Contestants Tribe Merged Tribe Voted Off
Olivia Nick Jr Day 3
Austin Nick Jr Day 6
Henry nick jr Day 9
Snuffy PBS Kids Day 12
Maisy Nick Jr Day 15
B.J PBS Kids Injured in Day 17


Nick Jr

injured with james o fpbs tribe day 19

Day 20
Maya Nick Jr Day 23
Big Bird PBS Kids Day 26
Riff PBS Kids Day 29
Clifford PBS Kids Day 32


Nick Jr

nick jr

Day 35
Tyrone Nick Jr Zamzobini Day 38
Pinky Nick Jr Zamzobini Day 41
Baby Bop PBS Kids Zamzobini Day 44
Miguel PBS Kids Zamzobini Day 47
Barney PBS Kids Zamzobini Day 50
Caillou PBS Kids Zamzobini Day 53
Bear Nick Jr Zamzobini Day 56
Helen PBS Kids Zamzobini Day 114
Oscar PBS Kids Zamzobini Day 116
Tasha Nick Jr Zamzobini Day 118



Nick Jr

pbs kids

sole survivor

Zamzobini Day120

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