Survivor: Fiji
Official Logo
Filming location Macuata, Vanua Levu, Fiji
Winner Stacy Kimball (4-3 - originally 5-3)
Season run 02-02-07
– 06-06-07
No. of episodes 14
No. of days 39
No. of survivors 19
Tribes      Moto
All-Stars: Belize Stacy Kimball (15th)
Lisi Linares (18th)
James Reid (13th)
Michelle Yi (4th)
Edgardo Rivera (12th)
Fans vs. Favorites Earl Cole (16th)
Season chronology
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Survivor: Fiji is a fanfic based on the fourteenth season of the CBS reality television series Survivor, which filmed in the Fiji Islands.

The premiere of this season of Survivor aired on February 2, 2007. The two-hour season finale aired on May 28, 2007, followed by the Reunion show.

In a twist from previous seasons of Survivor, all contestants participated in a challenge before being split into two tribes and moving to two different camps. One camp (built by all contestants in the initial challenge) was furnished with several luxuries, including shelters built from pre-cut wood, a kitchen area with dishware, a shower, a toilet, furniture, and the means to maintain fire. The other camp was given merely a water well and a machete. During the broadcast of the season, host Jeff Probst admitted that this concept did not play out quite as the producers hoped, as it led to the "haves" tribe predictably dominating in the challenges over the "have-nots" prior to the "have-nots" finally winning a Reward Challenge in the show's fifth episode, which allowed them to claim the luxury camp.

Exile Island was also in play for Fiji, with some new tweaks. Unlike previous seasons, there were two hidden immunity idols, with one hidden at each camp. The idol now had to be played before Jeff read the results of the voting, rather than after. Both hidden idols were used. Yau-Man used one found at the Moto camp in Episode 7, though he did not recieve the most amount of votes. Michelle used the other idol found at the Ravu camp in Episode 12, eliminating Gary, who had the second-most amount of votes. The idols were good through the final five. Also, the exiled castaway was selected by the winning tribe of the Immunity Challenge, meaning that whoever was selected missed Tribal Council and could not be voted out. On numerous occasions, this upset the balance of power for the losing tribe and influenced which castaway would be eliminated at Tribal Council.

Stacy Kimball defeated Earl Cole in a final vote of 4-3, with Lisi Linares's jury vote for Stacy nullified by Cole, who won this power along with the final Immunity.

Stacy Kimball, Lisi Linares, James Reid, Michelle Yi and Edgardo Rivera all returned to Survivor All Stars: Belize where they all belonged to Savu Savu tribe. They finished 15th, 18th, 13th, 4th and 12th respectively. Earl Cole returned to Survivor: Micronesia Fans vs Favorites where he belonged to Favorites tribe and ended in 16th place.


Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Liliana Gomez
25, Oxnard, CA
Moto 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Cassandra Franklin
42, Los Angeles, CA
Moto 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Sylvia Kwan
52, Ross, CA
Moto1 Quit
Day 8
Erica Durousseau
27, Lake Charles, LA
Ravu 3rd Voted Out
Day 11
Dre Herd
25, Wilmington, NC
Moto 4th Voted Out
Day 14
Kenward "Boo" Bernis
34, Lafayette, LA
Ravu Moto 5th Voted Out
Day 16
Rita Verreos
38, San Antonio, TX
Ravu Ravu 6th Voted Out
Day 16
Jessica deBen
27, New Orleans, LA
Ravu Ravu 7th Voted Out
Day 19
Mookie Lee
25, Wheeling, IL
Ravu Ravu 8th Voted Out
Day 22
Edgardo Rivera
28, Miami Beach, FL
Moto Moto 9th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 24
Alex Angarita
28, Los Angeles, CA
Ravu Moto 10th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 24
Anthony Robinson
32, Compton, CA</small
Ravu Moto Labasa 11th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 27
Gary Stritesky
55, Ramsey, MN
Ravu Ravu 12th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 30
Michelle Yi
23, Cincinnati, OH
Moto Ravu 13th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 33
Yau-Man Chan
54, Martinez, CA
Moto Ravu 14th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 36
James "Rocky" Reid
28, Boston, MA
Moto Ravu 15th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 37
Lisette "Lisi" Linares
36, Miami, FL
Moto Moto 16th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 38
Earl Cole
35, Kansas City, MO
Moto Ravu Runner-Up 2
Stacy Kimball
27, Montpelier, VT
Ravu Moto Sole Survivor 4

Note 1 Sylvia was given the task of dividing the tribes on day 2. She was then exiled and was left without a tribe. She then joined Moto after they lost the immunity challenge.

Note 2: Michelle played the Hidden Immunity Idol, therefore four votes against her were not counted.

Note 3: Yau Man played the Hidden Immunity Idol, therefore two votes against him were not counted.

