Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites
Filming location Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Philippines
Winner Bill Posley (6-2-0)
Season run July 29, 2013
– December 16, 2016
No. of episodes 14
No. of days 39
No. of survivors 20
Tribes      Gota
Season chronology
Previous Survivor: South Pacific Fanfic
Next Survivor: Philippines Fanfic

Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites is a fanfic based on the twenty-sixth season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor. As with Survivor: Micronesia, the first season to have the "Fans vs. Favorites" subtitle, this season initially featured a tribe of ten returning contestants from previous seasons opposing a tribe of ten new players (fans). It was the eighth season overall to feature returning players. Production of the show took place in the Caramoan Islands in the Philippines.

The season started in 2013, then took a hiatus after three episodes. It re-merged in 2016, when guatemala fanfic decided to cover the remaining eleven episodes.

Despite being on the wrong side of the votes for most of the merge, Favorite Bill Posley was able to defy the odds and beat Fans Hope Driskill and Eddie Fox in a 6-2 vote. Winner of Redemption Island and contestant on this season Ralph Kiser went on to participate on Survivor: Philippines.


Contestant Original Tribe Swapped Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Matt Bischoff
38, Cincinnati, OH
Gota 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Julia Landauer
21, Stanford, CA
Gota 2nd Voted Out
Day 5
Reynold Toepfer
30, San Francisco, CA
Gota 3rd Voted Out
Day 8
Ashley Underwood
26, Benton, ME
Redemption Island
Bikal 4th Voted Out
Day 11
Michael Snow
44, Harlem, NY
Gota 5th Voted Out
Day 12
Matt Elrod
24, Nashville, TN
Redemption Island
Bikal 6th Voted Out
Day 12
Laura Alexander
23, Washington, DC
Gota Bikal 7th Voted Out
Day 15
Jill Behm
45, Erie, PA
Bikal Gota 8th Voted Out
Day 18
Kim Spradlin
31, San Antonio, TX
One World
Bikal Bikal 9th Voted Out
Day 21
Stephanie Valencia
27, Long Beach, CA
Redemption Island
Bikal Gota Tinago 10th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 24
Mick Trimming
37, Los Angeles, CA
Bikal Bikal 11th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 27
Stacey Powell
46, Grand Prairie, TX
South Pacific
Bikal Bikal 12th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 30
Sherri Biethman
41, Boise, ID
Gota Gota 13th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 31
Shamar Thomas
27, Brooklyn, NY
Gota Gota 14th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 33
Alexandra "Allie" Pohovitz
25, Oceanside, NY
Gota Gota 15th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 36
Ralph Kiser
47, Lebanon, VA
Redemption Island
Bikal Bikal 16th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 37
Ben "Benry" Henry
26, Los Angeles, CA
Bikal Bikal 17th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 38
Edward "Eddie" Fox
23, East Brunswick, NJ
Gota Bikal 2nd Runner-up 9
Hope Driskill
23, Jefferson City, MO
Gota Bikal Runner-up 3
Bill Posley
30, Los Angeles, CA
One World
Bikal Gota Sole Survivor 1

Note 1: Michael played the hidden immunity idol. Therefore six votes cast against him were not counted.
Note 2: Sherri played the hidden immunity idol. Therefore five votes cast against her were not counted.

The GameEdit

Episode Air Date Challenges Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
"It's Survivor, Not Top Model" July 29, 2013 Gota Bikal Matt B. 8-2 1st Voted Out
Day 3
The Flint Debacle August 4, 2013 Bikal3 Julia 6-3 2nd Voted Out
Day 5
“I’m Not A Loser” August 11, 2013 Bikal3 Reynold 2-01 3rd Voted Out
Day 8
“Back to Square One” November 22, 2016 Bikal4 Gota Ashley 6-4 4th Voted Out
Day 11
The Power of the Idol November 22, 2016 Eddie5 Eddie Michael 3-2-2 5th Voted Out
Day 12
Ralph Matt E. 4-3-2 6th Voted Out
Day 12
Choose an Egg November 22, 2016 None6 Gota Laura 7-1 7th Voted Out
Day 15
Who's Going to Betray Who First? November 23, 2016 Bikal Bikal Jill 5-1 8th Voted Out
Day 18
“I’m Like a Mercenary” November 28, 2016 Bikal Gota Kim 4-3 9th Voted Out
Day 21
I Have No Allies December 3, 2016 None6 Eddie Stephanie 6-5 10th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 24
A Glimmer of Hope December 4, 2016 Allie, Benry, Eddie,
Shamar, Sherri
Bill Mick 7-2-1 11th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 27
Lines in the Sand December 6, 2016 Survivor
Benry Stacey 4-02 12th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 30
"I Don't Like Being Outplayed" December 12, 2016 None Allie Sherri 5-3 13th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 31
None Allie Shamar 4-3 14th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 33
Wearing Sheep's Clothes December 15, 2016 Hope
[Benry, Eddie]
Ralph Allie 3-2-1 15th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 36
"I'm Seriously About to Cry" December 17, 2016 None Benry Ralph 4-1 16th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 37
None Bill Benry 3-1 17th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 38
Reunion December 17, 2016 Jury Vote Eddie 6-2-0 2nd Runner-up
Hope Runner-up
Bill Sole Survivor

Note 3: Combined Reward and Immunity Challenge
Note 4: Gota forfeited the challenge in exchange of getting new flint.
Note 5: Each tribe competed separately for individual immunity. The two winners, Eddie and Ralph, moved on to the final round, where the winner would win reward for their tribe. Eddie won the final round, winning reward for Gota.
Note 6:There was no Reward Challenge in Episode 6 due to the tribe swap.

