Survivor: Micronesia
S16 Official Logo
Filming location Koror, Palau, Micronesia
Winner Tracy Hughes-Wolf (7-0 - originally 7-1)
Season run 05-01-08
– 08-21-08
No. of episodes 14
No. of days 39
No. of survivors 20
Tribes      Airai
All-Stars: Samoa Tracy Hughes-Wolf
Mikey Bortone
Mary Sartain
Season chronology
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Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites is a fanfic based on the sixteenth season of the CBS reality television series Survivor. Pitting die-hard Survivor fans against some of the series' past contestants, this season is the third time this fanfic series includes contestants from past seasons, after the all-returning contestant pool from Survivor: All-Stars Belize and Survivor: Guatemala in which two contestants from Survivor: Palau returned for a second chance.

The full cast of 20 contestants were revealed on April 20, 2008. Host Jeff Probst revealed that a list of 20 Favorites was put together (enough for an entire game) and then 10 of them were cut. Others included for consideration were Sundra Oakley (of Survivor: Cook Islands), Todd Herzog (of Survivor: China), and Leslie Nease (of China), though Probst confirmed that Herzog and Nease were not selected partly because they were to be in contention for a possible future All-Stars season. The contestants were split into two tribes, fans and favorites, named Airai and Malakal respectively. Both tribes were named after islands in Palau.

The season was filmed in Palau, marking the second time Survivor has filmed there (the first being 2005). Exile Island returned this season after being absent from Survivor: China, with a new twist of one castaway from each tribe being sent to Exile Island where they had to compete to find the Hidden Immunity Idol. This season also marks a record number of times the idol was used, since the idol was re-hidden every time it was used. Jason found and used the idol in Episode 3, which eliminated Erik. Mikey then found the idol in Episode 4 and played it in Episode 8, eliminating Jason. Mary was the next to find the idol in Episode 10 and played it in Episode 11, though she had no votes against her. Finally, Brooke found the idol in Episode 12 and played it the last time possible in Episode 14. She also had recieved no votes against her that night.

In the end, Fan Tracy Hughes-Wolf beat Favorite Brooke Stephens in a 7-0 vote, the only unanimous final vote in Survivor history.

Tracy Hughes-Wolf, Mikey Bortone and Mary Sartain all returned to Survivor All Stars: Samoa. They placed 12th, 16th and 3rd respectively.


Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Dave Cruser
37, Simi Valley, CA
Survivor: China
Malakal 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Chet Welch
48, Ford City, PA
Airai 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Erik Reichenbach
22, Ypsilanti, MI
Airai 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
Natalie Bolton
32, Channelview, TX
Airai 4th Voted Out
Day 12
Earl Cole
36, Kansas City, MO
Survivor: Fiji
Malakal Airai 5th Voted Out
Day 15
Ruth Marie Milliman
50, Greenville, SC
Survivor: Panama
Malakal Airai 6th Voted Out
Day 16
Ami Cusack
34, Golden, CO
Survivor: Vanuatu
Malakal Malakal 7th Voted Out
Day 16
Terry Deitz
48, Simsbury, CT
Survivor: Panama
Malakal Airai 8th Voted Out
Day 19
Joel Anderson
32, Avondale, AZ
Airai Malakal Removed Due to Injury
Day 21
Jason Siska
22, Fox River Grove, IL
Airai Airai 9th Voted Out
Day 22
Ian Rosenberger
26, Economy, PA
Survivor: Palau
Malakal Malakal Rubak 10th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 25
Kathleen "Kathy" Sleckman
45, Glen Ellyn, IL
Airai Malakal 11th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 27
Sherea Lloyd
27, Stone Mountain, GA
Survivor: China
Malakal Malakal 12th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 30
Aras Baskauskas
26, Santa Monica, CA
Survivor: Panama
Malakal Malakal 13th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 33
Alexis Jones
24, Los Angeles, CA
Airai Malakal 14th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 36
Eliza Orlins
25, New York, NY
Survivor: Vanuatu
Malakal Airai 15th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 37
Mary Sartain
29, Emeryville, CA
Airai Malakal 16th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 37
Michael "Mikey B" Bortone
34, Boston, MA
Airai Airai 17th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 38
Brooke Stephens
29, Hood River, OR
Survivor: Guatemala
Malakal Malakal Runner-Up 6
Tracy Hughes-Wolf
43, Fredericksburg, VA
Airai Airai Sole Survivor 4
The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaways has received during Tribal Councils where the castaway is eligible to be voted out of the game. It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council.

Note 1: Jason played the Hidden Immunity Idol, therefore four votes against him were not counted.

Note 2: Three additional votes were cast against Kathy in the tiebreaker in Episode 10.

Note 3: One additional vote was cast against Alexis in the tiebreaker in Episode 10. Three additional votes were cast against her in the tiebreaker in Episode 13.

Note 4: Mikey played the Hidden Immunity Idol, therefore three votes against him were not counted.

The gameEdit

Episode Titles Air Date Challenges Exiled Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
"Those Who Are at War With Others..." May 1, 2008 None Jason5 None7 Dave 8-2 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Things Go "Airai" May 8, 2008 Malakal Malakal Jason Chet 9-1 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Jealous Bone May 15, 2008 Malakal Malakal Jason Erik 3-21 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
"If You're Gonna Lose Badly..." May 22, 2008 Malakal Malakal Mikey Natalie 5-2-1 4th Voted Out
Day 12
Jeff Does It Again! May 29, 2008 Malakal Malakal Jason Earl 5-2 5th Voted Out
Day 15
Blindsides and Betrayal June 6, 2008 Airai None8 None8 Ruth-Marie 3-2-1 6th Voted Out
Day 16
Ami 5-4 7th Voted Out
Day 16
Showdown June 19, 2008 Malakal Malakal Mikey Terry 3-2 8th Voted Out
Day 19
I Think You're a
Little Paranoid
June 26, 2008 Airai Malakal Kathy Joel No Vote Removed Due to Injury
Day 21
Tracy Jason 1-04 9th Voted Out
Day 22
To Lie or Not to Lie July 5, 2008 None9 Aras None9 Ian 6-3-1 10th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 25
Evening the Score July 14, 2008 Brooke, Eliza, Sherea10 Mary Kathy 3-3
11th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 27
"Tough Times Don't Last;
Tough People Do"
July 20, 2008 Eliza, Mikey Aras Brooke Sherea 4-2-1-1 12th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 30
The Great Divide July 28, 2008 Survivor
Tracy Brooke12 Aras 4-3 13th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 33
Tonight's Enemies, Tomorrow's Allies? August 8, 2008 Tracy
Mikey Alexis Alexis 2-2-2
14th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 36
The Last Battle August 21, 2008 None Mikey None Eliza 3-2 15th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 37
Tracy Mary 2-214 16th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 37
Brooke Mikey 1-0 17th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 38
Reunion August 21, 2008 Jury Vote Brooke 7-015 Runner-Up
Tracy Sole Survivor
In the case of multiple tribes or people who win reward or immunity, they are listed in order of finish, or alphabetically where it was a team effort; where one player won and invited others, the invitees are in brackets.