The gameEdit

Episode Titles Air Date Challenges Exiled4 Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
Not A Good Start February 2, 2007 Ravu5 Sylvia6 Liliana 5-4 1st Voted Out
Day 3
The "Haves" and
the "Have-Nots"
February 10, 2007 Ravu Ravu Sylvia Cassandra 6-2 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Lack of Luxury February 18, 2007 Ravu Ravu'7 None7 Sylvia No Vote Quit
Day 8
No Longer Just a Game February 25, 2007 Ravu Moto Alex Erica 6-2 3rd Voted Out
Day 11
Trading Spaces March 10, 2007 Moto Ravu Michelle Dre 3-2-1 4th Voted Out
Day 14
Shakeups and Surprises March 17, 2007 Moto Alex Yau-Man Boo 3-2-1 5th Voted Out
Day 16
Rita 6-1 6th Voted Out
Day 16
Better Safe Than Stupid March 25, 2007 Moto Moto Earl Jessica 4-03 7th Voted Out
Day 19
Sleeping With the Snakes April 2, 2007 Ravu Moto James Mookie 4-1 8th Voted Out
Day 22
Message In a Bottle April 8, 2007 Ravu5 Lisi Edgardo 3-1 9th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 24
Alex 5-08 10th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 24
If You Can't Beat
Them, Join Them
April 16, 2007 None9 Gary None9 Anthony 5-3 11th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 27
"I Have A Little Secret" April 28, 2007 Survivor Auction Stacy Yau-Man10 Gary 2-12 12th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 30
An Eye For An Eye May 13, 2007 Yau-Man
James Michelle Michelle 4-2 13th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 33
Watch Out For the Snakes May 19, 2007 James
Earl Stacy Yau-Man 3-2 14th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 36
The Ultimate Betrayal May 28, 2007 None Earl None James 3-1 15th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 37
Earl Lisi 1-0 16th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 38
Reunion May 28, 2007 Jury Vote Earl 4-311 Runner-Up
Stacy Winner

Note 4: In the pre-merge portion of the game, the tribe that won the Immunity Challenge would choose a member of the losing tribe to go to Exile Island. That person would miss his or her tribe's Tribal Council, meaning he or she could neither vote nor be voted against.

Note 5: Combined Reward and Immunity challenge.

Note 6: Sylvia did not have a tribe when she was Exiled. Instead, she joined Moto after they lost Immunity.

Note 7: Ravu won Immunity in Episode 3 and sent Sylvia to Exile Island. Sylvia quit before she could go, so there was no Exile or Tribal Council.

Note 8: As part of the "bottle reward" Ravu recieved in winning the Immunity challenge in Episode 9, they voted to eliminate one member from Moto. They unanimously voted for Alex.

Note 9: Due to the merge, there was no Reward Challenge and nobody was sent to Exile Island.

Note 10: At the auction, Michelle won the right to send someone to Exile Island and chose Yau-Man.

Note 11: Earl won the final Immunity Challenge and the right to nullify one jury member's final vote. He nullified Lisi's vote for Stacy, making the vote from 5-3 to 4-3.

Episode 1: Not a Good StartEdit

In the stunning Fiji islands, nineteen Americans began their adventure of a lifetime as a single group living on one beach. At first, they weren't sure what was going on. But, eventually, they were given instructions to build the most elaborate shelter ever seen on Survivor, and a map to a bounty of supplies hidden in the jungle. With Sylvia’s experience as an architect, she was immediately thrust into the leadership position. With all of the luxuries provided for them, the castaways thought that they were enjoying a Fiji vacation. Before the Immunity Challenge, Sylvia was chosen to divide the other eighteen castaways into two tribes. When the two tribes, Ravu and Moto, were chosen, only Sylvia remained, and she was sent to Exile Island to join the tribe that lost. At the challenge, the tribes competed for Immunity and the right to stay at the luxury camp that all nineteen helped build. In a close battle, it was Ravu who came out on top. Back at Moto, with no food or water, Liliana became ill, but a young-old division in the tribe also made Yau-Man a target; James found himself caught in the middle. At Tribal Council, Yau-Man received four votes, but in the end, James sided with his older tribemates and Liliana was voted out.

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Two tribe members will be pulled on a sled by the other seven tribe members. The tribes will race in a criss-cross pattern to three stations, on alternating sides of the course, where the two tribe members in the sled will untie a hanging bag. Inside each bag are puzzle pieces. Once they have all three bags, untie them, and dump out the puzzle pieces. Two tribe members will then put together a puzzle that will give them three numbers. They’ll then move to a spinning wheel. In the same way as a combination lock, they’ll first turn it clockwise, counter-clockwise, and then clockwise again until they reach the third number. That’ll give them the one bag that contains a machete. They will use the machete to cut the rope, which will then release a flag. First tribe to release their flag wins Reward and Immunity.
  • Reward: The luxury camp.

