonathan Cerr, 20 Drake
Martin De La Rosa, 25 Drake
Kev Smart, 45 Drake 1
Cassie Adams, 21 Drake
Hana Kidd, 30 Drake 2
Dana Ogletree, 19 Drake
Ryan Day, 39 Morgan
De'Marcus James, 34 Morgan
Filip Davis, 23 Morgan
Calvin Thomas, 29 Morgan
Ina Roberts, 46 Morgan
Helen Ruse, 32 Morgan
Amanda Stuart, 21 Morgan
Alexa Floyd, 23 Morgan

Big Board of BoardsEdit

Date Episode Reward Immunity Tribal Council Voter Eliminated Vote
August 31 "Are You Kidding Me" Drake Morgan James Helen Helen 5-2-1
Jonathan Helen
Martin Helen
Kev Hana
Cassie Helen
Helen Hana
Hana Kev
Dana Helen

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