Note 5: On Day 1, the castaways competed for an Individual Immunity necklace. The winner would use this necklace once on themselves, then pass it off to another tribe member at every subsequent Tribal Council.

Note 6: Combined Reward and Immunity Challenge.

Note 7: In Episode 1, Exile Island was not yet known to the castaways.

Note 8: In Episode 6, due to the double Tribal Council, there was no Immunity Challenge and noone was sent to Exile Island.

Note 9: Due to the merge, there was no Reward Challenge and noone was sent to Exile Island.

Note 10: In Episode 10, Brooke, Eliza, and Sherea won the combined Reward/Immunity Challenge and therefore missed voting at Tribal Council.

Note 11: The vote was initially tied 3-3 between Alexis and Kathy. In the re-vote, Mikey changed his vote to Kathy, making the vote 3-1.

Note 12: In Episode 11, instead of a Reward Challenge, there was a Survivor auction. The castaways were to give money to any other castaway except themselves. Brooke got the least amount of money and was automatically sent to Exile Island.

Note 13: The vote was initially tied 2-2-2 between Alexis, Brooke, and Mary. In the re-vote, Eliza changed her vote to Alexis, making the vote 3-0-0.

Note 14: Mary lost in the fire-making tiebreaker challenge.

Note 15: Tracy got the power to nullify one vote in the final Tribal Council. She chose to nullify Eliza's vote for Brooke.

Episode 1: "Those Who Are At War With Others..."Edit

Ten huge Survivor fans landed on the beaches of Micronesia, but host Jeff Probst surprised him when he said they would be competing with ten Survivor "Favorites" from seasons past. Both tribes immediately competed in their first individual challenge, a swim across the beach for a shot at individual Immunity. Jason narrowly beat Alexis to the Immunity necklace for Airai, and Aras and Ian both backed off at the end of Malakal's race, letting Earl walked away with the necklace. Having these necklaces, both Jason and Earl would be immune at their first Tribal Council, but would have to pass it off to somebody at the next Tribal Council. Then that person would pass it off to another at the next, creating a chain. At Airai, the inexperienced Fans were elated to be in the game, but shocked to find they were left with only a machete and two pots. They started immediately discussing how to work on the shelter and Tracy stepped up as a leader, though she was quickly met with disagreement from Mikey, who wanted to look for food. Jason did not make the argument any better when he made a speech about letting everyone have a turn to talk. At Malakal, the mood was quite the opposite, as the tribe quickly constructed a shelter and found food. Eliza and Brooke created an immediate friendship over the fact that they were both lawyers. The first night, Airai suffered, since the tribe's arguing delayed finishing a shelter before rain came. The next day, the tribe was miserable, and Tracy didn't make the mood any better when she decided to step down from her leadership position, prompting even more anger from her tribemates. At Malakal, while trying to create fire, Dave, Terry, and Aras formed an alliance. Sherea and Dave, enemies from China, went after each other almost immediately, causing preemptive drama to hit the Favorites tribe. At the first Immunity Challenge, it was a back-and-forth battle between the Fans and the Favorites, and in an extremely close race, the Fans came out on top. Back at Malakal, Terry, Aras, and surprisingly Eliza all agreed to vote with Dave against Sherea. Eliza tried to convince the other girls, especially her new ally Brooke, to vote for Sherea, but they showed no signs of swaying their vote. Getting closer and closer to Tribal Council, Terry and Aras feared they would be gone right after Dave. But seeing Eliza run around to the rest of the tribe campaigning to keep Dave, they saw a way out. At Tribal Council, Dave tried a last-minute tactic to save himself by offering a monetary bribe to the tribe. But his pleas fell on deaf ears, as Dave was voted out. However, Terry cast a mysterious vote for Sherea, creating some more drama in the Favorites tribe.

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: The tribes must race to assemble four puzzle wheels and place them on their cart. They must then push their cart through a series of obstacles. When they reach the sand pit, they must dig up a bundle of planks. They will use the planks to fill in a series of gaps in a bridge. Push their cart over your bridge to the finish platform, where they must then take the wheels off of their cart and use them to complete a turnstile. Finally, they’ll use the turnstile to raise a fire wok, lighting the top of the platform. First tribe to finish wins the challenge.
    • Reward: The winning team wins Tribal Immunity and flint.

Episode 2: Things Go "Airai"Edit

The majority of Malakal was happy to see Dave go. But Terry's mystery vote for Sherea cast the blame on Eliza, who was most vocal about getting rid of Sherea. But Brooke and Ami were skeptical of their story. At Airai, Jason took over Tracy’s position as the tribe leader, and the tribe seemed to have a new energy when they got up early to repair the shelter. But their rhythm quickly stopped when they couldn't make fire with the flint they had won, creating a struggle to find water. Eliza took Brooke aside to tell her that she was not the mystery vote, but Brooke felt that Eliza might be in danger. In another close battle, the Favorites managed to win the Reward Challenge and valuable fishing gear, in addition to flint. But in a twist, they had to select a Fan to go to Exile Island; they chose Jason. Jason then had to choose a Favorite to join him on Exile Island, and surprised everyone when he chose Elizaa. Airai was saddened by their loss, while Erik became jealous of Jason for both his individual Immunity and the time he would be spending with Eliza. On Exile Island, Eliza lamented to Jason about the situation she was in on her tribe, while her came up with a scheme to tell her false information about his tribe, knowing she was likely to tell her tribe. Malakal gained a much-needed boost when they started fire and Ian and Aras brought in a bounty of fish. But talk soon turned once again to the mystery vote, and Terry and Aras completely denied they were behind the vote, though Ami and Brooke seemed to show some doubt to their claims. The Favorites continued their dominance with a victory in the Immunity Challenge. In a surprising move, Chet told the tribe to vote him off, saying that he was the weakest link and the tribe had to be stronger to win. Jason ruffled many feathers with his tribe when he told them what he told Eliza, especially Joel, who he claimed was the leader. In their anger, Mikey, Erik, and Joel came together to get rid of Jason in the next Tribal Council. But with Jason immune, their planning had to stop for now, and at Tribal Council, the tribe granted Chet's wish and voted him out unanimously.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe selects three decoders and one key master. The rest of the tribe will be competing in three groups: first, three tribe members, then four tribe members, and finally five tribe members. Each group of tribe members will retrieve a key that is hanging from a post that ranges from 10’ to 12’ into the air. The higher the key, the more tribe members they’ll use. Once they have all three keys, the key master will use them to open a chest containing ten coconuts with island symbols on them, and one coconut that provides a clue. The decoders will then take those coconuts and use the symbol-to-letter guide to decode the numbered coconuts. They’ll then use those letters to unscramble a one-word answer. First tribe to solve it correctly wins Reward.
    • Reward: Fishing gear and flint for Malakal.
  • Immunity Challenge: The tribes will divide into three groups of three. Two groups of three will each push a barrel through a series of obstacles. Along the way, they’ll each collect three puzzle pole pieces: that’s a total of six for each tribe. Put those pieces inside the barrel and continue through the course. When they reach their tribe mat, they’ll hand the barrels off to the remaining group of three, who will use those six puzzle pole pieces to assemble a flagpole. The entire tribe will then dig down and uncover a flag. First tribe to raise their flag wins Immunity.