Episode 2: The "Haves" and the "Have-Nots"Edit

James and Edgardo had it out over the vote and James's betrayal. On Day 4, life was good at Ravu, as they lived in luxury, but Moto continued to struggle; they couldn't even start a fire after being given flint. Later that day, Edgardo caused a stir when he isolated himself from the tribe and then tried to convince them that they shouldn’t work on building a shelter. At the Reward Challenge, Sylvia returned from Exile Island and became a new member of the Moto tribe. But it was Ravu who swam their way to victory and took home a bounty of fishing supplies. Back at Moto, Sylvia quickly made her presence known when she took control of the shelter. At the Immunity Challenge, Ravu once again came out on top and this time, the winners got to send someone from the losing tribe to Exile Island. Sylvia was banished for the second time in a row. Before Tribal Council, it was a toss-up between Edgardo for a lack of tribe spirit and Cassandra for her physical weakness. But when the votes came in, the older and younger sides came together to eliminate their weakest link, Cassandra.

  • Reward Challenge: All nine tribe members will start on separate floating platforms situated fifteen feet apart. The tribe member who is on the furthest platform will swim out and dive down at a buoy located exactly half-way between that platform and the next one and retrieve a part of a skeleton from the ocean floor. Once they have that, they swim over to the next platform, and pass what they have onto that tribe member, who will then do the same thing. Each piece will fit together with the one before it, so they can put it together to make the skeleton easier to swim with. They’ll repeat the process in relay-style until you have all nine parts. The closest tribe member will then race up the beach with the completed skeleton. First person back here with the skeleton wins Reward for their tribe.
  • Reward: Fishing gear.
  • Immunity Challenge: One at a time, tribe members will come up and eat a pig snout. The first person to completely eat the pig snout and show an empty mouth scores a point for their tribe. At the end of one round, the first tribe to five points wins Immunity.

Episode 3: Lack of LuxuryEdit

Alone on Exile Island, Sylvia suffered through a raging storm and contemplated her place in the game on the outskirts of Moto. At Moto, Edgardo vowed to become a part of his tribe and started increasing his work ethic. At Ravu, life was carefree, allowing a friendship to be formed between Jessica and Stacy. At the Reward Challenge, Boo caused a storm of his own when he offered a pineapple to the ailing Moto tribe. And Moto continued to fracture when Dre and Sylvia refused to share in the pineapple feast after they lost the Reward Challenge. Later that day, Sylvia had a hard time connecting with her tribe and definitely felt like the outsider. Ravu won their third straight Immunity Challenge. But when Ravu chose to send Sylvia to Exile Island for a third time, she made an unexpected decision and quit the game. Sylvia’s sudden departure left her Moto tribe two members down and with a very low morale.

  • Reward Challenge: The tribes race through an obstacle course collecting four wooden snakes along the way. One member of each tribe is responsible for carrying all four snakes throughout the entire course. The casaways make their way to a field of poles where they will collect their first two snakes. Then they climb under and over a series of logs, and over a twelve foot A-frame wall. Then they make their way under the bamboo mud crawl and grab the final two snakes. They'll then go across a wooden ladder bridge. If they fall off the bridge at any point, they have to go back to the start and go again. First tribe to cross the finish line with all four snakes wins Reward.
  • Reward: Pillows, a lantern and fuel, two tarps, rope, and wool blankets.
  • Immunity Challenge: Both tribes start out on a floating platform. All eight tribe members swim out and dive down ten feet to the bottom of the ocean floor where they will find a sunken boat loaded with two-hundred fifty rocks. When they get all the rocks out of their boat, it will float to the top. They’ll drag it back to your platform, flip it over, and start bailing out the water. They then get their paddles and race back to shore. Along the way, they must collect four supply crates that are clipped to the bottom of the ocean floor. Once they’re back to shore, they’ll pull the crates in and carry them to your tribe mat. First tribe to get all four crates onto their mat wins Immunity.

