Contestant Tribe Prediction Placement
Jonathan Penner Kalabaw Roxanne 1st Out
Jeff Kent Kalabaw Gary 2nd Out
Carter Williams Kalabaw Dana 3rd Out
Dana Lambert Kalabaw Russell 4th Out
Katie Hanson Kalabaw Angelia 5th Out
Sarah Naomi Dawson Kalabaw Sarah 6th Out
Mike Skupin Tandang Jeff Merge-1st Juror
Peter Yurkowski Tandang Carter 2nd Juror
Artis Silvester Lewis Tandang Katie 3rd Juror
Lisa Whelchel Tandang Artis 4th Juror
Abi-Maria Gomes Tandang Roberta 5th Juror
Roberta Saint-Amour Tandang Peter 6th Juror
Russell Swan Matsing Jonathan 7th Juror
Malcolm Freberg Matsing Abi-Maria 8th Juror
Gary Zane Knight Matsing Malcolm 9th Juror
Angelia Layton Matsing Lisa 2nd Runner-Up
Roxanne Morris Matsing Mike Runner-Up
Denise Marie Stapley Matsing Danise Winner

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