Episode 3: Jealous BoneEdit

After voting out Chet, things were beginning to look up for the Fans when Jason finally made their first fire, but his other tribemembers started thinking that they could survive without him. In particular, Erik continued to plot to take out Jason in order to become the sole provider at Airai. Meanwhile, the women of Malakal realized that the mystery vote came from Terry and decided to come together to take out the men. But Brooke expressed reluctance because of the alliance she had already formed with Earl and Ian, putting her in a tough situation. Right before the Reward Challenge, Mikey called the Favorites "losers", but the tables turned on him when Malakal once again won the Reward Challenge. They chose to once again send Jason, Airai's strongest member, to Exile Island, and he then chose Ruth Marie to join him. Tracy was angry at Mikey for his comment, while the Favorites had some ruffled feathers with the exception of Eliza, who angered her tribe when she said they were technically losers. At Airai, Erik attempted to take control of the game by telling the entire tribe to vote for Jason. And after Erik created an image of himself as a provider by catching a fish, it seemed that Airai was set to blindside Jason. But Tracy seemed very hesitant to vote Jason out, since it would guarantee the men getting power. In the Immunity Challenge, Malakal easily breezed through, winning the second straight Immunity for the Favorites. With Tribal Council looming, Erik's plan was coming together. But Tracy decided to change the game and told Jason of Erik's idea to blindside him. She told Jason to play the idol, and the two of them and Kathy would pile their votes onto Erik, a new strategic threat. Erik told Jason honestly about his upcoming boot, and him, Joel, and Mikey decided to vote for Tracy, just in case Jason did find the idol and played it. But right before leaving, Erik and Joel realized Jason could give his Immunity Necklace to Tracy, and decided to vote for Kathy, but had no time to tell Mikey. At Tribal Council, Jason gave the Immunity Necklace to Tracy. He then played the hidden Immunity Idol, and since Mikey did not know about the vote, the three votes for Erik were enough to eliminate him.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe will select two tribe members to be attached by belt to a very long rope that snakes over, under, and around a series of obstacles. The rest of the tribe will push and pull those two tribe members through all the obstacles. At the end of the rope, is a combination wheel. One tribe member will swim out to a barrel, dive down, unclip a mess kit that has three numbers painted on it. This will give them the numbers they need to solve the combination. If they solve it correctly, they will find an ax. They’ll take the ax, chop a rope, dropping a tribe flag. First tribe to drop their flag wins Reward.
    • Reward: Three blankets, two pillows, two lanterns, one hammock.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe will designate five choppers, two rowers, and two puzzle-builders. The five choppers will race, one-at-a-time, to cut through wooden beams concealing ropes, releasing a bundle of stone money pieces. When they have the bundle, they’ll race back to their tribe; the next person will go. Once they’ve retrieved all five bundles, the two rowers will paddle across a lagoon and hand those bundles off to the remaining two tribe members, who must stack those stone money pieces in the correct order on a puzzle pole with a very heavy stone base. They must then drag the completed puzzle across the finish line. First tribe to finish wins Immunity.

Episode 4: "If You're Gonna Lose Badly..."Edit

After a chaotic Tribal Council, Mikey was angry at himself for not voting for Kathy, while Natalie was extremely angry at Mikey and Joel for not informing the other people in their alliance about their plan to vote for Kathy. The next day, Airai began to notice how Kathy was removing herself from the tribe to go walking. At Airai, the alliance of Natalie, Alexis, Mary, Joel, and Mikey B split along gender lines, and Natalie set her sights on the women. Over at Malakal, Earl and Ian began to notice the women getting together and feared that they would be taken out after Terry and Aras. They decided, to survive, they had to propose a Final 3 alliance to Brooke to have her vote with the men, putting her in an extremely precarious swing position. Natalie declared her separation from Mikey and Joel and decided to try to get into an alliance with Tracy, Jason, and Kathy. Tracy and Kathy accepted her offer, though they were a bit unsure of where Natalie's true loyalties lied. At the Reward Challenge, Terry and Aras carried the Favorites to yet another victory. They decided to go with a change of pace and chose Mikey to go to Exile Island, and once again Ruth Marie was chosen to go. While the Favorites reveled in their new food supply at camp, Mikey and Ruth Marie suffered on Exile Island. The next day, Airai tried to build their spirits after five losses, while Sherea contemplated throwing the next challenge to get rid of Terry or Aras before a switch. With Malakal’s long winning streak, Sherea took her tribe’s fate into her own hands by hatching a plan to throw the challenge, which made Eliza paranoid that she was next to go. At the Immunity Challenge, though Sherea tried to slow her tribe down, Kathy struggled and lost the lead, giving Malakal their sixth victory in a row. Upon returning to camp, strategic chaos ensued. Kathy originally pegged herself as the next boot for her performance in the challenge. But Mikey and Natalie got in an argument over Mikey's attitude, and the new alliance of six, spearheaded by Natalie, determined that Mikey was the next to go. But Tracy, Kathy, and Jason saw Natalie as their biggest strategic threat and went to Mikey and Joel to vote her out. After Tracy went to Joel to convince him to vote Natalie or Alexis, Joel talked to Mikey about eliminating Tracy to take her out of her powerful position. But at Tribal Council, the two guys decided to side with Tracy's alliance and the five blindsided Natalie.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe will select three pairs. Each pair will stand on a platform, with each person using one arm to hold onto a hook. Every two minutes, members of the opposing tribe will load up one of those pairs with five pound pieces of stone money. Eventually, the weight will become too much and a pair will drop out of the challenge. Last pair left standing wins, for their tribe, Reward.
    • Reward: Three bags of rice, beans, spices, bottles of wine.
  • Immunity Challenge: One person will be the tribe's caller. The rest of the tribe will be blindfolded. One at a time, the caller will lead them out onto the beach, where there are seven tiles hanging. Using a Palauan war club, they must smash a tile, releasing a bundle of puzzle pieces. Then while still blindfolded, they must find the puzzle pieces and take them to their puzzle board, then race back to the start, then the next person goes. Once they’ve collected all seven bundles of puzzle pieces, as a tribe, they’ll assemble a puzzle map of Micronesia. First tribe to correctly solve it wins Immunity.