Episode 1: "It's Survivor, Not Top Model"Edit

  • Reward Challenge: Facing off two on two, the tribes would try to retrieve a ring and return with it to their starting flag. The tribe would score a point when one of their members had one hand on the ring and one hand on the flag pole. The first tribe to score four points would win.
    • Reward: Flint and 20 pounds (9.1 kg) of beans.
  • Immunity Challenge: Two members from each tribe would climb up a four story tower. On each floor would be three crates that they would have to toss from the tower. The crates would shatter on impact to release sandbags. Once all three crates were tossed over, the pair would return to the start and another pair would race to the next floor. Once all of the crates were retrieved, two castaways would retrieve the sandbags. One castaway would then try to toss six sandbags into six targets. The first castaway to get a sandbag in all six targets would win for their tribe.

Ten Survivor fans travel together in a boat around the Caramoan Islands in the Philippines on their way to start the adventure of a lifetime. They range from a firefighter/EMT to a racecar driver to an Iraq veteran. The Fans arrive on the beach first where Jeff Probst, informed them that they would be playing against some of their favorite Survivors from past seasons. As the ten Favorites hit the beach, some Fans felt they were at an automatic disadvantage, while Shamar thought he could bond with Bill Posley over their shared veteran status. They immediately squared off in their first Reward Challenge, where the Fans won flint and beans in a tie-breaking round. As the Fans (hereafter known as the Gota tribe) arrived at camp, attraction already started stirring between Eddie and Hope. After making fire, they got to know each other better, and Reynold became nervous that Shamar would jockey for a leader position in the future. The Favorites (hereafter known at the Bikal tribe) were a little disappointed they lost the first challenge, but felt confident they could survive the elements. As they got to work, Ralph took the lead with directing camp life, feeling the pressure as the only winner in the game. Later in the day, the four previous Redemption Island players (Ralph, Ashley, Stephanie, and Matt) gathered secretly and decided to make an alliance. They would mask it by making deals with one or two people, though Stephanie was hesitant about how she wanted to play her game. At Gota, Matt and Michael began to bond, and griped about how some of the younger girls won't be able to handle the game. Meanwhile, Sherri sized up her younger tribemates, having over 65 teenage employees at home. She later formed an alliance with Allie in a rather unexpected deal. Bill and Kim were already started to fret about the Redemption Island players and the potential of an alliance. Kim already started to get to work on a counter-alliance by talking to her other tribemembers, but her scheming got the attention of Ralph, Ashley, and Stephanie. At the Immunity Challenge, another close competition emerged, but the Favorites came out on top this time. Facing the first Tribal Council, Michael and Matt wanted to target one of the younger girls, and eventually decided on Hope for potentially playing the "flirt card" on Eddie. But as the two started to spread the word against Hope, the rest of the tribe was not as gung-ho about the decision. The five women met and planned to get rid of Matt or Michael, with Hope going to Eddie as a swing vote. At Tribal Council, Michael and Matt revealed their close bond, and were confident that Hope would be going home. But the tables got turned on them when the rest of the tribe joined together to vote out Matt.

Episode 2: The Flint DebacleEdit

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Three tribe members would be pulled on a raft by three other tribe members to a platform out on the ocean. The three would then dive down to release bamboo sticks in a cage to free nine rings. Once all nine rings were freed, the three would board the raft again to be pulled back to the beach with the rings. The remaining three tribe members would then toss the rings onto three posts. The first tribe to have three rings on their posts would win.
    • Reward: A complete fishing kit, including a mask, snorkel, fins, fishing line, fishing nets, and a Hawaiian sling.

The Gota tribe returned from Tribal Council after blindsiding Matt B. and leaving his ally Michael out of the loop. While the rest of the tribe did not have much sympathy for him, Michael felt extremely vulnerable, and contemplated playing a malicious game. The next morning, on Bikal, Ashley and Stephanie continued their close friendship from their previous season, and reaffirmed their loyalty to each other. Later that morning, Matt E. proposed an alliance to Mick, saying he would rather go to the end with him and Ralph than the untrustworthy Ashley and Stephanie. Matt showed a bit of a different side than his naive Christian boy role in Redemption Island, but Mick was hesitant to accept the offer without talking to Jill first. Allie, Hope, and Sherri created a Final Three alliance, while Laura felt a little on the outs of her female alliance, relating more to Julia than the other girls. Unfortunately, Julia didn't seem to be adjusting well to the conditions, sitting around in the shelter all day and claiming she's mentally and physically exhausted. Mick met with Jill to discuss their options; he had formed a partnership with her, seeking an older, level-headed person. Though she agreed the deal was tempting, Jill warned them against seeing too far ahead, learning from her previous season to be more adaptable. On Day 5, Gota decided they needed to elect a leader to better organize camp life. Though Shamar put forward his name and cited his military experience, everyone else decided to elect Reynold. Reynold was immediately hesitant to accept the position, knowing there would be a huge target on his back, but was relieved to take power away from Shamar. At the challenge, the Favorites defeated the Fans once again, winning a complete fishing kit. Ralph decided to try out the new fishing gear as Kim gathered her allies against the Redemption Island alliance. Gota was disappointed by their second loss, and Michael decided to put his new cutthroat game into motion by hiding the flint. When the tribe noticed the missing flint, everything was thrown into chaos, and Michael attempted to turn Shamar and Reynold against each other. At Tribal Council, he admitted that he had stolen the flint and they wouldn't get it back unless he survived the vote. He suggested they get rid of Julia instead as a weak link, and Julia shocked everyone when she replied that she would be fine if they voted her out to get the flint back. The rest of the tribe found themselves scrambling seconds before the vote, trying to vocalize who to vote for. In the end, Laura and Reynold joined Julia in voting for Michael, absolutely livid as his maneuver. But Michael's gambit worked out when everyone else voted with him to eliminate Julia.