Episode 4: No Longer Just a GameEdit

Ravu continued to grow stronger as Boo and Mookie brought in a multitude of fish. But their celebration was short-lived, when they faced, for the first time, trouble in paradise with an argument between Mookie and Stacy. At Moto, the three older tribe members searched for the hidden Immunity Idol on their island and after hours of searching, their efforts paid off when Yau-Man found the Idol. At the Reward Challenge, the tribes had to catch five of Exile Island’s deadly sea snakes and once again, Ravu came out ahead. After their sixth consecutive loss, Moto tried to keep hope alive, as Rocky stepped up as motivator and leader. Back at Ravu, the tribe’s goodwill and sportsmanship were beginning to deteriorate. At the Immunity Challenge, Moto finally broke their losing streak, sending Alex to Exile Island and Ravu to their first Tribal Council. With Tribal Council looming, Erica felt a sense of paranoia about the upcoming vote and started a rumor that Anthony couldn’t be trusted. At Tribal Council, Anthony questioned Erica’s scrambling and despite being a member of Ravu’s five-person alliance, the entire tribe except Boo joined together to vote Erica out of the game.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe will divide into two pairs and one group of three. The castaways are going to catch sea snakes. Each group will be equipped with gloves and a bucket. Once a snake is in their bucket, it can’t get out. Each time they catch a snake, they have to bring it back to the start. First tribe to catch five sea snakes and get them in the containers beside me wins Reward.
  • Reward: Three bags of rice and two bags of beans.
  • Immunity Challenge: Five tribe members will stand on individual perches that are a part of a large spinning wheel, while one member of the opposing tribe tries to knock them off their perch by swinging a fifty pound sandbag. While this is going on, the last tribe member will be responsible for spinning a wheel in any direction to avoid having their tribemates knocked off by the sandbag. First tribe to knock all five of the other tribe’s members off of their perches wins Immunity.

Episode 5: Trading SpacesEdit

Ravu returned from Tribal Council after voting Erica out, leaving Boo feeling vulnerable. The next day, it was becoming clear that an alliance of Stacy, Jessica, and Gary was starting to emerge. But Anthony was beginning to pick up on their bond, so he started to form a counter-alliance between himself, Mookie, and Boo. At the Reward Challenge, Moto slid their way to another victory, winning their luxury items and the “Haves” camp. At Ravu, spirits were down when they encountered Moto's old camp. Upon returning from Exile Island, Alex contemplated his chances of finding one of the hidden Immunity Idols. Back at Moto, the mood was festive for all but Dre, who was feeling homesick. Dre shared his story about growing up on the streets with his tribe, causing James to worry about a possible sympathy vote. In an effort to persuade them to vote Dre out, James went to the three older member of Moto. When Ravu won Immunity, Michelle was sent to Exile Island, while her tribemates went back to Tribal Council. The tribe was divided about who should go, and at Tribal Council, Lisi, Edgardo, and Dre all received votes. In the end, Earl and Yau-Man sided with James to vote Dre out of the tribe.

  • Reward Challenge: There are five circles on a very slippery course. Buried within each circle is a bag. The tribes race out, dig up that bag, and get it back to their finish mat. Both tribes will be battling for the same bag. To score, they have to have at least one hand on the bag while any other part of your body touches the finish mat. First tribe to three wins Reward.
  • Reward: The castaways' luxury items.
  • Immunity Challenge: Both tribes will paddle out and around their tribe’s flag. On their way back, they’ll retrieve three tribe colored bags. They will then race back to shore. Once they’re back on their mat, they untie their bags and empty them into a basket. Inside each bag, they’ll find traditional Fijian war clubs. They’ll then throw the clubs at three targets, which are thirty, forty, and fifty feet away. If they’re not having any luck, they can tag out, but no individual tribe member can break more than one tile. First tribe to break all three tiles wins Immunity.

Episode 6: Shakeups and SurprisesEdit

Ravu continued to face trouble in paradise when they squabbled over fire and food. Stacy was becoming annoyed by her tribemates’ lack of worth ethic, so she refused to give them any rice. Offended by her actions, Boo blew up. On Day 15, the tribes were randomly switched. Alex, Anthony, Lisi, Stacy, Boo, and Edgardo became the new Moto tribe, while the new Ravu tribe consisted of Jessica, Michelle, Earl, James, Mookie, Gary, Rita, and Yau-Man. With new tribes and alliances, no one was safe. At Ravu, James banded the old Moto members together and tried to swing someone over, while at Moto, Stacy made a deal with Lisi and Edgardo to vote out Boo and then Anthony. At the challenge, the castaways learned that both tribes would be going to Tribal Council and voting one member out. When the challenge was over, Moto came out on top, winning a Tribal Council feast and the right to compete for individual Immunity, which Alex won. Ravu was divided along old tribal lines, but Rita found herself caught in the middle. When Rita wouldn’t commit, she was thrust onto the chopping block. With Tribal Council looming, Stacy told Anthony and Alex that she was voting for Boo. At Moto’s Tribal Council, Stacy followed through and joined Lisi and Edgardo to vote Boo out of the tribe. Moto then dug into their Reward in front of Ravu, and at Ravu’s Tribal Council, Rita’s indecisiveness cost her the game when she was unanimously voted out of the tribe.