Episode 5: Jeff Does it Again!Edit

After her closest ally, Natalie, was voted out, Alexis felt like she would be the next to go, while Kathy still felt wary of being the weak link in the tribe. And she was right to be paranoid, as Joel and Mikey were considering joining up with Alexis and Mary to split the powerful alliance of three. But a twist in the game randomly mixed the Fans and the Favorites and stopped any plotting in the original tribes. The new Malakal tribe combined Ian, Brooke, Ami, Aras, and Sherea from the Favorites, with Joel, Alexis, Mary, and Kathy from the Fans. The new Airai tribe combined Terry, Earl, Ruth Marie, and Eliza from the Favorites, with Jason, Tracy, and Mikey from the Fans. In their first Reward Challenge, Tracy made a costly error in constructing Airai's bai that led Malakal to the win and a delicious picnic. They chose to send Jason to Exile Island once again, and Jason picked Ian for a first-time visit. At the new Airai, Terry and Earl immediately planned on taking out Eliza, fearing she would flip over to the Fans. Their fears were realized when Eliza went to Tracy about voting with the Fans against Earl and Terry. The new Malakal tribe enjoyed the picnic they had won, but the positive mood quickly ended when Aras and Ami got into an argument about what Favorites "deserved" to be at the reward. On Exile Island, Jason and Ian searched for the hidden Immunity Idol, and concluded that either Mikey or Ruth Marie found it. Ami and Brooke decided to take out Joel, then Aras. They went to Alexis and Mary for an alliance to take out the men, but Mary said she would go with whatever alliance gave her the best sell. At the Immunity Challenge, Malakal's brute strength helped give them yet another win. Facing Tribal Council, Terry and Earl went to Mikey for a vote against Eliza. But Mikey informed them that they could never get four votes against Eliza, and instead they should vote Tracy to break up the alliance of Tracy, Jason, and Kathy. They went to Eliza and Ruth Marie to cement this plan, not knowing Eliza has already switched sides. She went to Tracy and Jason with a plan to vote out Terry, and Tracy went to Mikey for a fourth vote. The two former enemies made up and agreed to work together, but to cover their bases, Eliza went to Ruth Marie as another vote. At Tribal Council, Earl shocked the majority of the tribe when he gave his Immunity Necklace to Terry. With Terry immune, the Fans, Eliza, and Ruth Marie went after Terry's ally Earl, completely blindsiding both Favorites.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe has pieces to make a Micronesian bai (a traditional meeting house). Five tribe members carry the pieces 200 yards up the beach. The remaining two members from each tribe will be architects. Their job is to make sure that the bai gets created exactly as it appears in the model. They can only help rebuild once all your pieces have been placed inside the circle. They’ll also have a collection of Micronesian symbols, which they must place in the same positions as they are on the model. First tribe to correctly put together their bai wins Reward.
    • Reward: A picnic for the tribe.
  • Immunity Challenge: The tribes square off four-on-four: two men and two women per round. Jeff releases two giant wooden balls into the lagoon. Their objective is to get both of those wooden balls into their own tribe’s end zone at the same time. Each time they do they score a point for their tribe. They are allowed to steal a ball from your opponent’s end zone even after it’s in there. First tribe to score two points wins Immunity.

Episode 6: Blindsides and BetrayalEdit

After his ally Earl was voted out, Terry took his frustration out on Eliza for betraying the supposed Favorites alliance. Terry knew he was going to be the next target of the new alliance on Airai, but he vowed he wouldn't go down without a fight, and declared Eliza a new enemy. At Malakal, a tribe of nine people meant a very crowded shelter, and Ami complained about Joel taking up too much room. Meanwhile, Joel was very worried about Mary and Alexis joining up with Brooke, Ami, and Sherea to form a women's alliance, and felt his days were numbered. Airai struggled in the Survivor aspect when Jason brought some fire ants into the shelter. Back at Malakal, Mary and Aras began to strengthen their relationship, and Ami saw it would be tough to get enough votes against Aras. At the challenge, it was revealed that there would be a double Tribal Council, and Terry helped Airai finally break Malakal’s eight challenge winning streak. At Malakal, Ian was shocked by the departure of his friend Earl, while Ami, Brooke, and Sherea went to Aras and Ian with a plan to get rid of the Fans, starting with Joel. But the three female Favorites had different plans, opting to vote Aras off after Joel with their new women's alliance. Joel and Kathy were a little nervous about swinging a Favorite over to their side, but when Aras saw through the women’s false promises, Mary and Alexis contemplated getting rid of Joel or Ami. Back at Airai, Eliza was certain Terry would be the one to go, but Jason saw Ruth Marie's weakness in the challenge and came to his allies Tracy and Mikey with a plan to get rid of her. The three Fans, now having the numbers on their tribe, heavily contemplated their decision. At Airai's Tribal Council, Terry once again proposed a male alliance to Jason and Mikey, and this time they agreed to it. But the three Fans still went along with their plan and voted Ruth Marie, shocking her, Eliza, and Terry. At Malakal's Tribal Council, Joel argued with the Favorites about being an outsider on the tribe, and in the vote, Aras sided with the Fans and voted out Ami, leaving the other Malakal Favorites on the chopping block.

  • Reward Challenge: One tribe member at a time will attempt to navigate a balance obstacle course, while members of the other tribe attempt to knock them off by swinging heavy bags of sand. Each tribe will assign two members to swing the bags. When they reach the end, they’ll grab a flag and try to make their way back. If they fall off at any point along the way, or if they’re knocked off, they have to make their way back to the start and the next person goes. All four tribe members have to attempt the course at least once. First tribe to collect five flags wins Reward.
    • Reward: A barbecue grill, steaks, sausages, vegetables, potato salad, and cold iced tea.