Episode 3: "I'm Not a Loser"Edit

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: The tribe would race out into the ocean and climb over and into a bamboo cage. The tribe would then have to untie a door on the cage and drag a heavy chest through the door and back to the beach. Once back onto the beach, the chest would be placed on top of a track. The tribe would then have to use a ring tied to the end of rope to snag three segment of the track to complete the track. The first tribe to place the chest on their finish platform would win.
    • Reward: Two chairs, pillows, a blanket, a tarp, and rope.

Upon reaching camp, Reynold was still upset after finding out that Michael stole and hid the tribe's flint to guarantee his safety. He unleashed all of his anger and frustration on Michael, and declared that he had three days left. Though Michael tried to use this as an opportunity to turn over a new leaf, the rest of Gota was hesitant to trust him. The next morning on Bikal, Kim and Bill met to decide that their first target was Ralph, though the farmer proved himself an asset with his fishing skills and entertaining stories. As Michael unearthed the flint, Reynold declared that he would be holding onto it; but the tribe's joy was short-lived when they discovered mold in their rice. As the Favorites were feeling the mounting tension of having yet to go to Tribal Council, Stephanie and Ashley decided to use this opportunity to target Kim. They went to Mick for a vote, who continued to feel caught in the middle of two alliances. When Mick told Stacey and Kim about the plan, Stacey confronted the young girls. Though Stephanie and Ashley vehemently denied ever doing anything, Ralph started to feel hesitant about his Redemption Island alliance. Shamar unexpectedly found the hidden Immunity Idol at Gota's camp, and relished the opportunity to seize power. Meanwhile, Reynold met with everyone but Michael and proposed throwing the challenge to get rid of him, which inspired many mixed reactions. In another grueling physical challenge, Laura's poor swimming skills put her tribe behind from the beginning, giving the Favorites another victory. Facing the chopping block yet again, Michael saw an opportunity to target Laura as the weak link of the tribe. When he got no bites from his other tribe members, he looked in vain for the hidden Immunity Idol. Seeing an opportunity to change the game, Shamar showed Michael the Idol, gave it to him, and told him to vote out Reynold. At Tribal Council, Shamar and Reynold began to argue about who would be a better leader, and Reynold admitted that he only took the leadership position because he didn't trust Shamar. Michael played his part in the ruse and declared that he was basically giving up fighting. But the Gota tribe was in for another huge shock when Michael played the Idol, making the two votes for Reynold enough to send the tribe leader home with flint in pocket.

Episode 4: Back to Square OneEdit

After Reynold's blindside, Laura was grateful she was not the one to go, while Shamar denied any accusations that he was the one to vote for Reynold with Michael. Sherri also was furious at Reynold for deciding to walk out with the flint, and the Fans suffered further when they attempted to keep their fire lit against a giant storm. The next day, morale was at an all-time low, and Shamar decided to step up into a leadership role and helped successfully reignite the fire. At the Reward Challenge, the Favorites took notice of how demoralized the other tribe looked. After seeing the reward of a visit from a local bushman, Sherri made an offer to give the Favorites the reward in exchange for getting another flint. Benry and Stephanie were adamant to not give into this deal and play the challenge out, but the majority of the Favorites chose to accept the deal, forgoing the Reward Challenge in lieu of the Fans receiving another flint. With the Fans' moods and camp life lifted, focus turned towards the search for the hidden Immunity Idol. In the end, it was was Sherri who found it, and she remarked on how she went from her lowest low to highest high in 24 hours. The Favorites welcomed Tata, a native tribesman, to their camp, though Stephanie and Ashley snuck away to complain about how fake everyone was acting, cementing their tight relationship to the rest of the tribe. For the first time, Gota won the Immunity Challenge, sending the Favorites to Tribal Council. As the Bikal tribe returned to camp lamenting their challenge loss, Stephanie caused a scene by openly asking what the tribe was doing, which caused her to claim in private that Kim was in control. Meanwhile, the non-Redemption Island members met and discussed the merits of booting Stephanie versus Ashley; while Stephanie was shadier and more manipulative, Ashley had a greater chance of winning challenges down the line. The duo in question then attempted to strongarm Mick, Benry, and Jill into voting out Kim, but their bullying fell on deaf ears. Even though Matt and Ralph added to the plea to get rid of Kim, Mick and Jill stuck with their original plan and voted against the Redemption Island alliance to send Ashley home.