  • Reward Challenge: One person will be your eyes; they will be the guide. The other tribe members will be blindfolded. Using only verbal commands, the guides will direct their tribe along this beach to pick up ten pieces of bamboo. They’ll bring the pieces back and place them in their tribe’s square. Once all ten bamboo poles are inside, take off their blindfolds, start putting together a bilibili, which is a traditional Fijian raft. First tribe to correctly assemble their bilibili wins Reward.
  • Reward: Feast of chicken, vegetables, potato salad, bread, and cookies
  • Individual Immunity Challenge: Every castaway will start on a wooden beam. They'll race across a series of bamboo poles. There will be three rounds. In the first round, the fastest four will move on. In the second round, the fastest two will move on. Third round, first person to get to the end and raise the flag over their head wins individual Immunity.

Episode 7: Better Safe Than StupidEdit

Tension brewed between Alex and Stacy over the vote at Tribal Council. On Day 17, Michelle’s incessant talking was giving James a headache. Yau-Man rejoined his Ravu tribe for the Reward Challenge, but his tumble cost them victory. As their Reward, Moto chose chickens and a spice rack. At Ravu, the rising of the tide was becoming an issue. Before the Immunity Challenge, Edgardo and Lisi knew they had to win to avoid getting picked off by the old Ravu members. The Immunity challenge came down to a battle between Alex and Earl, and in the end, it was Alex who pulled through. Moto sent Earl, one of Ravu’s strongest members, to Exile Island. Before Tribal Council, James and Mookie sought each other out, causing Gary to question his place in the new tribe. And when James promised Mookie a spot in the Final Five, it was Jessica and Gary who were both on the chopping block. But, perceived as a physical weakness, Yau-Man also felt vulnerable. At Tribal Council, Yau-Man ensured his safety in the game when he played the hidden Immunity Idol. But in the end, Mookie joined the three former Moto members and voted his original tribemate, Jessica, out of the game.

  • Reward Challenge: One tribe member will be locked in a cage with a flag. The other four tribe members will be retrieving keys that will open four locks to free that tribe member. One at a time, they will race up and over a series of sandy mounds, as they make their way across the course, where they will find a pile of skulls. Taking one skull at a time, they will smash it on a rock. Inside, they’ll find a tightly wrapped ball of fabric. They’re looking for a key, not a stone. Once they find a key, they'll race back to the start and the next tribe member will go out. Once they have all four keys, they’ll unlock the last tribe member, who will raise their tribe flag. First tribe to raise their flag wins Reward.
  • Reward: Three chickens, a rooster, and a spice rack.
  • Immunity Challenge: Both tribes will be connected to each other with a common rope. Their goal is to get a skull on top of their tribe’s skeleton. There is a rope anchored on the end of the pit. If they get to it, use it to pull themselves up to the skull. At any time, tribe members from either tribe can go back and try to interfere with the other tribe. There will be a maximum of five rounds: starting with all five tribe members, then four, then three, then two, then one. First tribe to three wins Immunity.

Episode 8: Sleeping With the SnakesEdit

Ravu returned from Tribal Council after voting Jessica out, but Mookie did not find himself out of hot water. On Day 20, Moto decided to have their first chicken, and Lisi ruffled feathers of her own. The undefeated tribe relished their victories, while Ravu struggled to find food. But at the Reward Challenge, ended their losing streak when they won chocolate chip cookies, milk, and cake. But their celebration was short-lived when Mookie, Rocky, Earl, and Yau-Man fell ill. Now living on the “Have-Nots” beach, morale at Moto when down when they lost their flint. Later that day, Ravu’s four former Moto members (Yau-Man, Michelle, Rocky, and Earl) went on a hunt for the second Immunity Idol, while Michelle decided to keep it a secret if she finds it. Before the Immunity Challenge, Gary knew he was in the hot seat. At the Immunity Challenge, Moto’s memory skills earned them another victory and James was sent to Exile Island. And the dangers of Exile Island became all too real when James became the unsuspecting victim of a sea snake bite; he was evacuated for emergency medical care. Back at camp, Mookie and Gary were on the chopping block. At Tribal Council, the tribe learned that James would return to the game at the next challenge. And when the votes were cast, Earl and Yau-Man sided with Michelle when they helped vote Mookie out of the tribe.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe will divide into two pairs. Those groups will take a spot downfield and you’ll be holding a net. That leaves one tribe member from each tribe. They will alternate launching balls from a giant slingshot while the groups maneuver to try and catch the ball. First tribe to five catches wins Reward.
  • Reward: Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, and milk.
  • Immunity Challenge: Scattered in the field are thirty boards. Each board has a word, either Fijian or English, painted on it. One tribe member at a time will reveal two boards. If the two words correspond to each other, they score a point for their tribe. Once they leave their platform, there is no coaching from their tribe. There are four dummy boards that do not have a match. First tribe to seven wins Immunity.