Episode 7: Showdown!Edit

At Malakal, Brooke and Sherea blew up at Aras for betraying the Favorites and voting out Ami, prompting an argument between the three. The next day, Mary found herself growing even closer to Aras, and a new alliance was formed between the two of them, Alexis, and Ian. The new foursome then targeted Brooke and Sherea as the next to go. On Airai, Eliza felt betrayed when the Fans voted Ruth Marie, but Tracy did some damage control when she confirmed to her that Terry would still be the next to go. Meanwhile, Terry went to Mikey and Jason to reaffirm the alliance they made last night, and offered to get rid of Eliza next and join up with Aras, Ian, and Joel at the merge. When Mikey told Eliza about the deal, she gave them a counteroffer about joining up with Ami, Brooke, and Sherea. Both tribes were hit with a miserable storm before the Reward Challenge, where Malakal came through once again and won a trip to a coffee house. They chose to send Mikey to Exile Island, and he chose his former ally Joel to join him. Eliza blamed herself for the loss and was hit particularly hard when she found out her ally Ami was gone. While Malakal enjoyed the much-needed relaxation, on Exile Island, Joel told Mikey to keep Terry around, while Mikey showed him that he had found the hidden Immunity Idol. Tracy had some home sickness on her tenth wedding anniversary, while Aras contemplated throwing the Immunity Challenge to protect Terry and get rid of Sherea. But Aras chose not to sabotage his tribe, and Malakal won Immunity once again, while Tracy told Joel during the challenge to send her to Exile Island the next Reward Challenge. Facing Tribal Council once again, Tracy decided to side with Eliza in voting out Terry, while Mikey decided to side with Terry in voting out Eliza. Jason was left in the middle, debating between keeping the promise he made with Terry or taking out an Immunity threat before the merge. At Tribal Council, Eliza and Terry stated their case, and in the end, Jason chose to side with the women and Terry was voted out.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe has six stone money pieces of varying size and weight: from 5 pounds up to 30 pounds. Each tribe also has three platforms. Moving one piece at a time, the tribes will transfer their money stones from platform 1 to platform 3, using all three platforms to solve the puzzle. In addition, they can never have a larger piece on top of a smaller piece. Finally, all five tribe members must be inside the white ring before they can move on to the next platform. First tribe to correctly transfer all six money stones to platform 3 wins Reward.
    • Reward: A trip to a coffee house, with coffee, desserts, showers, and beds.
  • Immunity Challenge: One member at a time for each tribe will swim out into the water and through a multi-level net tunnel that’s partially submerged. When you reach the platform, they’ll untie a bag of puzzle pieces. They'll then come back to the start by going back through the tunnel, but this time they’ll go through the lower level. Then the next person will go out to collect the second bag, and so on, until they have all five bags. Once they have all five bags of puzzle pieces, two tribe members will open them up and start putting together a word scramble puzzle. Once they have the puzzle together, they start circling the words that are on their puzzle board. Each word is the name of a tribe from a previous season of Survivor. Any time two words intersect, take that intersecting letter and write it on a letter tile. When they've found all the words, they take the intersecting letters and use them to form a four word phrase. First tribe to solve it correctly wins Immunity.

Episode 8: I Think You're a Little ParanoidEdit

Kathy and Joel found themselves becoming surprisingly close after the switch, and Joel affirmed he wanted to win the game to better his family. The alliance of Aras, Alexis, Mary, and Ian were fearful of the outsider pairs of Brooke and Sherea and Kathy and Joel joining up. Their fears came to the surface when Brooke approached Joel about forming an alliance between the four of them. At Airai, the tribe was hurt, emotionally in its low numbers, and physically in Jason's injured feet. But their morale greatly improved when they finally won the Reward Challenge in a very close race. Tracy convinced Airai to send Kathy to Exile Island, who in turn chose Tracy to join her. The two former allies talked game at Exile Island, and Kathy revealed the powerful foursome alliance at Malakal. Back at Malakal, Joel cut his hand with the machete, requiring medical attention. The doctor determined that Joel had severed a tendon to his fingers and required surgery, mandating that he be pulled from the game. Though he was initially angry about leaving the game like this, Joel left with a better appreciation for his family. Meanwhile, Airai reveled in their trip to a tropical island, and got some much-needed nourishment from desserts, while Kathy and Tracy got beat down by a heavy rainstorm. Jason, Mikey, and Eliza felt a little intimidated by Malakal's large numbers, while Joel's departure left the foursome in power of Malakal. At the Immunity Challenge, Airai and Kathy were shocked at Joel's evacuation, and their mood fell even further when Malakal won Immunity for the sixth straight time. Returning to camp, Eliza immediately approached Mikey about voting Jason for being a physical threat, while Jason went to Tracy about voting out Eliza to make a Fan majority. But knowing about Alexis and Mary's actions at Malakal, Tracy was not for a Fan alliance and decided to stick with Eliza for a possibility of joining up with the Favorites. Seeing no other choice, they decided to vote out Mikey, but Jason told Eliza and Tracy about his suspicions that Mikey had the hidden Immunity Idol. The three then made a plan to blindside Mikey, eliminating him and the Idol from the game. But Eliza saw Jason as a bigger threat than Mikey, and told Mikey about the plan, telling him to play the Idol. At Tribal Council, Jason tried to maintain the front that Mikey would not be voted out. But Mikey, heeding Eliza's warning, played his Idol, nullifying everyone's votes against him and allowing his sole vote against Jason to be the one to send him home.

  • Reward Challenge: All four tribe members will start out on a floating platform, where they will find four bundles of stone money pieces. One at a time, they must transport a bundle of money stones to the beach by moving them along a rope and through a water obstacle course. The first stage: they must maneuver the pieces around a Micronesian war canoe. The second stage: they must get the pieces up and over a wall. For the final stage, they’ll go underwater and maneuver the pieces around three hitching posts. Once they have their bundle back to the beach and on the mat, the next person can go. Once all four bundles are back, two tribe members will use those twelve money stones to solve a rotating cog puzzle. First tribe to assemble the puzzle correctly wins Reward.
    • Reward: A trip to a tropical island and desserts.
  • Immunity Challenge: The tribes will be shown a large Micronesian storyboard depicting a Palauan legend and given time to memorize the order of each of the symbols. They’ll then paddle to three puzzle stations. At each station, one tribe member will solve a puzzle that contains an equation, where they will have to add, subtract, or divide numbers to find an answer. They’ll then untie a corresponding box, searching for a key. When they have all three keys, they’ll paddle to the finish, where one tribe member will use those keys to unlock a footlocker, which contains the missing pieces to the storyboard. Finally, two tribe members must then place those symbols in the correct order on the tribe’s storyboard. First tribe to get it right wins Immunity.