Episode 5: The Power of the IdolEdit

Returning from Tribal Council after her ally Ashley was blindsided, Stephanie vowed revenge on the Favorites, while the others quickly put her next on the chopping block for her outspoken attitude and perceived untrustworthiness. The next day, the Redemption Island alliance took to different strategies to get through the game, with Matt looking to divine intervention and Stephanie looking for the Idol. At Gota, Sherri reaffirmed her bond with Allie by confiding in her that she found the Idol, though she had actually created a seed of doubt with her ally. Later that morning, the tribes received treemail informing them that they would be playing for Immunity. When they arrived at the challenge, they found out that individual Immunity was up for grabs, as both tribes would be going to Tribal Council. The two winning castaways would then square off for Reward, which was the chance to listen in on the losing tribe's Tribal Council while eating pizza and chicken wings and drinking soft drinks. Eddie won individual Immunity for the Fans, while Ralph won it for the Favorites. When the two faced off, it was Eddie who won Reward and a chance to gain valuable information for the Gota tribe. At Bikal, the majority alliance was wary of Stephanie pulling an Idol, so they decided to split the votes between her and Matt. Meanwhile, the Redemption Island alliance anticipated the vote split, and went to Benry to try to make him flip. Benry weighed his options, but felt that sticking with Kim would help in the long run, but Stephanie teased that she had a way to ensure she would not go home. Back at Gota, Michael lamented not winning Immunity, knowing he is once again the clear target. The majority decided to split their votes between him and Shamar and, seeing the writing on the wall, the two men planned to vote for Sherri to send a message to the rest of the tribe about her. They lived up to their word, with Michael going home in a 3-2-2 vote. As the Fans chowed down on pizza and wings, Bikal's Tribal Council was in for a shock when Stephanie changed her vote to Matt, making the vote 4-3-2, in effect saving herself by preventing the tie vote. Her moment of self-preservation, though, allowed one of her closest allies to get blindsided.

Episode 6: Choose an EggEdit

Most of the Fans were ecstatic at both Michael being out of the game and being able to see some of the dynamics of the other tribe, though Shamar definitely felt on the outs and relished the chance to play with the Favorites. The Favorites, meanwhile, were anything but happy to see Stephanie still in the game, and she also expressed sentiments of looking forward to playing with others. Shamar and Stephanie had their wishes come true when the tribes came together and were told to switch tribes. The new Gota tribe consisted of Allie, Shamar, Sherri, Stephanie, Bill, and Jill, while the new Bikal tribe consisted of Laura, Hope, Eddie, Benry, Kim, Mick, Stacey, and Ralph. The tribes returned to their new camps and received a welcoming basket of treats. At the new Gota, there was a 3-3 split of Fans and FAvorites. Stephanie displayed a negative attitude about the downgrade in camp life and tribe numbers, while Bill pledged to make the best of the situation and formed a bond with Shamar as a former Iraq War veteran. Feeling that he has been an outsider and an outcast, Shamar was relieved to finally connect with somebody. The Favorites immediately went after each other, with Stephanie and Bill both appealing to the Fans to target each other. At the new Bikal, the situation seemed bleak for the three Fans, though a connection was also formed between Eddie and Benry with their similar ages and interests. Benry also found an Idol clue in the welcome basket, and used it to successfully find Bikal's Idol. To everyone's surprise, the Immunity Challenge was won by the new Gota, which was smaller in numbers and seemed less physical. Facing Tribal Council, the Fans knew they were in trouble, and Laura proposed voting Ralph as the only previous winner so that the playing field was even between the remaining tribemates. In doing so, however, she put a target onto her back as a smart and strategic player. Kim and Benry believed that Laura was the biggest strategic threat among the Fans and convinced the others to write her name down, with Bikal voting her out unanimously.

Episode 7: Who's Going to Betray Who First?Edit

After voting out Laura, Benry felt that he was in a powerful position, as he had an alliance with the Favorites and a strong connection with Eddie and Hope, along with an Idol. The next morning at Gota, starvation was getting to Shamar, and he inspired negative feelings from his tribe when he blatantly took more food than the rest of his tribe, prompting an argument between him and Sherri. In spite of the conflict, Allie knew that he had to be kept around to keep the Fans' numbers on the tribe. At the Reward Challenge, the tribes competed for a trip to a nearby island where there would be a coffee bar, cookies, croissants, and brownies. Bikal won the challenge and relished the reward, but it was clear that the younger tribe members were becoming closer to one another and Kim grew wary of the growing relationship between Eddie, Benry, and Hope. Back at camp, Kim voiced her complaints about Benry to Stacey, and approached Benry himself about his bonds. Though he was able to play it off as shared interests and nothing more, he was ticked off by Kim questioning his intentions. At Gota, Sherri attempted to smooth things over with Shamar, who admitted that he wanted to stick with the other Fans. But in private, he was looking for an opportunity to not be one of Sherri's "puppets." At the Immunity Challenge, Bikal once again took home the victory, sending Gota to Tribal Council. Stephanie solidifed her intentions to vote with the Fans, with the debate between voting for Bill or Jill. Shamar, leaning on his bond with Bill, pushed voting out Jill. The rest of the tribe agreed, saying that Jill had too many allies on the other side and was a weaker competitor. Bill and Jill planned on throwing Stephanie under the bus to the Fans, and were shocked to find Shamar telling them that the plan was to vote out Jill. Bill saw this as as a crossroads and, feeling that he didn't have a long-term allegiance to Jill, he joined the others in sending her home at Tribal Council.

