In Nicaragua , 20 castaways are returning back for the win.

Contestant Tribe Swapped Tribe Merged Tribe Eliminated Votes
Ben "Benry" Henry La Flor 1st Voted Out 8
Tyrone Davis Espada 2nd Voted Out 6
Chase Rice La Flor 3rd Voted Out 5
Dan Lembo Espada 4th Voted Out 7
Marty Piombo Espada Espada 5th Voted Out 6
Kelly Shinn La Flor Espada 6th Voted Out 4
Holly Hoffman Espada La Flor 7th Voted Out 7
Brenda Lowe La Flor Espada 8th Voted Out 12
Alina Wilson La Flor La Flor La Espada 9th Voted Out 12
Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff Espada Espada La Espada 10th Voted Out 2
Shannon Elkins La Flor La Flor La Espada 11th Voted Out 2
James "Jimmy T." Taranito Espada La Flor La Espada 14th Voted Out 3
Kelly Bruno La Flor La Flor La Espada 15th Voted Out 2
Yve Rojas Espada Espada La Espada 16th Voted Out 7
Jill Behm Espada La Flor La Espada 17th Voted Out 11
NaOnka Mixon La Flor Espada La Espada 2nd Runner Up 13
Jane Bright Espada Espada La Espada 1st Runner Up 10
Matthew "Sash" Lenahan La Flor La Flor La Espada 13th Voted Out 6
Jud "Fabio" Birza La Flor La Flor La Espada 12th Voted Out 7
Jimmy Johnson Espada La Flor La Espada

Sole Survivor


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