Episode 9: To Lie or Not to LieEdit

After a shocking Tribal Council, Mikey claimed that he couldn't trust Tracy, but he found himself stuck with her and Eliza if they had any chance to make it to the endgame. Mikey found the advantages of his new alliance, since he could monopolize Individual Immunity among a group of weak players. At Malakal, Kathy felt extremely alone in the game, while Aras and Mary found themselves the power couple in charge. Everyone agreed to sticking together as a seven-person tribe when the merge came, but Brooke, Sherea, and Kathy were completely ready to jump. Aras decided to target Tracy, a person who was not in his Malakal or male alliance. Kathy approached Brooke and Sherea and said that Tracy was willing to join up with them, and the votes were slowly accumulating against the foursome. On Day 22, both tribes' predictions came true when the merge finally happened. Eliza was happy to be back with Brooke and Sherea, while Kathy lamented the loss of another ally in Jason. After enjoying a luxurious merge feast, the new Rubak tribe went back to their new beach at Malakal, where the former Airai members enjoyed new luxuries and everyone enjoyed four new chickens. Brooke and Eliza almost immediately came together and found they had almost the exact same plan in joining together against the foursome. To prevent the rest of Malakal flipping, Aras and Mary decided to falsely promise Brooke and Sherea a Final Four alliance between them, Mary, and Alexis. Mary and Alexis did as they were told and went to Brooke with this faulty proposition; though Brooke agreed on the surface, she said it was too little, too late for them. That night, the festivities continued, and Ian drank more than his fair share of beer. The next day, Ian had a horrible hangover, and the new alliance of six decided to target Aras and Mary. The first individual Immunity Challenge tested the castaways' ability to stay calm, and Aras stopped any plans against him when he won Immunity. Back at camp, the six-person alliance knew either Mary, Alexis, or Ian would be going home. But Brooke, thinking about how betrayed and bitter Ian would be, proposed voting him out now, to avoid having him on the jury. Meanwhile, Aras changed his target from Tracy to Sherea, thinking Sherea would be more likely to campaign against him. But when he brought this idea up to his alliance, he was met with a lot of resistance, to the point where Ian decided not to change his vote. Though Aras, Mary, and Alexis tried to argue him out of it, the dolphin trainer was set on voting for Tracy. To try to maintain control, Aras came up to Mikey proposing that the Airai's vote for Sherea. At Tribal Council, Ian kept up his morals and voted Tracy, while the rest of his alliance voted Sherea. But they were thrown for a loop when the new alliance of six voted Ian out, and everyone was shocked when Jeff announced that he would be the first member of the jury.

  • Immunity Challenge: Each castaway takes a spot in the water underneath a grated steel barrier. As the challenge progresses, the tide will rise. As the water rises, their breathing space decreases. Their head must stay completely under the grate the whole time. The person who stays in this challenge the longest wins Immunity.

Episode 10: Evening the ScoreEdit

Brooke felt her worst nightmares come true when she discovered Ian was the first member of the jury, while Aras, Mary, and Alexis were bitter about Ian's blindside. Mary decided to take out her feelings on Sherea and Brooke, though they were moreso from frustration than anger. The next day, Rubak was hit with a torrential storm, and Mary's attitude became much worse between her PDA with Aras and her snippy comments. Later, Mary and Alexis decided that, if it came down to it, they would vote out Aras to continue in the game. The next day, Kathy went fishing with Aras for the first time and caught her first fish. At the challenge, the tribe was divided into three teams of three, and it was revealed that the team of three that won would get Immunity and would attend a Reward that would not let them vote at Tribal Council. Jeff also revealed that another hidden Immunity Idol was hidden on Exile Island. In a very political challenge, Tracy and Alexis both tried to throw the challenge for their teams, and the team of Brooke, Eliza, and Sherea beat the teams of Aras, Mary, and Tracy and Alexis, Mikey, and Kathy. They then chose Mary to go to Exile Island to break up her pairing with Aras. Eliza, Brooke, and Sherea went on an amazing trip to a local village, and got a very interesting culture shock. With those three missing out on Tribal Council, Rubak was left with a divide of three vs. three. Left with an ally on Exile Island, Aras and Alexis decided to vote Kathy, since a purple rock tiebreaker could result in Tracy or Mikey going home. On Exile Island, Mary searched desperately for the hidden Immunity Idol and planned on voting out Tracy because of last Tribal Council. At the Reward, the ladies hoped the Fans would join together to vote off Aras, but decided it wouldn't be terrible if a Fan left, to avoid a tie at the Final 6. Tracy and Mikey argued about who to vote for; to avoid Aras getting immune in a purple rock scenario and Mary possibly having the Idol, they decided on Alexis. As a further part of the plan, Mikey and Tracy went to Alexis to try to lead her astray by voting Aras, but when she didn't take the bait, Mikey showed his paranoia of the purple rock. At Tribal Council, the vote was predictably a tie between Kathy and Alexis. But in the re-vote, Mikey changed his vote to avoid a deadlock, stunning Kathy and Tracy.

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: The castaways divide into three teams of three. All three teams will swim out and collect several bundles of planks, sticks, and rope. They’ll have twenty minutes to build a blockade through one or both of the other team’s tunnels. Once the twenty minutes are up, they'll then race to tear down the blockade that the other teams built in their tunnel. First team to get all three members through their tunnel and onto their mat wins.
    • Reward: A helicopter trip to a local Micronesian village.

Episode 11: "Tough Times Don't Last; Tough People Do"Edit

Tracy felt bummed after Mikey betrayed her strongest ally, Kathy, while Alexis felt relieved that her and her alliance could live another day. But the two former rivals used this opportunity to bury the hatchet and swear allegiance to each other until the Final Three while the Favorites and younger girls take each other out. The next day, Aras believed that he could find a crack in the majority alliance and he went to Tracy, claiming that Eliza was closer with Brooke and Sherea than she was with her and Mikey. Though it would put them in a much worse position, Tracy considered what Aras had to say, and talked with Mikey about getting rid of Brooke or Sherea. Eliza, Brooke, and Sherea returned from their Reward with a treemail that asked the castaways to pick partners for the next challenge. Sherea almost immediately picked Brooke, making Eliza suspicious of their relationship, while Mary stressed out when Aras was hesitant to be her partner. In another political Reward Challenge, everyone immediately targeted Aras and Mary, while Mikey and Eliza won breakfast in bed; they chose to send Brooke to Exile Island to see if Mary found the hidden Immunity Idol. While the two enjoyed their reward in camp the next day, Aras, Alexis, and Mary hung around, much to their chagrin. Eliza and Mikey were surprised when they also received letters from home, and Mikey became incredibly emotional when he got a letter from his sick mother. Alexis became jealous for all the food Eliza had eaten between the rewards and the merge feast, so she made some extra rice for the rest of the tribe. Eliza, Mikey, and Tracy decided to go after Sherea if Aras won Immunity to solidify Brooke in their Final Four alliance. At the Immunity Challenge, even a well-fed Mikey could not stop Aras's physical prowess when he won individual Immunity for the second time. With their main target immune, the five-person alliance decided to vote for Alexis to get Mary to play the Idol, but Eliza was still adamant on her plan to vote Sherea. Meanwhile, Mary showed Aras and Alexis the Idol she found on Exile Island, and the three decided to target Eliza to hopefully split up the majority alliance. While Aras was thrilled that her long-term enemy would be leaving, Eliza went to Brooke about her alliance with Sherea. Though Brooke was not initially up for getting rid of a close ally, Eliza kept affirming to her that Mary, Aras, and Alexis would be next to go and they had a solid Final Four alliance. Before leaving camp, Brooke and Eliza tricked Mary by telling her that she was going to get votes, while Brooke was caught between trusting Eliza or following her heart. At Tribal Council, Mary excitedly played her Idol, but she received no votes; Sherea voted for Alexis, Aras voted for Brooke, Alexis and Mary voted for Eliza, and the new Final Four alliance of Mikey, Tracy, Eliza, and Brooke surprised everyone when they voted off Sherea.