Episode 9: Message in a BottleEdit

Moto suffered through a stormy night of sleeping in their cave. At Ravu, an alliance of four was formed between Rocky, Yau-Man, Earl, and Michelle, but Michelle was skeptical about being on the outside of the old Moto alliance. At Moto, Alex wanted to lose the upcoming challenge on purpose to get rid of an old Moto. The challenge was for both Immunity and Reward; Alex, Stacy, and Anthony followed through with their plan of throwing the challenge. As expected, the new Ravu tribe claimed victory, but in a twist, the winning tribe was also given a bottle. As a result of winning the challenge, the Ravu tribe was able to vote another member of Moto off after the first Tribal Council that night. To Michelle’s dismay, Ravu decided to send Lisi to Exile Island, saving her from possible elimination. Ravu got their minds off the game for an afternoon when they were whisked away to a Home Café. But amidst their celebration, a big decision was looming. With Tribal Council coming, Edgardo knew he was on the chopping block, so he tried to turn the votes against Stacy, bringing up her stubbornness. But Alex felt uneasy about the second vote, thinking he needed to keep Stacy for the second vote to give himself better chances of surviving. At Moto’s Tribal Council, Edgardo became the first member of the jury, when he was unanimously voted out of the tribe. And at the end of Ravu’s vote, it was Alex who took the fall. He joined Edgardo as the second member of the jury.

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: The castaways test their proficiency using three different weapons. First round is blow darts. Each tribe member will get one shot. Whoever ends up closest to the bullseye scores one point for their tribe. Second round, they will throw spears. Closest to the bullseye is worth two points. For the final round, they will shoot a bow and arrow. Closest to the bullseye scores three points for their tribe. The tribe with the most points at the end of three rounds wins Reward and Immunity.
  • Reward: A trip to the "Home Café," along with letters from home. The winning tribe also votes a second person off of the losing tribe.

Episode 10: If You Can't Beat Them, Join ThemEdit

Stacy and Anthony felt the pressure after losing both Edgardo and Alex at the last Tribal Council, fearing that a merge was not on its way. Ravu received treemail telling them the two tribes were about to merge and headed towards Moto's camp. When all eight came together on Moto’s beach, the mood was festive. But amidst the feasting and celebrating, the game was still being played, looking at the minority of Ravus. For their first individual Immunity Challenge, the Survivors’ willpower was tested. The challenge lasted nearly ten hours and in the end, it was Gary who took home individual Immunity. Before Tribal Council, Anthony, Stacy, and Gary were outnumbered. Michelle found herself caught between the two alliances, causing her former tribemates to question her trust. Feeling vulnerable, Anthony continued to scramble to sway the votes away from himself, appealing to James. But even without James’ vote, Anthony believed there would be a tie. At Tribal Council, Michelle sided with the former Ravu members, but Stacy jumped ship and helped vote her old tribemate Anthony out of the game.

  • Immunity Challenge: Each castaway stands on a perch that is 4” wide and 12” long, for as long as they can. If they jump off, if they fall off, or if any part of their body other than their feet touches the perch or the structure that they’re standing on, they’re out. Last person left standing wins Immunity.

Episode 11: I Have a Little SecretEdit

Gary, Stacy, and Michelle were on the outs and Earl felt like he was in control of the game with his powerful alliance. But Stacy threw a wrench into his alliance’s plans when she caused doubt about the vote for Lisi. At the Reward Auction, Gary and Stacy won visits from their loved ones and Michelle sent Yau-Man to Exile Island. Back at camp, the mood was festive with family visits and strategic with Earl's continual doubt in Michelle's loyalty. In a tense Immunity Challenge, Stacy came out on top. With Stacy immune from the vote, it was decided that Michelle would be the next to go. But in a desperate attempt to save their necks, Gary, Michelle, and Stacy banded together to try to get Rocky or lisi to vote out Earl. But when Lisi and James said “No,” all bets were off and Stacy chose to turn on Michelle. But, before Tribal Council, Lisi realized the possibility that Michelle could have the second hidden Immunity Idol, so they decided to split their votes between Michelle and Gary. At Tribal Council, Lisi’s suspicions were confirmed when Michelle confidently played her idol. When the votes were read, it was Gary that took the fall, making Stacy the final member of the original Ravu tribe.

  • Reward Challenge: There was no Reward Challenge. Instead, a Survivor auction was held.
  • Immunity Challenge: One at a time, each castaway makes a move on a giant board by flipping a tile to its red side and stepping on it. They can move forward, backward, side-to-side, but not diagonally. Once they’ve stepped off of a red tile, no one can step onto it again. When they've run out of tiles to step onto, they’re out of the game. Last person left standing on this board wins Immunity.