Episode 8: I'm Like a MerceneryEdit

Bill expressed some guilt about writing Jill's name down, and proclaimed that he was a "mercenery" who was ready to vote anyone out at a moment's notice. The next day, he proposed to Shamar that they pull in Stephanie to try to break up Allie and Sherri, figuring that Stephanie would be a good goat for the finals and would want to repay their loyalty in turn. At the Reward Challenge, the tribes played for a trip to a waterfall and a picnic lunch. Bikal came out on top and won their second reward in a row. Back at Gota, the tribe's morale was down after losing another reward and being stuck with a minimal amount of food, in addition to a downpour on their beach. Shamar figured they would most likely lose the next Immunity Challenge, so he approached Stephanie with the plan of splitting up Allie and Sherri. Stephanie relished the chance to be the swing vote, but she did not know who to side with. On the reward, Eddie and Hope developed their relationship, which wavered between romantic sparks and sibling rivalry. On Day 21, Sherri and Allie were expecting a merge, but instead they got an Immunity Challenge, which Gota was able to conquer in a surprising victory. Facing another Tribal Council, Kim gathered her allies in an attempt to lock in the votes against Eddie for being a physical threat after the merge and a close ally to Hope. In secret, though, she also intended to sever the bond between Benry and Eddie. All five Favorites agreed on the surface to take Eddie out. But Ralph once again saw Kim as controlling the vote and decided it was time to make a move against the persuasive castaway. Ralph quickly got Benry on board with him. Using his new connection to the Fans, Benry then set a new plan in motion by turning Eddie and Hope against Kim and making a deal to watch each other's backs after the merge. At Tribal Council, the "relationship" between Eddie and Hope was exposed, as well as their bond with Benry, which Kim acknowledged was a concern. But she didn't expect what was to come when Hope and Eddie went along with Ralph and Benry's plan and voted the mastermind Kim out of the Bikal tribe.

Episode 9: I Have No AlliesEdit

  • Immunity Challenge: The tribe members would be in the ocean under a metal grate as the incoming tide rises. As the tide rises, the breathing space under the grate grows smaller. The last castaway to remain under the grate would win.

After Kim was sent home, Mick and Stacey returned from Tribal Council feeling out of the loop, while Benry criticized them for being followers. On Day 22, a boat arrived at the Gota beach announcing the tribal merge, bringing their tribe over to Bikal. Mick was ecstatic to make the merge for the first time, and made a plea for Bikal to stick together and pick off Gota; Hope, meanwhile, realized things were about to get a lot trickier with her managing allies on both Bikal and with the Fans. The castaways put the game aside for a few minutes as the newly-merged tribe took part in the traditional merge feast. The merged tribe called themselves Tinago, named after a nearby beach in Caramoan. As the feast died down, Stephanie hoped that there would be another hidden Immunity Idol in play after the merge, so she went on a desperate search, which did not go unnoticed among members of the new tribe. Ralph pulled her aside and warned her about her shady behavior, but she was concerned about her lack of allies. Meanwhile, Allie and Sherri reconnected with their fellow Fans Hope and Eddie, and they decided to target the disliked Stephanie in the hopes that some Favorites would join them. The next morning, Bill told Mick that he believes Shamar would join up with them and, with Bill's new tenuous relationship with Stephanie, they hoped the Favorites would be able to make the first move. At the Immunity Challenge, Eddie outlasted Allie, Benry, and Stephanie to claim the first individual Immunity. Hitting the beach, the Fan foursome went off to confirm their plans, leaving Shamar to vocalize his new allegiance to the Favorites. Him and Shamar emphasized the need to break up the close bond between Allie and Sherri and, fearing an Idol play, settled on Allie as a target. As the plan cemented, Benry expressed some hesitancy, and acted on his new relationship with the Fans by telling them about Shamar's flip. With him on their side, they were still in the minority, so Sherri went to Stacey and made a pitch as a fellow older woman for her to jump to their side and take out Stephanie. At Tribal Council, Benry hinted at his duplicitous nature when he said the game was no longer Fans vs. Favorites. A clear divide showed when, taking Sherri's bait and not wanting to be aligned with Stephanie, Stacey betrayed the other Favorites and joined the Fans and Benry in voting out Stephanie by a close 6-5 decision. She became the first member of the jury and cursed the name of whoever flipped on the way out.

Episode 10: A Glimmer of HopeEdit

After Tinago's first Tribal Council, the tribe returned to camp in a state of disarray. While Sherri gloated that she survived with her ally and idol in hand, Stacey went back to Mick and Bill to explain her reasoning in voting out Stephanie. Meanwhile, Benry seemed to emerge relatively unscathed as the one who flipped, and ruminated on how similar his game was between this season and his original. On Day 25, it was clear that there were two groups of four: Allie, Eddie, Hope, and Sherri as one side and Bill, Mick, Ralph, and Shamar as another--with Stacey and Benry in between. The castaways were divided into two teams of five at the Reward Challenge. The winning team would win a trip to a resort and lunch. The Orange Team of Allie, Benry, Eddie, Shamar, and Sherri easily crushed the Purple Team of Bill, Hope, Mick, Ralph, and Stacey. At the reward, Shamar was the clear outsider, and decided to make everyone feel as uncomfortable as possible to try to get into their heads. Back at camp, Hope lamented that she was stuck at camp while the rest of her alliance was enjoying the resort. She broke down in the shelter and admitted that she had missed Eddie. Back tat the reward, Sherri and Allie decided a male Favorite should go next, so that both the women and the Fans keep a majority. Bill took the opportunity to have a heart-to-heart with Stacey, explaining how her betrayal had hurt him, trying to convince her to flip back to his alliance. The Immunity Challenge was a local delicacy food-eating challenge. While a few castaways had trouble stomaching the food items, in the final round, Bill defeated Eddie and Shamar by swallowing a balut. With Tribal Council looming, the Fans considered the possible options for the vote, Mick and Ralph. Sherri proposed Mick with the rationale that he is extremely likable, playing a very respectable game, and woudl never lose in a jury vote. Mick accosted Stacey to discuss the vote with her to ensure that she was not voting with the Fans, but did not feel good about her reaction. Feeling paranoid, he floated the idea of voting for Stacey to the other alliance, calling her dangerous. Eddie and Hope admitted that they wouldn't mind voting for Stacey, but Allie soon realized that their alliance had the potential of sticking together and forcing a 5-4-1 vote. As Tribal Council loomed closer, Mick was still extremely paranoid, and Allie spilled to Stacey about his plan to target her. At Tribal Council, Bill hinted as his displeasure for Mick going rogue, and made a pitch to unite and take out the Fans. But his plea fell on deaf ears; Sherri's alliance with the Fans and Benry stuck together but the remaining players voted in dysfunction due to self-preservation. Mick voted against Stacey, expecting the Fans to follow suit, while Shamar and Ralph voted for Benry out of spite. Stacey voted against Mick after hearing her name thrown out, while Bill regretfully voted for his ally as well, spiteful that he ruined the chance of a tie vote.