  • Reward Challenge: The castaways work in randomly decided pairs. One member of each pair will hold on to a rope net, while the other member attempts to shoot coconuts into the other three pairs’ nets. The more coconuts they get into the other pairs’ nets, the heavier those nets will become. The pair that holds on and keeps their net in the air the longest wins Reward.
    • Reward: Breakfast in bed and letters from home.
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways race out into the water and maneuver across a series of obstacles. When they reach the end, they’ll dive down 10 feet to a long plank with seven island symbols on it. They will then make their way back to the beach, where they will attempt to replicate those symbols in the same order on their answer board. First person to solve it correctly wins Immunity.

Episode 12: The Great DivideEdit

Mary was furious after Eliza and Brooke tricked her to use the hidden Immunity Idol, while Brooke confirmed to Eliza their alliance until the end of the game. Tensions were at an all-time high, with Eliza and Mary arguing over who would get a corner of a pillow to sleep on. The next day, Aras lost the chicken he was supposed to kill for the tribe. When he told the rest of the tribe, Eliza, Brooke, and Tracy theorized that he may have done it on purpose, and Eliza suggested not feeding him, Alexis, or Mary as a method of retaliation. When Alexis overheard this comment, she decided to fight fire with fire and her and Mary hid the remaining rice and beans. The castaways learned they would be attending the Survivor Auction, and Tracy quickly came up with a plan among her alliance to not outbid each other and share all of their winnings. In a twist at the Auction, the castaways had to distribute the money they were given among everyone else; the person who received the least amount of money was immediately sent to Exile Island. To avoid sending an enemy to find the hidden Immunity Idol, the four-person alliance gave all their money to Aras, and Brooke finished last and was sent off. But they soon regretted giving Aras so much money, when he won more than half of the items at the auction, including a lot of food, while Tracy and Mikey ended up with nothing. Back at camp, Eliza discovered that Alexis and Mary hid all the food, and blew up at them, creating more tension between the women. On Exile Island, Brooke made the most of her trip and found the hidden Immunity Idol. The tribe received treemail about a shooting challenge, and Tracy decided to plan ahead to prevent Aras from winning Immunity again. She told Eliza and Mikey to target Aras first, and just keep focusing on making one person win. At the Immunity Challenge, Tracy's plan came to fruition when Eliza, Brooke, and Mikey helped her to an Immunity win. Back at camp, it seemed like Aras had given up in trying to survive in the game; but he had one last trick up his sleeve when he went to Mikey about voting with him to take out Brooke's Idol. But at Tribal Council, Mikey kept with his alliance, and Aras finally left the game.

  • Survivor Auction: Each contestant was given $500 to distribute among the other castaways in private. The person who received the least amount of money was sent to Exile Island immediately. Highest bidder gets the item. Bidding could only happen in $20 increments; there is no sharing of money or items. The auction will end abruptly without warning.
    • Reward: Here's what the Survivors won from the auction:
      • Alexis - A glass of well water; hot fudge sundae
      • Aras - A bowl of candy; vanilla protein shake; cheeseburger, french fries, pickles, and a soft drink; chicken parmigiana, spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread (shared with Mary)
      • Brooke - Nothing (She was immediately sent to Exile Island for having the least amount of money)
      • Eliza - Cheeseburger, french fries, pickles, and a soft drink
      • Mary - Two chocolate bars and peanut butter; chicken parmigiana, spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread (shared with Aras)
      • Mikey - Nothing
      • Tracy - Nothing
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways each take turns firing a high-powered rifle, attempting to break colored tiles. There are 35 tiles in total; five for each castaway. First person to break all five of their tiles or have their tiles broken by somebody else wins Immunity.

Episode 13: Tonight's Enemies, Tomorrow's Allies?Edit

Mary seemed to be coming apart at the seams after her close ally Aras left, while Mikey found himself the only man among five very different women. Alexis, realizing she was in danger, decided to take her fate into her own hands and vowed to work her way back into the game. The next day, Mary continued to be an emotional wreck, constantly complaining and doing nothing, prompting Mikey to want to vote her out simply so she wouldn't be around anymore. At the Reward Challenge, the castaways were surprised to learn they would be competing with their loved ones. In a challenge that tested communication, Tracy and her husband won a snorkeling trip; she chose to send Alexis to Exile Island and Brooke and her husband to join her on the reward. To help smooth things over on the tribe (and possibly gain some favor on the jury), Mary gave the hidden food back to Eliza and Mikey, which resulted in yet another argument between her and Eliza over the circumstances of the hiding. As Tracy, Brooke, and their loved ones enjoyed an amazing snorkeling adventure and feast after, Alexis realized it was do-or-die for her. The Immunity Challenge tested everyone's physical and mental skills, and Mikey managed to beat Eliza and win his first Immunity. Back at camp, Eliza and Brooke wanted to target Mary for being the bigger physical threat, while Mikey and Tracy wanted to target Alexis for being a strategic threat and a threat in front of the jury. In a last-ditch effort, Alexis tried to continue Aras's plans and went to Tracy and Mikey to go after Brooke for her Idol; though she unsuccessfully got them to turn, her fighting made her a bigger threat than Mary. At Tribal Council, Mary and Alexis voted Brooke to try to eliminate the Idol, while Brooke and Eliza voted Mary to get rid of an emotional enemy. But Tracy and Mikey threw everyone for a loop when they voted for Alexis, causing a three-way tie. In the re-vote, Tracy and Mikey had the numbers and voted for Alexis again, eliminating her.

  • Reward Challenge: The castaways were paired up with their loved ones. The castaway will be blindfolded; the loved one will be the caller. In each round, the blindfolded castaway will have to search for a specific wooden animal in a giant pit of white mud from one of Micronesia’s most notable landmarks, the Milky Way, which is a lake containing natural mud sulfur that literally makes the water and the mud look like milk. Last person in each round to bring the matching wooden animal back to the start will be eliminated. If the bring back the wrong animal, they’re also eliminated, until there are only three left. In the final round, first person to bring back a correct matching animals wins Reward.
    • Reward: A snorkeling trip with their loved one.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each castaway is attached to a rope, which snakes through a series of obstacles. At each obstacle, they must untangle their rope by either moving over, under, or around each post in order to continue. At the end of the course, they’ll find a set of boxes. Each box contains a question based on a Micronesian legend and two possible answers. Next to each possible answer is a key. They must choose the answer they think is right, grab the key, and race back to the start. If they’re right, their key will open a lock. If they’re wrong, they have to go back and try again. First person to answer three questions correctly and open all three locks will raise their flag. First person to raise their flag wins Immunity.