Episode 12: An Eye for an EyeEdit

The tribe returned to camp after a tense Tribal Council. Sensing that they were next to go, Michelle and Stacy put their differences behind them and agreed to work together. With Gary out of the game, the alliance of former Moto members remained in control. Stacy listened in on Earl and Yau-Man’s conversation in order to gain valuable information and learned that they had plans of going to the Final 2. She spilled the beans on what she overheard to Lisi, which put the thought in her mind of Yau-Man and Earl as a pair. At the Reward Challenge, it was a competition to eliminate each other and Stacy’s prediction came true when Yau-Man and Earl were left as the Final Two. When the challenge was done, it was Yau-Man who came out on top. Yau-Man chose Michelle to go to Exile Island and Earl to join him on the Reward. Back at camp, Stacy tried to turn Earl and Yau-Man’s allies against them by proposing getting rid of one of them at the Final 5. Lisi and James kept Stacy’s plan in the back of their minds, but when Earl and Yau-Man got back to camp, Lisi filled them in on what had gone on. At the Immunity Challenge, Rocky soared to victory. Before Tribal Council, it was decided that Michelle would go rather than Stacy. And though Michelle clung to hope, she could sense her impending doom. At Tribal Council, Michelle made a final plea to save herself, citing Earl and Yau-Man as a pair. But when the votes were revealed, Rocky and Lisi stayed to their alliance and voted Michelle out of the game.

  • Reward Challenge: Jeff tells the castaways a story about a Fijian god. Then he asks them a series of questions based on that story. Each time they answer a question correctly, they get to take a Fijian war club and smash one of their tribemates’ ceremonial skulls. Each tribe member only has three skulls. When they’re out of skulls, they’re out of the game. Last person left standing wins Reward.
  • Reward: A trip to a traditional Fijian village and feast.
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways dive down directly below the platform that they’re standing on to retrieve ladder rungs. There are five ladder rungs in total, each one four feet deeper than the one before it. The deepest rung is twenty feet down. Once they have all five rungs, they’ll assemble their ladder. Once they’ve completed their ladder, they’ll race up and across the flying fox to one final platform, where they will raise a flag. First person to raise their flag wins Immunity.

Episode 13: Watch Out for the SnakesEdit

After coming back from Tribal Council, Stacy stormed away from the Moto alliance after seeing her partner Michelle being voted out, knowing she would be the nex to go. The next day, Yau-Man put doubts in Lisi's head when he mentioned how he would most likely take Earl to the Final 2. At the final Reward Challenge, Rocky won a new car and went on a spa trip with Lisi. Back at camp, with Stacy on Exile Island, Earl and Yau-Man began to contemplate getting rid of Rocky over Stacy for being a physical threat. Meanwhile, on the Reward, Lisi and Rocky planned to vote off Earl for being a jury vote threat. But when Earl won a crucial Immunity, their plans quickly changed to Yau-Man. Earl and Yau-Man were never suspect, convinced that the Moto alliance would ban together to vote off Stacy. At Tribal Council, the pair was completely blindsided when Lisi and Rocky joined Stacy in voting off Yau-Man, leaving the Final Four.

  • Reward Challenge: The castaways will be attached to ropes by one of two carabineers. Using the two carabineers, they will clip and unclip from one rope to another as they navigate your way around each other to six counting stations: crabs, sea snakes, skulls, shells, coconuts, and rocks. Each time they get to a station, they must count the number of items, race back to the start to find the answer tile with that same number on it. Once they have six numbers, they'll then place those six numbers into an answer grid. Using the two numbers in each column, they’ll solve three equations using either addition or subtraction. Then take those three answers and use them to open a lock. Once they have the lock undone, they'll open their box and start solving the puzzle. First person to correctly solve their puzzle wins Reward.
  • Reward: A 2008 Ford Escape and a trip to a luxury spa resort.
  • Immunity Challenge: This challenge tests one of the most important survival skills: making fire. For the first round, the castaways will build a fire using flint. When their fire is big enough to burn through their rope, a flag will lower. First three to lower their flag move on to the final round. The three people that move onto the final round will light a torch, and carry that torch through a series of obstacles. They’ll first cross a balance beam, then swim through a pit of water. They’ll then crawl through the timber tunnel and over a series of floating pontoons. They’ll then light one final wok. First person to light their wok wins Immunity.

Episode 14: The Ultimate BetrayalEdit

After Tribal Council, Earl lashed out at Rocky and Lisi for Yau-Man's blindside. The next morning, the Final 4 was given a wonderful breakfast, while Earl felt himself as the next target. His worries were eased, though, when he won yet another Immunity Challenge. At camp, Earl led Rocky and Lisi on to voting off Stacy. But Earl secretly made a deal with Stacy to vote together. Stacy accidentally told Rocky the details of the deal, and Rocky told Lisi. Lisi then came to Earl and Stacy and proposed blindsiding Rocky for being a physical threat. At Tribal Council, the deal went through, and Rocky was shocked when he found himself voted out.