Episode 11: Lines in the SandEdit

  • Immunity Challenge: With one hand, the castaways would hang on to a rope with several knots tied into it. The rope would be tied to one end of a heavy log. The other end of the log would be connected to a pivot point on a platform that the castaways would stand on. The castaways would start at the knot closest to the end of the log. Every five minutes, they would change hands and move one knot further down the rope. This would increase the angle of the log at the pivot point and increase the weight that the castaways would have to hold. The castaway who held on to the rope the longest would win.

After seeing how splintered the Favorites were, Bill declared them a sinking ship, and found himself struggling as he often does in life. Sherri and Allie felt like they were sitting pretty, determining that Benry was the biggest threat left in the game. But Allie was starting to look further down the road and grew skeptical of going to the Final Three with Sherri, since she had just pulled off another big move. The Tinago members then gathered for a Reward Challenge which turned out to be the Survivor Auction. Eddie was the only castaway to bid on an open bar, winning beers for the duration of the auction. While most castaways won other food items, two advantages were given out: Bill bid all $500 on information in the game, which turned out to be a very specific clue to the location of another idol that he could only view for 60 seconds, while Benry won an advantage in the next Immunity Challenge. Returning to camp, Eddie stumbled around drunkenly, though his high quickly came to a crash when he vomited outside the shelter. The next morning, Bill, Shamar, and Ralph used Bill's clue to search for the idol, and Bill's luck finally turned when he was about to find it. On Day 30, in a surprising move, Shamar approached Sherri's group of Fans and declared that he wanted to join back up with them, trying to use psychological warfare to "cloud their perception" and spread the paranoia of him having an idol. But the oddity of his pitch did not go unnoticed, and Sherri decided to string him along and feed him misinformation. At the Immunity Challenge, Benry used his advantage, allowing him to win immunity and putting a stop to Sherri's thoughts of possibly targeting him next as a big threat. The Fans told Shamar the plan was to vote for Ralph, but in actuality they were not sure who to target, with the possibility of an idol in play. Allie found herself between a rock and a hard place with her ally becoming more powerful, but decided to not rock the vote for now and stuck with the plan to vote for Bill. Meanwhile, Bill rallied Shamar, Ralph, Stacey, and Benry to attempt another counter-alliance. Bill tried to mend fences with those who betrayed him before to take out Sherri as the figurehead of the other alliance. Stacey decided to join the Favorites again, seeing how tight the Fans were, while Benry was fine to vote out Sherri, seizing an opportunity to take control of the Fans himself. Feeling paranoid that one of her targets could have an idol, Sherri regrouped with her allies about changing the vote to Stacey, saying Bill's alliance would never give the idol to her. At Tribal Council, there was discussion of the closeness of the Fans foursome, as well as Benry's previous reputation as a "flip flopper." Bill decided to show everyone the idol and declared he was using it one of his alliance members; in actuality, he was bluffing and showed the idol in an attempt to sway Stacey and Benry over. Before Jeff read the votes, Sherri erred on the side of caution and decided to play her idol, shocking most of the tribe. As a reactionary move, Bill stood up and played his idol as well, ultimately deciding to play it on himself. It turns out Sherri's intuition was correct, as she was able to negate the counter-alliance's votes against her. And Bill wasted his own idol, as Stacey was the one to receive votes from the Fans, becoming the third member of the jury.

Episode 12: "I Don't Like Being Outplayed"Edit

Back at Tinago, the mood was tense after Sherri and Bill both played hidden Immunity Idols. Benry and Sherri tried to smooth things over after he was caught voting against her, and he definitely felt a wrench was thrown into his Final Three plans. The next morning, Bill was still kicking himself after incorrectly playing his idol, while Sherri whispered to Allie about Benry being the next target. But Allie continued to grow distant from her ally, feeling that she was outplaying her. Day 31's treemail announced a surprising Immunity Challenge, and in the challenge, Allie made up time in the mental component to win her first individual Immunity. Back at camp, Sherri pulled together Allie, Bill, and Ralph, in an attempt to flip the Favorites over to vote out Benry, who she considered her biggest threat left in the game. While Bill and Ralph agreed on the surface, they contemplated the decision, wondering if they were giving away the majority under a false promise of getting to the end. They told Shamar and Benry, while debating if they wanted to risk a 4-4 tie. Contemplating the risk of drawing rocks, the men decided to throw their votes to Hope, which would keep Sherri as still a boot possibility in the rock draw. Benry briefly thought about using his Idol, but was waiting for a major shake-up in the game. Later that afternoon, a shake-up did occur when Allie decided it was time to make her move and take out Sherri. She met with Ralph and Bill on her own, saying she wanted to turn on Sherri, who had controlled every single vote and was a huge threat for the end. Seeing this as a new lease on life, the guys quickly turned their votes back onto Sherri, and hoped Allie would go through on her promise. At Tribal Council, Shamar discussed his conflict with the rest of the Fans, going so far as to call Eddie, Hope, and Allie "sheep" (which tailspun into a hilarious childhood sheep anecdote from Eddie). Expecting Benry to be voted out, Sherri, Eddie, and Hope were stunned when Allie flipped on the Fans and voted her closest ally Sherri out of the game.