Episode 14: The Last BattleEdit

After Alexis was voted out, Mary was thankful to live another day, while Brooke and Eliza were a bit chafed at their supposed allies' decision. Though the alliance of four agreed to stick together, Mikey enjoyed the privilege of having Mary's vote there in case they wanted to get rid of a Favorite. On Day 37, Mary felt like an outsider, while Tracy and Mikey finally decided to go after the powerful pair of Brooke and Eliza to prevent a deadlock at the Final Four. At the challenge, Mikey won Immunity for the second time in a row and a 2008 Pontiac Solstice. Eliza was confident that Mikey and Tracy would uphold their Airai agreement and vote Mary out with her and Brooke. Meanwhile, Mary "proposed" voting out Eliza to Tracy and Mikey, then took it a step further and tried to make a Final Two alliance with Mikey. At Tribal Council, Brooke expectantly played the Immunity Idol, but both her and Eliza were blindsided when the Fans joined together to vote Eliza out.

  • Immunity Challenge: Each castaway starts on a very small perch at the top of a 20’ pole in the water. They will use a bucket to gather water that they will then pour into a bamboo chute. As the water fills up the chute, it will raise a set of keys. They’ll take those keys, swim back to shore, and use the keys to unlock a chest containing sixteen individually shaped ladder rungs. First person to correctly assemble their ladder, climb to the top, and raise their flag wins Immunity.

After Eliza's blindside, Jeff surprised the Final 4 by revealing that another person would be voted out that night. They faced another Immunity Challenge about the jury members, which Tracy won. In the questioning, Mary targeted Mikey for being a physical threat, while Tracy and Mikey went after Mary for her obvious friends on the jury. Brooke, angry about Eliza's blindside (and hoping to get Mary's vote), surprisingly sided with Mary and voted for Mikey, causing a deadlock tie. It came down to a firebreaking tie-breaker challenge between Mikey and Mary, where Mikey easily made a flame and Mary was eliminated.

  • Immunity Challenge: Jeff asks the castaways series of questions about the members of the jury. Each time they get one right, they score a point. At the end of ten questions, whoever has the most points wins Immunity.

After facing a Rite of Passage where they encountered the 17 eliminated castaways, Brooke, Mikey, and Tracy faced their final Immunity Challenge. In a test of endurance, Mikey was the first one to fall. Tracy put up a hard fight, but she ended up falling after 90 minutes, giving Brooke the Immunity win and a spot in the Final Two. At camp, Tracy revealed that she threw the challenge to not have the tough decision of voting someone out. Both of the Fans tried to make their case to Brooke; Mikey emphasized Tracy getting Kathy's vote, while Tracy suggested that Mikey would get the men's votes. At Tribal Council, Brooke decided to vote out Mikey, who became the last member of the jury and left Brooke and Tracy as the Final Two.

  • Immunity Challenge: The Castaways will lie on their back on a plank with their arms above your head, holding on to a wooden handle. The plank is elevated and on an angle. Every 15 minutes, Jeff will increase the angle of the plank, making it more and more difficult to hold on to. At the same time, water will stream out of a barrel and onto the plank, making it slippery. When they’ve had enough, they’ll let go of the handle and slide down the plank into a pool of water. Last person left hanging on wins Immunity.

The Final Two celebrated their success and spent their last day in Micronesia. However, the festivities stopped briefly when treemail told them there was a hidden power in an envelope somewhere around camp. After a copious search, Tracy found the envelope on the back of the flag and won the power to nullify a jury member's vote. At the Final Tribal Council, Tracy's opening statement mentioned her being an underdog from the beginning, while Brooke claimed she was the player in control from Day One. Ian tore into Brooke for heartlessly betraying several people, while Sherea also vented at Brooke for her blindside and trying to blame it on Eliza. Aras also took a shot at her when he claimed she was insincere and accused her of excluding him, Joel, and Kathy back on Malakal. Eliza also made waves when she demanded Tracy give her credit for getting her to the Final Two, and in Mikey's question, Tracy admitted she would still take Brooke had she won the final Immunity Challenge. Several jury members declared their votes "up in the air" going into voting, and Tracy nullified Eliza's vote, the only certain vote for Brooke. But in the end, after the nullified vote, it was a unanimous win for Tracy, making her the Sole Survivor.

Voting historyEdit

Original Tribes Switched Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Eliminated: Dave
8/10 Votes
9/10 Votes
3/5 Votes1
5/8 Votes
5/7 Votes
3/6 Votes
5/9 Votes
3/5 Votes
No Vote16
1 Vote4
6/10 Votes
Tie11 Kathy
3/4 Votes11
4/8 Votes
4/7 Votes
Tie13 Alexis
3/3 Votes13
3/5 Votes
Tie Mary
No Vote
1 Vote
Voter Vote
Tracy Chet Erik Natalie Earl Ruth-Marie Terry Mikey Ian Alexis Alexis Sherea Aras Alexis Alexis Eliza Mary
Brooke Dave Joel Ian Absent10 Sherea Aras Mary None13 Mary Mikey Mikey
Mikey B. Chet Jason Natalie Earl Ruth-Marie Eliza Jason Ian Alexis Kathy Sherea Aras Alexis Alexis Eliza Mary Win14
Mary Chet Jason Tracy Ami Sherea Kathy Kathy Eliza Brooke Brooke None13 Eliza Mikey Lose14
Eliza Dave Earl Terry Terry Mikey Ian Absent10 Sherea Aras Mary Alexis Mary
Alexis Chet Jason Mikey Ami Sherea Kathy None11 Eliza Brooke Brooke None13
Aras Dave Ami Sherea Kathy Kathy Brooke Brooke
Sherea Dave Joel Ian Absent10 Alexis
Kathy Chet Erik Natalie Ami Ian Alexis None11
Ian Dave Joel Tracy
Jason Chet Erik Natalie Earl Ruth-Marie Terry Mikey
Joel Chet Kathy Natalie Ami
Terry Sherea Tracy Eliza Eliza
Ami Dave Joel
Ruth-Marie Dave Earl Terry
Earl Dave Tracy
Natalie Chet Jason Mikey
Erik Chet Kathy
Chet Joel
Dave Sherea
Jury Vote
Finalist: Brooke
0/7 Votes
7/7 Votes
Juror Vote
Mikey Tracy
Mary Tracy
Eliza Brooke15
Alexis Tracy
Aras Tracy
Sherea Tracy
Kathy Tracy
Ian Tracy

Note 16: Joel was evacuated due to medical reasons, therefore no vote occurred for his removal from the game.


U.S. standard ratingsEdit

# Episode Rating
1 "Those Who Are At War With Others..." 8.391
2 Things Go "Airai" 7.944
3 Jealous Bone 9.485
4 "If You're Gonna Lose Badly..." 9.256
5 Jeff Does it Again 9.472
6 Blindsides and Betrayal 9.088
7 Showdown! 8.539
8 I Think You're a Little Paranoid 9.500
9 To Lie or Not to Lie 8.979
10 Evening the Score 8.718
11 "Tough Times Don't Last; Tough People Do" 8.691
12 The Great Divide 9.106
13 Tonight's Enemies, Tomorrow's Allies? 8.260
14 The Last Battle 9.171