  • Immunity Challenge: There are fifteen stations spread out around the area. Each station contains a question about one former tribe member, ranging from the very first person voted off, to the last person voted off. The castaways must read it and choose between one of two answers. If they’re right, they’ll find a photo of that Survivor. Grab one, and bring it back to their answer grid. If they’re wrong, they’ll find a skull. They must toss that skull into the fire wok as a sacrifice before they can go back to that station or any other station. Once they have all fifteen photos of their former tribemates, they’ll race back to their answer grid. First person to correctly arrange their photos in order from first voted out to last voted out wins Immunity.

The Final 3 went back to camp, and Lisi and Earl reassured their Final 2 deal. The castaways went through their Rite of Passage before encountering their Final Immunity Challenge. However, Jeff threw in a twist by saying that the winner of the challenge also wins the right to nullify one jury vote in the Final Tribal Council. Earl did the unthinkable and one his third Immunity in a row, guaranteeing himself a spot in the Final 2. At camp, Lisi and Stacy had it out over sportsmanship during the challenge, while Earl heavily contemplated his decision. He saw Stacy's enemies on the jury, but he also looked at Lisi's betrayal against him. At Tribal Council, Earl broke his deal when he voted off Lisi, making her the final member of the jury and making "the ultimate betrayal".

  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways use their arms to brace between two walls while their feet are positioned on very narrow footholds. Every thirty minutes, they’ll step down to an even smaller foothold. When they reach the third and final foothold, they will stay there as long as they can. When they fall off, they’re out. Last person left standing wins Immunity.

Stacy and Earl had reached the Final 2. They enjoyed their final day in Fiji; Stacy decided to butter up and compliment Earl in order to make him overly confident for the jury. Stacy's plan came to fruition in the Final Tribal Council, where Earl confidently stated how the jury should vote for him because he played every single aspect of the game well. Alex hammered into Earl for betraying Lisi, and Earl fired back, causing an argument to erupt. He also bit back at both James and Michelle during their jury comments. Lisi finished the barrage of negativity towards Earl by giving a Sue Hawk-esque speech about his hypocrisy in playing with integrity. After the votes were cast, Earl decided to nullify Lisi's vote. While he did make the right decision since Lisi voted for Stacy, his confidence still got the best of him and Stacy became the winner of Survivor: Fiji in a 4-3 vote.

Voting historyEdit

Original Tribes Switched Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Eliminated: Liliana
5/9 Votes
6/8 Votes
No Vote12
6/8 Votes
3/6 Votes
3/6 Votes
6/7 Votes
4/4 Votes3
4/5 Votes
3/4 Votes
5/5 Votes8
5/8 Votes
2/3 Votes2
4/6 Votes
3/5 Votes
3/4 Votes
1 Vote
Voter Vote
Stacy Erica Boo Edgardo Anthony Michelle Earl Yau-Man James
Earl Liliana Edgardo Dre Rita Exiled4 Mookie Alex Anthony Gary Michelle Stacy James Lisi
Lisi Liliana Cassandra Edgardo Boo Exiled4 Anthony Michelle Michelle Yau-Man James
James Liliana Cassandra Dre Rita Jessica Exiled4 Alex Anthony Gary Michelle Yau-Man Lisi
Yau-Man Liliana Cassandra Dre Exiled4 Jessica Mookie Alex Anthony Michelle Michelle Stacy
Michelle Yau-Man Cassandra Exiled4 Rita Jessica Mookie Alex Lisi Lisi Earl
Gary Erica Rita Yau-Man Mookie Alex Lisi Michelle
Anthony Erica Stacy Edgardo Lisi
Alex Exiled4 Lisi Edgardo
Edgardo Yau-Man Cassandra Lisi Boo Stacy
Mookie Erica Rita Jessica Gary
Jessica Erica Rita Yau-Man
Rita Erica James
Boo Mookie Lisi
Dre Yau-Man Cassandra Lisi
Erica Mookie
Sylvia Exiled5 Exiled4
Cassandra Liliana Edgardo
Liliana Yau-Man
Jury Vote
Finalist: Earl
3/7 votes
4/7 votes
Juror Vote
Lisi Stacy11
James Earl
Yau-Man Earl
Michelle Stacy
Gary Stacy
Anthony Stacy
Alex Stacy
Edgardo Earl

Note 12: Sylvia quit the game on Day 8 to avoid Exile Island. No vote occured for her removal from the game.