Following Tribal Council, Hope griped to Allie about her betrayal, but Allie was resilient that they all would have lost to Sherri in the end. While Allie doubled down on her allegiance to Hope and Eddie, the two were resistant to trust her. On the morning of Day 32, Hope had an emotional reaction to Shamar calling her a "sheep," and her and Eddie decided to rekindle their former bond with Benry. They tried to play off their votes against him at the previous Tribal Council, and Benry wasn't willing to shun the duo, feeling that Shamar's remarks were correct and they would be perfect goats for the end. With their bond renewed, the trio decided to target Allie, but that decision was quickly squelched when Allie outlasted Hope to take home the necklace for the second time in a row. With Sherri out of the game, Allie saw Benry as her biggest competition, but didn't want to rock the boat with the other Fans by floating his name out once again. She therefore targeted Shamar to Eddie and Hope, playing up on their conflict and saying he couldn't be trusted. Hope and Eddie revealed the plan to Benry, who thought it would be better to go after Bill for his likability. Sensing Benry was swaying once more, Bill checked in with him to reaffirm his loyalty, telling him the Favorites were gunning for Eddie and reminding Benry of the votes that went his way last time. Although Bill made a Final Three deal with Benry and Ralph, Benry was still unsure as to whether they would take Shamar to the finals over him. At Tribal Council, Eddie and Shsmar were upfront that they were voting for each other, and the two sides made their pitch directly to Benry. When the votes came in, Benry flipped back over with the remaining members of Sherri's alliance and helped vote Shamar out of the game, eliminating a potential goat for the Final Tribal Council. Eddie got one last dig at his longtime enemy when he clapped loudly at Shamar getting his torch snuffed.

Episode 13: Wearing Sheep's ClothingEdit

With Shamar out of the game, the Fans used this opportunity to mock him, but struck a nerve with Bill when they called him a disgrace to the military. Bill and Ralph once again felt powerless in the game, but Benry tried to assure them that they would not be the next to go. The next morning, treemail arrived and included a Sprint phone with video messages from the Survivors' loved ones. At the Reward Challenge, Jeff reunited each of the castaways with their loved oens: Eddie's dad, Edward; Ralph's fiance "Dove"; Benry's brother, JJ; Allie's dad, Chris; Hope's dad, Joe; and Bill's brother, Matt. Bill's reunion with his brother was especially emotional, considering their usual separation and the reminders Bill got of when he came back from Iraq. It turned out that the loved ones would compete along with the Survivors for Reward, which was a barbecue lunch on a boat that would be anchored off-shore. As the challenge progressed, it was Hope and Joe who pulled out the win in a close battle. When asked to pick two players and their loved ones to join her, she immediately picked Eddie, and ultimately decided on Benry, which raised some flags for Allie. On the boat, Eddie and Hope revealed their Day One alliance, while Benry ruminated on the fact that this was the exact reward he went on before getting eliminated in Nicaragua. Back at the Tinago camp, the mood was somber, especially on Allie's part. Ralph and Bill decided to use this moment to pitch breaking up Eddie and Hope to her, but she made the push to get out Benry, who she was fearing had taken her spot in a Final Three with the other Fans. With the option out there, the two men were feeling slightly optimistic about their chances. On Night 34, after arriving back at camp, Eddie, Hope, and Allie reaffirmed their loyalties to each other and tried to decide between targeting Bill or Benry. The Immunity Challenge once again tested the castaways' endurance, and it was Ralph who came out on top and won individual Immunity. Upon returning to camp, Benry used the opportunity to reveal his hidden Immunity Idol and proudly displayed it around his neck, declaring his safety for that night. With her plan squashed, Allie quickly pivoted and pitched voting Bill to Hope, Eddie, and Benry, who all went along with the idea. But later in the day, Eddie and Hope floated voting out Allie past Benry, who was happy at the idea of taking out a threat. Meanwhile, Ralph and Bill approached Allie about voting for Eddie, but she felt more secure in her alliance than ever before. Benry then proceeded to tell both of the Favorites that they were safe. At Tribal Council, Benry's constant flipping was brought up, as was Eddie and Hope's apparent closeness. As promised, Benry played his hidden Immunity Idol, though no votes went his way. Allie confidently voted for Bill, while Ralph and Bill once again went after Eddie. But the trio of Benry, Hope, and Eddie succeeded in their plan, with their plurality sending a shocked Allie to the jury.

Episode 14: "I'm Seriously About to Cry"Edit

  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways would race up a three-story tower to retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces tied to a post and then slide down a water slide. Two more puzzle piece bags would need to be retrieved before the castaways could start on their puzzle. The first castaway to assemble their puzzle would win.

After blindsiding Allie at the previous Tribal Council, Benry was happy about both making it further than his previous season and the spot he was in, firmly in the middle between two pairs. On the morning of Day 37, Ralph celebrated his 76th day on Survivor, and felt hungry for a win. Unfortunately that win did not come in the form of the Immunity Challenge, which ended in Benry passing Eddie on the puzzle element of the challenge and claiming the necklace. The trio of Benry, Hope, and Eddie confirmed they were voting for Bill, while Ralph and Bill set their sights on Eddie. When Bill realized that Benry was going to keep Eddie as a goat for the end, he made a last-ditch effort and threw his ally Ralph under the bus. Benry went back with his pitch to the Fans, and they realized that Ralph stood just as good of a chance as Bill of winning. Bill continued to stump for Ralph while simultaneously minimizing his own strategy, but Eddie and Hope debated if they were making the right decision. At Tribal Council, everyone decided to be upfront about Ralph going home, and Ralph took it on the chin, accepting his fate and forgiving a teary-eyed Bill. When the votes came in, he was unanimously voted out, and the only former winner left the game.

  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways stand on a tiny platform while balancing an idol on a circular board while holding the board above their head. If they fall off their platform, or the idol falls over, they are out of the challenge. The last person standing wins

The final four was left, with two Fans and two Favorites. The next morning, the tribe received treemail outlining their final rites of passage and final Immunity Challenge. They passed by the torches of their fallen comrades until they reached the challenge, a test of willpower and endurance. Eddie was the first to fall out of the challenge after 50 minutes, with Hope leaving half an hour later. With just the two Favorites, Benry immediately proposed a deal to get immunity, but Bill wouldn't hear it out. After 3.5 hours, Benry's feet gave out Ralph, while Benry tried desperately to stay by getting Eddie to vote out Hope. He also brought up the idea to Bill, saying that he deserved to make the Final Three over Hope. At Tribal Council, Bill ruminated on his win, getting clearly emotional. Though Benry tried his best to get rid of the last female standing, everyone else voted him out, leaving him visibly devastated.

On the morning of Day 39, Eddie, Bill and Hope marinated on their experiences, and prepared to take on the jury at their Final Tribal Council. In their opening statements, Bill emphasized the 3 "p's" that ran his game (passion, positive attitude, and perseverance), while Hope and Eddie put forth similar arguments about how their tight alliance allowed them to get to the end. Mick accused the two of riding Sherri and Allie's coattails, but Hope brought up the alliance that they had made with Benry before the merge. When asked why Bill shouldn't win by Ralph, Eddie and Hope pointed out that he was not responsible for sending almost half of the jury out of the game, but Bill spoke up about his various frustrations with his alliance. Bill also made mention of his previous struggles as a comic and being separated from his family, though Stephanie tried to put an end to that when she encouraged him to not act like a charity case. Sherri declared that she would be voting for a Fan, and turned the tight alliance of Hope and Eddie against each other. Stacey apologized to Bill for ruining his game in the early merge, and tried to get an answer out of Eddie and Hope as to whether their relationship was romantic. Allie told the remaining Fans that she thought it was the wrong decision to vote her out and keep Bill and Ralph in, while Benry finished things up by telling the finalists that none of them "killed it" in their performances. When the jury votes came in, Hope received two votes, as Sherri stuck to her promise and Stephanie was impressed with her answers. But Bill's likability and underdog status gave him the other six votes and the title of Sole Survivor.

Voting HistoryEdit

Original Tribes Swapped Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Eliminated: Matt B.
8/10 Votes
6/9 Votes
2/2 Votes1
6/10 Votes
3/7 Votes
Matt E.
4/9 Votes
7/8 Votes
5/6 Votes
4/7 Votes
6/11 Votes
7/10 Votes
4/4 Votes2
5/8 Votes
4/7 Votes
3/6 Votes
4/5 Votes
3/4 Votes
Voter Vote
Bill Ashley Matt E. Jill Allie Mick Sherri Sherri Eddie Eddie Ralph Benry
Hope Matt B. Julia Michael Michael Laura Kim Stephanie Mick Stacey Benry Shamar Allie Ralph Benry
Eddie Matt B. Julia Michael Michael Laura Kim Stephanie Mick Stacey Benry Shamar Allie Ralph Benry
Benry Ashley Matt E. Laura Kim Stephanie Mick Sherri Sherri Shamar Allie Ralph Eddie
Ralph Kim Kim Laura Kim Allie Benry Sherri Sherri Eddie Eddie Eddie
Allie Matt B. Julia Michael Michael Jill Stephanie Mick Stacey Sherri Shamar Bill
Shamar Matt B. Julia Reynold Sherri Jill Allie Benry Sherri Sherri Eddie
Sherri Matt B. Julia Michael Shamar Jill Stephanie Mick Stacey Benry
Stacey Ashley Stephanie Laura Eddie Stephanie Mick Sherri
Mick Ashley Matt E. Laura Eddie Allie Stacey
Stephanie Kim Matt E. Jill Allie
Kim Ashley Stephanie Laura Eddie
Jill Ashley Stephanie Stephanie
Laura Matt B. Michael Michael Michael Ralph
Matt E. Kim Kim
Michael Hope Julia Reynold Sherri
Ashley Kim
Reynold Matt B. Michael Michael
Julia Matt B. Michael
Matt B. Hope
Jury Vote
Finalist: Eddie
0/8 Votes
2/8 Votes
6/8 Votes
Juror Vote
Benry Bill
Ralph Bill
Allie Bill
Shamar Bill
Sherri Hope
Stacey Bill
Mick Bill
Stephanie Hope